The Nibiruan Council

Sharing the Wisdom of Unconditional Compassion

Welcome to the Nibiruan Council.

The Nibiruan Council is a multidimensional coalition from many worlds in our galaxy and beyond. The purpose of this site is to convey the Ancient Elders’ higher dimensional wisdom as it pertains to the successful completion of a grand planetary ascension process.

In support of that goal they provide information for starseeds and walk-ins that includes a DNA recoding process, Guide communication training, and galactic history. Together, this knowledge helps activate psychic ability while preparing the individual for life as a galactic human with multidimensional consciousness, capable of expressing unconditional compassion.

Jelaila’s Messages: A Means to a Mission

I am Jelaila, a messenger and channel for the 9D Nibiruans, (aka Ancient Elders), the ancestors and spiritual mentors of the current Nibiruan Council. Over the past 20+ years, it has been my honor and privilege to work with starseeds and walk-ins from many off-world races, providing counseling and mission training.

Jelaila Starr

As you peruse the blog posts under Jelaila’s Messages you will see that the 9D Nibiruans have utilized different means to share their wisdom with us. The changes occurred as we developed technology that allowed us to move from printed articles to videos. Currently, Jelaila’s Messages have changed from articles to blog posts providing updates on the Nibiruans’ current mission activities that are conveyed through free conference calls.

Current Mission

In addition to assisting starseeds, the 9D Nibiruans are actively working to carry out a mission for planet Earth which involves laying the groundwork for the masses to ascend using grid work and templates. Now into their second mission, known as Mission Restoration continue the grid work and creation of compassion templates for altering the outcome of upcoming events.

This information is conveyed through the weekly Compassion Creator conference calls (aka Creator Calls), and anyone can participate. Jelaila provides call and topic updates via Jelaila’s Messages.

See Compassion Creator Calls for more details.

Begin the Journey: the Overview

To know the future, look to the past for the future is the past replayed. The journey begins with an overview from the Ancient Elders of our galactic history and continues with the plan for the future.

We are the Nibiruans, Book One

Written at the beginning of the 9D Nibiruans’ first mission, Book One explores the history of the human species in our galaxy. The 5D Nibiruans share their perspective on their decision to create mankind, why 10 DNA strands were later disconnected, and why they are now providing a process for recoding.

You can see inside We Are The Nibiruans for a taste of what is to come, or click here to order.

We Are The Nibiruans: Return of the 12th Planet

The Mission Remembered, Book Two

The sequel to Book One, and written at the end of the 9D Nibiruans’ first mission. Continue the journey with Jelaila as she discovers more details of our birth as a species, our stellar home worlds, and the events of our galactic past. Step inside the inner workings of a starseed from awakening to training and then launched into a 12-year successfully completed mission.

You can see inside The Mission Remembered for a taste of what is to come, or click here to order.

The Mission Remembered, Book Two

Return to Multidimensionality…

General Counseling Session

Now that you know the history, it’s time to learn more about your next step.  A meeting with your Guides will provide the answer, along with how to proceed. Click here to learn more.

General Counseling Session with Jelaila Starr

DNA Recoding

Along with the history, the Nibiruans provide higher dimensional tools. Fulfilling their promise, they share a process for realigning, reconnecting and activating the 10 dormant DNA strands. This process activates dormant areas of the psychic glands, helping to bring them back to full functionality while creating a 2nd neural network. Enjoy the benefits of living in the 3rd dimensional world with a multidimensional mind. Click here to learn more.

The DNA Recoding Package

Keys of Compassion

While the DNA Recoding Process is the process used to achieve multidimensionality and eventual physical ascension, the Keys of Compassion are the higher dimensional tools, provided by the Ancient Elders, to get there. It is through the Formula of Compassion, the 1st Key that we activate the high heart and experience the reality-altering sensations of unconditional compassion, which in turn recodes the DNA. Click here to learn more.

Key 1: The Formula of Compassion

Guide Communication

Communication with your Guides and Angels was always meant to be easy. We are born with this ability and we all have the equipment. Once you know how it operates, how to use it, and the protocols for doing so, communicating becomes second nature. Click here to learn more.

Guide Communication Sessions


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