Keys of Compassion Overview

The Keys of Compassion are seven booklets based on God Consciousness. God Consciousness is a higher level of spiritual knowledge that enables us to fully integrate the Light and Dark within us. When we are God-Conscious, we are compassionate beings.

Applying the higher concepts and beliefs contained in the Keys lifts us out of victimhood, enabling us to reclaim our God-given power. Our lives become more peaceful, more satisfying and much richer. Applying their processes and techniques enables us to clear our emotional blocks, releasing their negative energy, and transmuting them into compassion. Current conflicts are quickly resolved while health issues and other challenges are overcome.

The Keys of Compassion are also the tools that can be used to clear and reopen our psychic glands thus re-establishing our connection with the higher realms. They also enable us to move through the 9 levels of DNA Recoding. While the DNA Recoding Process is the process used to achieve multidimensionality and eventual physical ascension, the Keys of Compassion are the tools we use to get there. The DNA Recoding Process can be likened to the blueprint for a house, but the tools needed to build the house, a hammer, nails, saw, etc., actually make it happen.

Create happier relationships, restore your health, change your life and recode your DNA through daily application of the Keys of Compassion!

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The Formula of Compassion, the 1st Key

1: The Formula of Compassion Booklet

The Formula of Compassion Booklet explains the 9-step process that clears and releases the painful emotions of anger, guilt, shame, resentment, and blame by transmuting them into compassion in the high heart. The Formula of Compassion is a foundation tool for achieving multidimensionality and, ultimately, ascension.

The Formula of Compassion is the simple and uncomplicated tool for ascension and emotional clearing and healing work. Many psychotherapists and psychologists use the Formula of Compassion to assist clients with a multitude of mental/emotional disorders and addictive behaviors.

(excerpt from The Formula of Compassion)

Contracts & Promises, the 2nd Key

2: Contracts & Promises

Contracts and Promises provides the steps to release those with whom we have the most painful blocks. These are usually the blocks that involve our parents.

Using Contracts and Promises will help you to release those that have hurt you the most by seeing them as a small child and understanding the pain that they endured in order to become the person they are today.

It is my hope that Contracts and Promises will enable you to complete the Formula and free yourself from the pain of the past so that you may open your heart to fully love again.

(excerpt from Contracts & Promises)

The Divine Partnership, the 3rd Key

3: The Divine Partnership

The Divine Partnership explains the dynamics of your original Soul/Ego/Self relationship, how you lost it, and how that loss negatively affects your life today.

This Key explains the roles of each of your Selves (Soul and Inner Child/Ego) and how they work as a team to move you through your life lessons.

In addition, it provides the how steps for re-establishing and maintaining the partnership. Discovering that there once was a divine partnership is the first step. The second step is reestablishing the relationship. And the most important relationship you have is the one you have with yourself.

(excerpt from The Divine Partnership)

Hold on to Nothing & You’ll Have Everything, the 4th Key

4: Hold on to Nothing & You’ll Have Everything

Hold on to Nothing and You’ll Have Everything gives you the secrets of how to integrate your fears thereby enabling you to let go of the dysfunctional relationship patterns that create so much pain in our lives.

This key gives you the steps for integrating fears and holding your personal boundaries. A must for those who are ready to take back their power!

Being able to hold on to nothing when faced with the possibility of losing something you hold dear, though challenging, is possible.  The trick is knowing how to do it.

(excerpt from Hold on to Nothing & You’ll Have Everything)

Dancing with the Dark, the 5th Key

5: Dancing with the Dark

Dancing with the Dark gives you the secrets of manifesting money, speaking truth, holding boundaries, integrating fears, losing weight and so much more.

Discover how using the power of the Dark chakras, our lower 3 chakras, is the way to creating the life we desire. It is the tool that we have been missing!

Watching Danielle and Jonathan begin to heal was what taught me the power and value of agreements. As mentioned earlier, you will find more in-depth information on boundaries and agreements in Agreements, the 6th Key of Compassion.

(excerpt from Dancing with the Dark)

Agreements, the 6th Key

6: Agreements

Agreements reveals the multidimensional tool for creating safe and satisfying relationships.

Through agreements we empower ourselves to get our needs met in any situation and with any person. Agreements are self-empowerment in action!

Discover the key to solid, lasting relationships that bring years of enjoyment and personal fulfilment. In this booklet I explore the various aspects of agreements and how Jonathan and I apply them in our lives. I hope the information within will be as helpful to you as it has been to me.

(excerpt from Agreements)

Apologies, the 7th Key

7: Apologies

Apologies reveals the key to completely clear the pain of any conflict. Most of us have not been taught how to make an effective apology.

Consequently we are left to rehash old conflicts sometimes to the point that they destroy our relationships.

How to we make effective apologies? What is the secret to completely clearing the pain so that love and trust are restored? The answers are in Apologies, the final Key of Compassion.

(excerpt from Apologies)

The Keys of Compassion Booklet Set

Keys of Compassion Booklet Set

The Keys of Compassion are seven booklets based on God Consciousness and unconditional compassion. The Keys of Compassion are also the tools that can be used to clear and reopen our psychic glands thus re-establishing our connection with the higher realms. They also enable us to move through the 9 levels of DNA Recoding, heightening our psychic abilities as we ascend our consciousness.

The Keys of Compassion work as a team, each providing a piece of what is needs to complete the Formula of Compassion, obtaining the clearing you and the change in your DNA.

For your convenience, there is an option to obtain the complete set. Having all the tools at your fingertips enables you to pull techniques and steps from each to clear any issue.

Readers Comments

“I’ve just finished reading through the nine steps of the Formula of Compassion, and I just wanted to express my gratitude for their availability. I have read Handbook to Higher Consciousness, and although I was reminded of it’s format when reading this formula, I realized that this formula was resonating with me in a much more natural and easy way. I watched a long standing conflict with my father dissolve as I read through it, and am now in the process of contemplating the unique way in which I will celebrate by giving him a gift of my gratitude. Your ideas are wonderfully available to all that seek them, and I must commend you for that. May many many blessings seek you out as you have sent so many out to others.” Dawn

“I have introduced my son [35] to Inner Child Healing. He is going through his childhood issues again. Having made contact with his ‘LittleGreg’ is an amazing process for him. Extremely emotional for both of us, but what a tool you have given us [thanks Devin] to work with. Thank You Jelaila. Much love to You and Jonathan.” Barbara

“If we are ever going to move upward in our consciousness, we have to put our fascinations with exotic details of spirituality aside and work through the more undesirable elements, the pain and trauma. It we don’t, we’ll just keep spinning our wheels. So I thank you greatly for these tools you are introducing to us, and hope that everyone will be wise enough to use them, EFFECTIVELY!” Gerald B.

Companion Items

Keys of Compassion MP3 Albums

There is such of wealth of information that the Ancient Elders wished to share regarding the higher dimensional principles of the Keys of Compassion that we simply could not fit it all into a booklet without some of the Keys becoming  books. For that reason we chose to record it audio format.  You can obtain this information in the Conversations on the Keys MP3 Set.

Save $$ on the booklets and Mp3 album when you order them as the Keys of Compassion Package.