Conversations on the Templates

The Compassion Templates

Compassion templates were and still are the main focus of the 9D Nibiruans’ work for planet Earth. Compassion templates are blueprints, if you will, for how to resolve a conflict. In this case, they are created to resolve ancient conflicts of great magnitude … of the degree that brought about the destruction of planets.

With each template people incarnated on Earth now were brought together in a workshop format to recreate the event that previously ended their world–and their timeline. Of course, none of them knew about their ancient past and so were amazed to discover that everyone in the room had a memory of it.

The compassion templates that the 9D Nibiruans wanted made were to set in place an opportunity to resolve the ancient conflicts so that when they played out in our timeline, we could successfully navigate the issues to a compassionate conclusion. Resolution of all would coincide with our graduation as a species along with the successful conclusion of this, the 3rd Grand Experiment of Polarity Integration.

The 2005 and Beyond Templates

Several templates were created in 2005 to help alter the outcome of future events (replayed events from the timelines of the 4 Galactic Wounds.  At the time that this particular set of templates were made we believed the events for which they were being created would transpire before Earth crossed the galactic equator at the end of 2012, ending a Grand Galactic Cycle.  Now, in 2017, we see that those events have not transpired (California falling into the ocean) while others are just now manifesting.

Three of those were recorded with two currently available in our Shop. Below is a list of the 2005 templates. Each one was written up and can found in Jelaila’s Messages. Additionally, the two that were recorded are below with a bit more detail.

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The Seattle Template

The Seattle Template, created over the weekend of June 11, 2005, furthered the healing work on the 4 Galactic Wounds by creating a blueprint for the Carians and Liquidians to achieve peace. These two ancient species were locked in a conflict in which the Carians, (the Bird People) had literally enslaved the gentle-natured Liquidians through the use of a mind control electromagnetic grid using scalar wave technology. In their efforts to free themselves the Liquidians nearly tore apart their world. This timeline event is currently anchored in the Pacific Northwest of the USA.

Humanity now possesses the same scalar wave (HAARP) technology. Unless changed, this timeline could manifest again as the long-prophesied break up of the Pacific Northwest tectonic plate.

The Seattle Template (June 11, 2005)

This workshop was recorded (11+ hours) and is available in the Shop. Click here to order.

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The Colorado Springs Template

The Colorado Springs Template, created over the weekend of July 16, 2005, furthered the healing work on the 4 Galactic Wounds by creating a blueprint to alter the devastating outcome of another long-prophesied event: a Fake First Contact.

The Feline/Humans of Avyon Two, the 2nd Grand Experiment, were at a cross roads over racial issues regarding artificial intelligence (A.I.s). The A.I.s had evolved to the point that they were replacing their human creators. It was at this point that “First Contact” with a group of rogue group of androids known as the Andromedan Android Alliance, (AAA). It did not turn out well.

This same group will intersect again with humanity and figure heavily in the Global Elite’s proposed fake First Contact scenario. This timeline event is anchored in Colorado Springs, CO, because it is the home of NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) and where the AAA will first make contact with our government.

The Colorado Springs Template (July 16, 2005)

This workshop was recorded (12+ hours) and is available in the Shop. Click here to order.

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Now that we have entered the time when the galactic wounds are manifesting, supporting those who originally created the templates, along with those who wish to assist, is critical. For this reason the 9D Nibiruans have stepped back into the picture, providing their energy and support. As part of their plan, they have requested that conference calls be held whereby they can share their words of wisdom and encouragement.

We have named them Compassion Creator Calls.  Click here for more information.