Starseed, Walk-in & Lightworker Series: Intermediate Mission Training

The pace along with the drain on finances begins to slow as you enter the final stage of basic training. Of course, your local new age bookstore owner won’t be so happy about that but you can assure him that your purchasing is not over. *smile*

As stated in the previous article on basic training, there are 3 phases of training: basic, intermediate and advanced. This article will cover the characteristics of intermediate training.

Intermediate training usually includes but is not limited to:

  • A deeper understanding of self help that leads to clearing current issues through accessing the past lives.
  • Lessons on learning how to clear energetic financial blocks.
  • How to transition relationships and let go in order to align with one’s mission.
  • Revelation of one’s galactic heritage and future mission.

Healing the present by accessing the past

While basic training begins the moment you are awakened, intermediate training begins the moment you become aware of past lives. Our society is based on such beliefs as there is only one life, one dimension and one reality. I call this “living in the box.” The moment you open our mind to the possibility that you have lived before, you take your first step out of that box.

As explained in the previous installment on basic training, you will draw a relationship through which you will work out the issues required for your mission. I drew a partner with whom I experienced some of the most painful experiences two lovers can have. The upside is that the pain was deep enough to cause me to look into past life regression. I entered intermediate training with a trip to the local metaphysical bookstore for a book on past life regression. My first regression produced answers that both healed and made sense of the events my partner and I experienced. It also provided the inspiration needed for me to learn how to regress others; one of many skills I’d develop for my mission.

When it flows, it’s a go, When its not, it’s a block

It wasn’t until several years into my mission that I understood why I experienced such drastic financial challenges during intermediate training. My guides wanted me to learn to think as a creator goddess who creates her own reality including her own lessons. I had to learn how I create energetic blocks and how to clear them. I also learned that money, and the lack thereof, was one of the main tools used in mission training. The reason for this is that we must have money to support ourselves and pay expenses incurred in carrying out our assignments. When the money is not there we are sidelined and unable to continue.

Secondly, we are quick to see a lack of flow when it comes to money. I quickly became familiar how money gets energetically blocked when we refuse to take appropriate actions and will remain so until we finally do. This leads me to my next point.

Following and trusting your Guides

Challenges designed to help you learn to follow the guidance from your Guides and to trust in that process will be stepped up during the intermediate training. This means learning to ask for, recognize and accurately interpret signs. Signs are confirmations given to a request I had made such as a sentence in a book, randomly opened to that page, or a statement made 3 times in a short period of time. There are numerous examples of signs in, The Mission Remembered.

Having the flow of money repeatedly blocked, though frightening and painful, nevertheless provides excellent training opportunities. Each time I successfully completed the process–requesting a sign, recognizing and accurately interpreting—my faith and trust in my guides was strengthened. I also felt more confident in my abilities to clear money blocks. Furthermore, I was learning how to think like a creator goddess rather than a 3D human. You could say it was Creator God on the job training.

As I discovered, you will need to become passingly proficient in this process to be able to move into advanced training. The reason for this is that you’ll be placed in even more challenging positions.

Transitioning primary relationships

As you move towards the middle of intermediate training each of your primary relationships will be evaluated in light of your coming mission. The question is can each relationship continue to serve the highest good of the parties involved? If not, that relationship must be transitioned in some way. This means letting go of the relationship as it is so it can take another form. I transitioned two relationships during this time, the one with my then 7 year–old daughter and the one with my boyfriend. Letting my daughter go to live with her father was the most difficult; I struggled with the old belief that good mothers never, ever let go of their children. Though letting go is hard, if you decide to do so, you’ll quickly see the rewards because those you let go of will blossom.

Ah, the gift of sanity!

Once any transitioning is complete you’ll move into the final stages of intermediate training. In this phase you’ll be rewarded with information regarding your galactic origins and the nature of your mission. Discovering the galactic perspective and how it related to my being here was nothing short of life altering. Finally, so much of what had appeared to be downright insanity made total sense. It was the best gift anyone could have given me at that point in my life.

Once you have become aware of your origins and mission, advanced training begins!

In humble service,

Jelaila Starr

Written November 29, 2009

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