Starseed, Walk-in & Lightworker Series: Advanced Mission Training

“Mission control, I’m ready for blast off.” And blast off you will as training moves from working in your inner world to traveling among the stars. As the pace quickens, maintaining mental, emotional and physical balance with a foot planted to two world, will become something of a challenge. It’s not uncommon for people to feel they are losing their minds as just about every belief they held dear is shattered. May I suggest weekly sanity checks? *chuckling*

As stated in the previous article on basic training, there are 3 phases of training; basic, intermediate and advanced. This article will cover the characteristics of advanced training.

Advanced training usually includes but is not limited to:

  • Decloaking guides
  • DNA realignment, reconnection and/or activation.
  • Timeline traveling
  • Transitioning one’s career in order to align with one’s mission.
  • Lessons in leadership

De-cloaking guides

Soon after you learn of your origins, your guides begin to reveal their true identity. I call this de-cloaking. My guides de-cloaked in late 1995 revealing themselves as the 9D Nibiruans, the ancient ancestors of the current Nibiruans from the planet Nibiru.

DNA realignment, reconnection and/or activation

Some of you will be guided to begin upgrading your DNA. This upgrade will enable you to achieve the level of consciousness required for your first few mission assignments. DNA upgrading will be completed little by little. It’s necessary to go slowly and in incremental steps because the emotional clearing necessary to complete each step can be very intense.

Many starseeds are from worlds where the inhabitants have eliminated some degree of emotion, either Light or Dark. For those, the initial steps into upgrading will be through what I call booster programs. Booster programs provide for 1 part of DNA upgrading such as realignment, reconnection or activation. This allows the starseeds to gently wade into the depths of emotional clearing needed for the full DNA upgrade.

My initiation into the DNA upgrade process began through a deep desire to communicate with my guides as I felt I had before I arrived on Earth as a walk-in. Feeling that my ability to communicate was limiting me, I made a verbal request to hear and see them as I did before I came to Earth. This statement is just what they were waiting for. That night I began DNA recoding. I later learned that I was going into the full-blown process of upgrading which included all three aspects: DNA realignment, reconnection and activation. One of the reasons that the Nibiruans chose to have me go through the full-blown process was that it would enable them to fulfill their promise to give mankind the means to recompile what they had disconnected by providing a written process. I’d write about each of the 8 levels after completing it, leading to a fully documented process.

Timeline traveling

The deep emotional clearing that ensued with DNA recoding brought about the request I had made: better communication. As I entered the middle levels, the deep clearing work had removed the “static on my channel” enough to hear and see more clearly. As this point my guides began sharing information that would be necessary for my mission. I began exploring galactic history through a process I called timeline traveling. I now know they were training me to remote view. My travels were intended to educate others about our galactic history with the focus on the 4 worlds destroyed by humans in their efforts to integrate. The reasons are explained in my second book, The Mission Remembered.

Remote viewing may or may not be part of your advanced training, but regardless you’ll be given information about the part of our galactic past that pertains to your mission. This may occur directly as in my case or through a channel you contact for a reading. In either case, when it is time for you to know, you will know.

Transitioning one’s career in order to align with one’s mission

The more you learn about your galactic past the more your heart longs to live only in the outer realms. This leads to discontent with the 3D world and one’s 3D job. “I just want to do my mission!” I’d say as I sat at my desk. When will I be able to quit this job and get on with it? For many it only takes a leap of faith.

I was the owner of my own business at the time I stated those words. I felt trapped in my business with no way out because of beliefs I held. What I didn’t see was that I could walk away anytime I wanted. I just had to open to a new way of seeing my situation. For me it was feeling that no one could do my job as good as I could—I had to stay and take care of my 250 clients. It never occurred to me that the partner I had brought in and trained could do a good job, too. Furthermore, she was anxious to take over the reigns and buy me out. Through a conversation with a trusted friend, I was finally able to see this. No sooner had I made the decision to turn over the company than everything fell into place. A short 45 days later I walked away from my company. I later learned it was at that point that I completed the part of level 5 of DNA Recoding that involves aligning with one’s mission.

Lessons in leadership

It’s common for the relationship between you and your guides to require adjustment towards the end of advanced training. Up to that point they have micromanaged you, providing guidance on even the most mundane things. Moreover, your guides have earned your trust by coming through on what they have said. The trust built between you is good but more often than not, a degree of codependence has developed and must be removed so they begin the process of weaning you away. Why? You must be able to provide critical feedback necessary to the mission. Your guides are dimensions away and cannot see into our world as we do. They depend on you for feedback so that they can make appropriate course corrections.

My experience of the weaning process took me into a Dark Night of the Soul. This dark night happened to coincide with my journey through the 6th level of the DNA Recoding Process—your guides are great multi -taskers; they make the most of every opportunity by combining several lessons into one event. As I wrote in The Mission Remembered, I felt the bottom had been ripped out from under me. I had no idea who to believe in any more. Not only had my guides betrayed me, they had abandoned me.

I came through this Dark Night but I was never the same afterward and that was good. I learned that they needed my input as much as I needed theirs. We became a team with strong team members at each end.

Completing the final 2 levels of DNA Recoding in August and September 1996, I found my request for better communication granted. I had developed a 2nd neural network of an etheric nature. This network enabled me not only to communicate better but to make choices based on integration, i.e., compassion. Now prepared, I entered prelaunch mode.

So there you have it, all three phases of mission training. I’ll cover prelaunch in the next installment.

In humble service,

Jelaila Starr

Written December 7, 2009

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