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What is the secret history of Planet Earth? What are the ET origins of the human species? What is the hidden purpose of the so-called junk DNA in our bodies? Who are the Nibiruans and why are they sending members to Earth? Jelaila Starr gives us the answers. The Nibiruan Council designated her to work with those who are ready to receive the realignment and fusion of our twelve strands of DNA. Only then can we become fully conscious and able to receive transmissions from incarnate beings beyond our 3rd dimension. Gain a better understanding of the Walk-in and Starseed phenomenon, why they are here, and what they are doing for the planet.

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“… Thank you for sharing your special story and bringing to light the history of creation and the role man is playing for being a part of it. Having been aware of UFO’s and such since the late 60’s, your book helped significantly to fill in the many blank pages of  the story I believed to be man’s origin and past.  Truth  again proves to be stranger and so much more awe inspiring then fiction; the tangled web of illusion or “official word” spun by our leaders and educators through time.” – Gilda