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Take It To Your Guides

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Practical how-tos for working with your Guides, Soul and Inner Child through daily challenges and all spiritual lessons.

We all face challenges in our daily lives that require us to work through a fear in order to achieve a desired outcome. But as we continue moving through what we could all agree are the most difficult times on our planet those challenges are beyond any we have had to face. Why? They involve making life/death, freedom/slavery choices.

This workshop is designed to give you practical steps to navigate your way through the maze of fear and unconscious programing by working with your Guides, Soul and Inner Child to reach the “neutral zone.” The Neutral Zone is that place of compassion where you see the situation from the higher perspective, understand its purpose/value and therefore, can more comfortably make the right decisions. And when you do, you stand amazed at how personal reality changes, sometimes within hours, sometimes within days. Moreover, the outcomes (created by your Guides) are so far beyond anything that you could have created on your own, that you stand humbled by the whole experience.

In this workshop, I will give you a path to follow that you can use and adapt to any situation. It will include:

  • Where to begin the process using the 7 Stages of Emotional Clearing
  • How to use the Keys of Compassion to get to the core of the issue and see the “mirror and let go.”
  • How to turn the issue over to your Guides so that they can create the best and highest solution.
  • How to read the signs and messages they send to help you navigate your way to that solution.
  • How to work with your Inner Child when he/she becomes fearful of the outcome.

Also included will be real life examples of how these steps were used to create the most amazing outcomes in dire, life-changing situations that appears utterly hopeless. We will also use the issue of the Vaccine Passport for hands on training.