Starseed, Walk-in & Lightworker Series: The Mission

We’ve discussed challenges, now it’s time to explore the reason we are all here: the mission. Though we each have specific needs for which we have come to Earth to fulfill, the overall reason is the same. It’s my understanding that we are here to integrate the Light and Dark in all their manifestations; which manifestation(s) we must address are determined by our respective mission assignments. This is called the Polarity Integration Game (Game). It is a game of the highest order and involves learning to integrate two polar opposites.

Ancient Issues

One of the first things my guides, the 9D Nibiruans taught me was to timeline travel, (I later learned it was the same thing as remote viewing.) Their intent during these 1am trainings was to enlighten me on man’s past and future and the ancient issues that he experienced in this Game. (These travels are described in The Mission Remembered, Book Two.) I was shown what happened to humans on four different worlds. What struck me most was that the issues that brought about the demise of each of these worlds were the same as those we are facing on Earth today. I gained a whole new appreciation for the saying, “There’s nothing new in the universe.” My guides wanted me to understand what I had come to work on. Understanding the critical nature of the mission served a valuable purpose; it kept me coming back each time the pain became too great and I wanted to quit! Remembering what I saw made me realize that any comfort I found in the 3D would only be temporary.

The Human/Reptilian Conflict

To know which of the ancient issues we are working on at any given time we only have to look to the entertainment industry. Hollywood has the spiritual job of bringing ancient issues into our awareness. It does so by presenting them as science fiction or fantasy. It’s much easier to open one’s mind to something painful if it is first presented as make believe. Only after the issue has been integrated enough into our consciousness to make is socially palatable do we move to the next step: prime time media. This means introducing it on TV. Television is considered more reality based than movies. The reptilian/human conflict has now reached that stage and is being aired as a series on a prime time channel. Check out the new series “V”. It airs on ABC. As I understand it, when something that was once considered make believe is presented through main stream media, that is the subliminal signal that we will soon be “visiting” the issue in real life.

As I wrote in The Mission Remembered, in order to change the future and bring about peace we must integrate. This means using our powers of discernment, establishing boundaries and cooperation through clear communication when approached by any other species. The Reptilians have been our nemesis for eons. In fact, right now we are receiving both messages, resist and integrate. The choice we make, as part of our missions will determine our future on Earth and in the galaxy.

In the next installment, I’ll begin our exploration of mission training and what that entails.

in service,

Jelaila Starr

Written November 16, 2009

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