Group DNA Recoding & Keys of Compassion

DNA Recoding & Keys of Compassion

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The DNA Recoding/Keys of Compassion workshop is a series of five (1-hour) sessions provided by phone. It was created to be able to assist individuals ready to accelerate the process of realigning, reconnecting and activating their 10 dormant DNA strands, as well as, convey more in-depth knowledge of the tools (7 Keys of Compassion) that make this multidimensional process work. Together the process and the tools enable a person to build a multidimensional 2nd neural network. This 2nd neural network provides enhanced psychic ability, faster and more thorough emotional clearing which leads to a more abundant life. Below is a brief description of what will be covered in the 5 sessions.

  1. The 9 Levels of DNA Recoding: In this session we will go over the 8 levels of the DNA Recoding Process as explained in We are the Nibiruans, Book One. Included will be the new information that has been given since the writing of Book One and DNA Recoding Update Booklet.
  2. The Keys of Compassion, Keys 1-3: The Keys of Compassion are the tools that enable you to move through the powerful emotional clearing involved in DNA Recoding. In this class we will focus on understanding the first 3 of the 7 Keys.
  3. The Keys of Compassion, Keys 4-7: In this session we focus on purpose of the final 4 Keys and how each enables us to clear specific issues, as well as, heal from the pain of those issues after the fact.
  4. Using the Keys of Compassion in DNA Recoding: In this session we bring it all together and show how to apply each of the Keys to clear specific issues involved in DNA Recoding.
  5. The DNA Recoding Chart: In this session you learn how to work the DNA Recoding Chart. Included will be an explanation of the purpose of the chart, how it can be used for checking DNA status, along with the 96 strand and endocrine gland connections.

By the time you have completed the five sessions, you will have the necessary knowledge required to begin the DNA Recoding Process and a good understanding of how to use the Keys (recoding tools) to move through the 9 levels and beyond.


Cost: $225 (includes five hour-long workshop sessions by phone).
Easy Pay Cost: $45 (for those who wish to pay on a session by session basis).

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Over and above the standard Return & Cancellation Policy, a 72-hour cancellation period required. Any missed sessions can be taken individually at the normal session rate of $125. You can also do a mission session as an observer in a DNA/Keys refresher for $45.


Since there is 25 years of material to condense into two hours, we are better able to focus on the most important parts if you already know the basic outline of the DNA Recoding process and the 7 tools. The above referenced material will provide that. All materials are available on the website in the Shop.

Participants need to read or reviewed the following material prior to the class.

Session 1

  • Part 3 of We are the Nibiruans, Book One
  • The DNA Recoding Update Booklet

Session 2

  • The Formula of Compassion Booklet
  • Contracts and Promises, the 2nd Key of Compassion
  • The Divine Partnership, the 3rd Key of Compassion

Session 3

  • Hold on Nothing and You’ll Have Everything, the 4th Key of Compassion
  • Dancing with the Dark, the 5th Key of Compassion
  • Agreements, the 6th Key of Compassion
  • Apologies, the 7th Key of Compassion

Session 4

  • No additional preparatory reading required for this class.

Session 5

  • The DNA Recoding Chart Booklet

Post Workshop Support

Workshop Refresher

If you feel you’d like to retake any of the classes, you can do so by ordering the DNA Recoding/Keys of Compassion Refresher. You can listen in and use this opportunity to take notes.

Workshop Booster

Once you have learned how to do DNA Recoding, and actually begin doing it, you will discover that there are little details that greatly enhance the process while boosting your skills. Due to time constraints, these are not taught in the workshop but can be learned in a DNA Recoding/Keys of Compassion Booster class.

In addition to the details, this is a great opportunity ask questions and with connect with others who have taken the class. I feel it is the beginning of the new communities we were told about who would be able to function at a more multidimensional/galactic level.