Emotional Clearing

Emotional Clearing Session with Jelaila StarrTaken from the highly successful Emotional Clearing Workshop, I now provide you a way to do emotional clearing one on one. Target the blocks that prevent you from:

  • manifesting money
  • good health
  • losing weight
  • satisfying relationships and careers
  • communicating with your guides and angels

Experience the process of emotional clearing; feel the power as you use higher dimensional clearing tools.


Keep in mind that I will not do the clearing for you, instead, I will guide you to do your own clearing. We will use the higher dimensional tools found in the 7 Keys of Compassion booklets along with the information in the 7 Stages of Emotional Clearing article. Read the information and follow the instructions Session Details found on Jelaila’s Sessions page before your appointment time.

Write down and place your questions about the blocks that you feel you may have in categories so that they are organized. Be as specific as possible with your questions. I will help you hone your questions so don’t feel that you have to get them perfect before the session. The goal is to get answers that are concise, relevant and understandable. The categories are:

  • Personal: Any issues to do with relationships. Examples – chronic conflicts with partner, children, parents or friends
  • Health: Any issues to do with your health. Example, back or neck pain
  • Financial: Any issues to do with money. Examples – blocks around making more money, flowing money, keeping money
  • Spiritual: Any issue spiritual path. Examples – Not being able to move forward on your path … as though you are going nowhere
  • Business: Any issues to do with your career. Examples – Not being able to get a promotion or get a better job. Not being able to start a spiritual based business. Not feeling happy with your job.

Over and above the standard Return & Cancellation Policy, there is a 48-hour cancellation period required on all sessions.

Client Comments

“Thank you for our session on Wednesday. It has left me quite shaken and with plenty of homework to do! I must tell you though, that it was one of the most profound experiences I have ever had. The combination of your clarity, connection to Source and no-bullshit love is a precious gift. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

My inner child and I are working on this relationship. She is with my guides, playing and getting some much needed nurturing. I keep telling her that I am here whenever she is ready to talk. She has been shy, but open. I am tentative and hopeful. Last night she ran to me and gave me a picture, then ran back to my guides. The picture was a face with the words ‘don’t leave me’ in a childish scrawl. She looks much better, smiling and dancing now. She tells me I am to call her ‘Princess Katydid’. I have promised to honor her, listen to her and be available. So, we are both healing. That’s the bare bones of the work isn’t it? The integration of all our parts.” – Kathleen

“I enjoyed the session we had on Tuesday.  You said, “hold onto nothing”… so, I did a big LET GO.  And then, got a phone call this morning from my Sales Manager offering me a job promotion.  I was shocked!  You just never know…:) – Ellen

“…You counseled me a little over a month ago about “negotiation” through a move I made from SC to FL.  Since I left SC I feel a fog lifting from my spirit.  I now do not know why I hesitated to make the move here.  I have been working with negotiation in my marriage relationship and in my family relationships with success.  Actually I believe people like it when you establish boundaries in a kind and gentle way because that gives them something to work around.  They really want you to be happy as well as them.  Thank you for helping me to work more with boundary-making and realizing I do not have to eat shit and die when changes come along!” – Marion

“A BIG thanks for your generous counseling Thursday.  A couple of days before our session I was thinking about being my current position of being stuck and frustrated.  When I thought about what I honestly would want to do with my life (if that were as simple as choosing), I thought, I would do what she’s doing (meaning you).  I really didn’t anticipate any of the information or messages you brought through.  It  left me feeling both excited (yes, really) and peaceful.  I was thankful for the insight you offered into personal attributes I struggle with, and beyond that everything you told me somehow felt right.

… There’s so much more I could say but it’s not necessary right now.  I do want to tell you that I really love not only what you write but how you write.  It’s honest and thoughtful and great information.  For me, your writing feels kind of like you’re holding a child’s hand when crossing the street.  You don’t let go too soon, or before your reader’s can walk alone with the concepts.  I’m happy you’re here Jelaila!” – Holly