Handling ZIPs

ZIP files are a way of grouping files into one file and as such is easier to transport over the internet. ZIP files are compressed to reduce the size. Some original files are already compressed so will not compress further. ZIP files, when received, must be unzipped to gain access to the files within.

This website uses ZIP files to create a collection of tracks for MP3 Albums. Each of the MP3 Albums consists of one or more audio tracks. These are inside a folder to maintain the grouping. It is this folder you import into your favorite music player such as iTunes. DO NOT import the individual tracks as this will potentially cause errors and/or confusion.

Most computers these days will know how to unzip ZIP files. There are however, many unzip applications to purchase or download for free. One such application is WinZip which can be purchased for a reasonable price.

The best way to unzip is to use the Windows Explorer/File Explorer on Windows operating systems, and for Apple, it’s called Finder. A double click on the ZIP file will begin the unzipping process. Do make sure you know where the unzipped folder has been placed so you can easily locate it again. You will want to move or copy the unzipped folder into the appropriate area so you can import this folder into your favorite audio player.