Starseeds and Their Anchors

One can tell when another crop of starseeds has been awakened because they will seek counseling for many of the same challenges. One of those involves love relationships, spouses or partners, and whether they should stay or break up. And with each the reason is the same, one partner has not awakened, and therefore, is unsupportive of the one who has. This was Megan’s (not her real name) concern when she called for her session.

Megan, a lovely lady in her late 40s and mother of four, is one of the Third Wave who has recently been called to action to begin her mission. But, like many starseeds, Megan’s spouse Tom (not his real name) didn’t get the call. Seeing his wife drastically change many of their long-held beliefs had left Tom bewildered, upset and confused. Consequently he has been less than supportive of his wife’s new path. This disparity has driven a wedge between them, creating a sense of isolation that has left Megan feeling that perhaps she is supposed to end her marriage. But is that the answer?

Megan’s guides did not give her a yes/no answer. Like most highly evolved guides, they know that giving yes/no answers would violate her free will. Instead, Megan’s guides offered suggestions and options backed up by an explanation of the higher dimensional principles on which those were based. In Megan’s case, her guides asked me to explain to her the role of the anchor in a spiritual mission. They felt that by doing so Megan would better understand her husband’s behavior. and be able to come to a decision that would be good for them both. Because so many are finding themselves faced with the same choice, I asked permission to share Megan’s story.

Let’s begin with the explanation of the Anchor role is a starseed mission.

The Anchor Contract/Role

The Anchor contract is one that is entered into while a soul is in the Interlife (life between lifetimes.) A soul will agree to this contract for two reasons:

  1. Spiritual growth through playing the support role in a mission
  2. Love for the soul who will be their partner in the upcoming lifetime

The Anchor contract states that the soul agrees to maintain a full heart connection to 3D. This means that they will not spiritually awaken. They agreed to stay focused on the things that are needed to survive in 3D, i.e., food, clothing, shelter, etc. If religion is involved, it will usually of a traditional nature. If there are children, the parent in the anchor role provides stability. They do this by staying focused on daily routines, schooling, sports, hobbies, etc. In other words, the partner who has the anchor is firmly grounded in the earthly realm.

That heart connection to earth enables the partner in the anchor role to receive the blessings needed to maintain their supportive role. That is why they often find that they begin to do better once their partner has awakened and begun training. It is like the universe knows that half of the support will be gone so it needs to help make up the difference.

But there is another reason; I explain using the metaphor of the Universal Mailbox. It goes something like this: your heart is where your mailbox is.

When you ask for blessings, the universe will answer and send them to your mailbox. If your heart is anchored in 3d, they will be sent to that realm. If your heart is anchored in the higher realms, the blessings will be delivered there.

What normally happens for starseeds is that once they awaken, they move their mailbox out of 3d and into the higher realms, following the call of enlightenment. This in itself is not a bad thing if they have someone who maintains a mailbox in 3d. If not, they will eventually find themselves struggling to make ends meet financially and in other ways. That is why most starseeds who are to awaken will have contracts with souls to play the anchor role for them; someone who maintains that 3D connection for them.

A Thankless Job

I speak of the Anchor role as a thankless job, not that it is supposed to be that way, but because most often, it is a misunderstood role. But we can’t blame the awakening starseed because none of us received a handbook when we came here. None of us were given a copy of our Life Blueprint so that we could see that our partner had agreed to be our anchor. No, we came here blind to it all. So let’s not beat ourselves up.

That’s what Megan learned during our session. Her husband was playing his role to perfection. He was not supposed to awaken, but instead, maintain their 3d life, providing food, clothing and shelter, along with stability for their children. By doing so, he gave Megan the freedom to pursue her spiritual mission. All Megan had to do was realize this and appreciate the sacrifice her man was making. Megan agreed.

We ended our session with Megan feeling relieved that that was a reason for her husband’s lack of enthusiasm for her new beliefs and mission. He was not supposed to be interested in them. And, his lack of interest did not mean he no longer loved her. Megan decided to give her man some much needed appreciation, as well as, apologize for judging him for not heeding the call along with her.

In closing, playing the anchor role in a mission is challenging at best. Yet once the awakened starseed understands the reason why their partner has not awakened and embraced the new path, their life can become easier. Cooperation, appreciation and a clear agreement to honor each others roles can turn a partnership around providing the necessary support and to achieve the mission’s end.