Who is Jonathan Starr


Jonathan is a former business owner who attained his freedom from alcohol and cocaine addiction in 1979 by using the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. He was a chemical dependency and family counselor for over 12 years.

Jonathan sold his former business interests and purchased the original Nibiruan Council in 1997, marrying Jelaila in 1998. His connection to Jelaila’s work was that he had always felt there was a piece missing in the 12 Step programs which he found in the Compassion Key. He co-authored with Jelaila two of the Keys of Compassion and was proofreader and collaborator on most of Jelaila’s articles and books as well as functioning as general manager of the Nibiruan Council business for 10 years.

During his years as a counselor and coach, Jonathan helped countless individuals to apply the 12 Steps, use Agreements and embrace their Dark Side to improve the quality of their sobriety, and apply the higher principles, the Keys of Compassion, to their relationships such as marriages, parent-child and child-parent. He also specialized in assisting those who struggle with depression, shame and guilt to create a way out of the emotional pain and attain peace.

Now retired, Jonathan lives in Southern California surrounded and supported by loving family and friends.