1-to-1 Guide Communication

1-to-1 Guide Communication Sessions
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Please Note: In the email sent to you confirming your payment, will be a link where you are advised to download session instructions to be read before your session takes place. It contains important information such as contact details, preparations for your session and a list of agreements.

Learn how to talk with your Guides. It’s easier than you think!

Do humans have inherent psychic ability? Can anyone channel? Jelaila Starr believes that the answers to these questions are emphatically YES! Everyone is born with the ability to channel—to connect with their Higher Self/Soul and with other Beings in the realms beyond our own. The knowledge of this ability has been lost to the majority of us for thousands of years and only taught to the chosen few. Now is the time for this knowledge to be given to everyone who seeks it.

In this 3-session workshop by phone, you will:

  • Learn how easy it is to communicate and channel by using the ancient esoteric techniques that enable you to easily establish contact with your Guides and Angels.
  • Learn protocols for communicating with Guides and other Beings
  • Discover whether you are clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairkinescent, or clairsentient
  • Know that you can communicate and exactly how you do it.
  • Know how to maintain a working communication link with your Guides.
  • Be able to explore your past lives by pulling information off of the timelines in which they exist. In other words, you’ll now be able to explore and know all of who you are!
  • Be ready to take the next step to becoming a successful channel if that is your desire.


Cost: $375 (includes three hour-long workshop sessions by phone). Click here to order.

Over and above the standard Return & Cancellation Policy, a 72-hour cancellation period required.


Here you will find information to help you get the most of your Guide Communication Workshop sessions. By following and completing the following preparation work, you’ll also ensure that you walk away with greater clarity about your life, feeling that your time, energy and money were well spent.

  1. Make certain you have any questions regarding channeling, psychic ability, possible blocks, etc., written down in advance.
  2. Be in a quiet place where you will have no distractions. You will need to be able to focus and concentrate within. The more relaxed you are the better you will receive.

Session Format

What happens when your session begins?

When the time arrives for the session, call me on the given number. If you by chance get my voicemail, hang up and try again a few minutes later.

As we begin the session, the first thing I will do is ask if you have any questions about guide communication along with what you feel are your greatest concerns about doing it. Once all relevant questions are asked and notes taken, we will begin with Session 1. You will have homework to complete after session 1.

In Session 1, you will learn the following:

  1. How messages are received and processed through the psychic glands.
  2. The role that each gland of your endocrine system (psychic glands) plays in psychic communication.
  3. Which feelings are produced by these glands.
  4. The connection between your Soul and your heart’s brain (yes, your heart also has a neural net).
  5. Your psychic strengths using the Movie Theater Technique.
  6. Two of the ancient secrets to psychic communication.
  7. The role that imagination plays in psychic communication.

In Session 2, we cover the world of Guides, how Guides communicate and how they appear. We will then do the 5 Senses Technique which will reconnect you to your Guides. We also cover the topic of Focal Points. I’ll explain more in the session. You will have homework to complete after session 2.

In Session 3, we work on communication protocols and agreements with the aim of helping you to understand how to establish your own protocols and agreements with your Guides. These can be applied to working with Guides other than your own.

I appreciate the opportunity to assist you in moving forward on your spiritual path and making your dreams a reality.

Privacy Policy

Any information discussed during the Guide Communication workshop will be kept private and confidential unless prior written consent has been given.

Client Comments

“I wanted to share my first “Guide-Talk” session that I just  had with you, knowing there are many others who are asking and wanting the same  as I do.  I have had glimpses over the years of sensing there was an angel/guide  looking out for me (God knows I needed one many times!) and at times I felt I  could even hear her but I still had a hard time trusting which was IT! … my own  head talking to me or was it really a guide trying desperately to get my attention or help me.

I was a little nervous right before we started…, what was I about to find out?  (That Fear of the Unknown thing)

Well, here we go…

After I picked which focal point I wanted to use, Jelaila  guided me each step of the way.  I invited Katherine (my main guide) to come and  meet me.  I told Katherine where to enter and where to stand…she stood in  front of me.  I gasped, she was so tall, a very tall 6 feet! What a presence!   She is very attractive I thought and proceeded to describe her to Jelaila.  She  is slender, with long brown hair just below her shoulders and she is wearing  what looked like an apron type dress.  I couldn’t make out her face though, it  wasn’t clear to me.  So, with Jelaila’s encouragement, I began to describe her  face.  I could only think, “Katherine must think I’m such a doofus and why can’t  I describe her face…what was I afraid of seeing”!  I described her long, slender nose and her thin lips that stretched out into a big smile.  She has a  BIG smile!  Her eyes are oval shaped. Then Jelaila asked me what color are  they?  “I don’t know??”, I said. 

Jelaila kept guiding me and then finally I saw  a glimpse of her eye color…not brown but they had a hint of brown and Jelaila  said, “Are they hazel?  They’re hazel”.  Then, I saw her eyes clearly and I  shouted, “Yes! They’re like mine”!  I was so excited!  At this point, I could  see Katherine’s whole face and body and now I was starting to feel her  presence.  I could see and feel now how excited Katherine was, too!   (As Jelaila confirmed!)  Katherine was twirling around with excitement! 

Next, Jelaila guided me through the other two steps and now I actually saw and heard Katherine’s message that she sent to me!  By now, I’m swimming in excitement!  There’s no turning back now I thought  to myself, I wanted to know more!

Then, as if Jelaila knew, she asked me if I wanted to meet my soul and of course I said, “Yeh!”.  I wondered what she…or me would  be like!  So, we went through the three steps again, only this time with Keimdra  (my Soul).  Once again, I was amazed at the clarity of her and her presence!  There’s such a specialness that is very difficult to describe,  you just FEEL it when you meet any of your guides or soul.  It is a different  feeling with each one, as Jelaila said.  They carry their own personality, which  makes sense.. just like all of us.  It was such a powerful connection for me!  And I continue to be in awe of the new things I learn with them.

It was the most wonderful session, I no longer feel all alone  inside or I’m like this crazy person.  Jelaila, you have helped me put the  pieces of the puzzle together which I am forever grateful!  I hope others may find their way to you as I have and then they, too, can begin to experience  their own wonderful, awe-inspiring multidimensionality.” – Pam