DNA Transformation for Starseeds

In past messages I spoke about epigenetics and how our DNA is impacted by the experiences of our forebears. This week I’m taking that topic a step further speaking on epigenetics as it pertains to our starseed families. Many people know in their hearts that they are from some place other than Earth. They also know that they are here for a purpose which includes a mission. But to complete that mission, they need to alter or transform their DNA from carbon to crystalline. This requires a good bit of emotional clearing since emotional clearing is how we clear the marks from our DNA left by us and our forebears … both earthly and galactic.

3-Part Process

Before I go further, I need to explain the DNA process. I’m using the term DNA transformation to cover all 3 parts of the process of DNA change. Note: all the parts are done etherically so as not to blow us out of our bodies.

Part 1: Realignment — the realigning of the 10 dormant strands (our “junk DNA”). This realignment occurs at the crown of the head.

Part 2: Reconnection–reconnecting the 10 strands by connecting them to the 12 crown chakra crystals.

Part 3: Activation – activating the energy flow through the strands. (“turning on the juice”)

Since I have limited time and space (no pun intended) with these weekly messages, let me just say that we are drawn to specific DNA processes based on our starseed genetics. What that means is that based on what type of body you have on your homeworld, and the changes your starseed family need to make, you may need to begin with one of the 3 parts of DNA transformation. That is why, if you have been drawn to a DNA transformation process, it is usually for only 1 of the 3 parts. You needed to take a preliminary step to prepare for a full-blown 3 part process.

DNA Recoding

DNA Recoding is the 3-part process that the Nibiruans (the ones who disconnected the 10 strands) gave to reconnect them. This process not only allows for the realignment, reconnection and activation, decrypts the strands as well. (Yes, our junk DNA was scattered and encrypted for a reason. Read “Mission Remembered” for full details.)

This process also includes another very unique feature–the activation of the thymus’s multidimensional component. At that level, the thymus acts and an incineration, transforming any lower frequency emotion, such as anger, shame, or guilt, into compassion. It essentially nullifies these emotions by transforming them into the frequency of compassion. The frequency of compassion is the same as the Void.

Greg Braden in his book, Walking between the Worlds, The Science of Compassion, provides us the scientific explanation for how compassion is the one frequency that alters DNA from carbon to crystalline.

Going further, knowing what it would take to do this level of emotional clearing, the Nibiruans provided tools and techniques. They are written down in the booklet series known as the Keys of Compassion.

In closing, we starseeds came here for a purpose, a mission to fulfill. Many of us have been drawn to various DNA processes to upgrade our DNA so that we can fulfill those missions. Each process was important to our goal. So if you are one who finds yourself wondering if the process you have already completed was in vain, it wasn’t. Your galactic genetic makeup called for a preliminary process (or two) before taking on the full blown 3 part process. So if you find yourself here and drawn to DNA Recoding, it is quite likely that your guides are saying you are ready.

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