Workshop Agreements

As we have learned from experience, agreements foster a sense of safety and trust in a group, and by entering into them we all can anticipate that our needs for this workshop will get met. The following agreements were created from past participants’ workshop experiences. As a result, some of them may not make a whole lot of sense unless viewed in that context. Please keep in mind that agreements are renegotiable!

Please review the agreements before you sign up for the workshop, and bring a copy with you.

  1. I agree to make and keep my agreements.
  2. I agree to be supported by the facilitators and the other members of the workshop in keeping my agreements.
  3. If I break an agreement I agree to be supported in looking at what conscious/unconscious motive/fear that caused me to break my agreement, along with who put it there.
  4. I agree to support the other workshop members in keeping their agreements.
  5. I agree that I will wait outside until the door opens at 9:50 am if I arrive too early for the workshop.
  6. I agree to show up on time each day and not leave until the workshop is over. I agree to take responsibility for knowing the exact starting time of the workshop each day. If I am late, I agree to be cleared at the door by a facilitator before returning at the next break.
  7. I agree to be back in my seat on time at the end of a break. If I am not, I agree to remain outside (or if inside already, remain in the designated room) until a facilitator clears me. Once cleared, I agree to apologize.
  8. I agree that when we are on a particular subject and I have a question on a different subject, to write it down and ask it at the next break or subject change.
  9. I agree that it’s okay for me to leave the room but not during any conversation in which I am involved, or while being confronted by another.
  10. I agree to remain open to the information given in the workshop and take responsibility for getting value from the information.
  11. I agree to speak up and ask questions when I am confused or don’t feel right about a subject.
  12. I agree to check the board each day before leaving for evening assignments and to ask questions if I am not sure what is required. I agree that if I do not get my evening assignments done, I’ll stay outside the group to complete them and be cleared before returning.
  13. I agree to allow the facilitators and/or other group members to trigger my fears & emotional issues using their personal knowledge of my life, relationships, etc. so that I may clear them. I agree that “being triggered” means being emotionally upset.
  14. I agree to remain current with my emotions and not withhold for fear of the consequences that may come from speaking my truth.
  15. When I need to express something, I agree to do so clearly and distinctly, and to take responsibility for the other person(s) getting it. If I’m receiving a communication from another, I agree to keep asking questions until I’m absolutely sure that I have received it accurately.
  16. I agree that when I feel that I have been disrespected or offended, to communicate that information by first asking questions of those involved to determine if, in fact, an offense had occurred.
  17. I agree that when someone is venting that I will be respectful of their process. This means that I will not try to stop it by belittling it, fixing it, or making that person wrong. Additionally, if the vent is about me, I agree that I will not defend my position.
  18. I agree that when I have a complaint to go to that person to resolve it. The only exception to this would be if I need help getting perspective before addressing the person with whom I am upset. Additionally, I agree not to listen to complaints that I cannot resolve, and to direct that person to someone who can. Once again, the exception is when someone is asking for perspective.