Group Guide Communication

Guide Communication Group Sessions

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Please Note: In the email sent to you confirming your payment, will be a link where you are advised to download session instructions to be read before your session takes place. It contains important information such as contact details, preparations for your session and a list of agreements.

Learn how to talk with your Guides. It’s easier than you think!

The idea for these group sessions is to bring like-minded people together to allow a better understanding of reaching out to your guides. Five people will be the basis of a group and you will learn from each other as well as from Jelaila. It’s a wonderful chance to learn to talk to others but also learn to listen, really listen to each other and give space for each to be heard. It’s an experience in giving and receiving compassion.

Do humans have inherent psychic ability? Can anyone channel? Jelaila Starr believes that the answers to these questions are emphatically YES! Everyone is born with the ability to channel—to connect with their Higher Self/Soul and with other Beings in the realms beyond our own. The knowledge of this ability has been lost to the majority of us for thousands of years and only taught to the chosen few. Now is the time for this knowledge to be given to everyone who seeks it.

In this 3-session workshop by phone, you will:

  • Learn how easy it is to communicate and channel by using the ancient esoteric techniques that enable you to easily establish contact with your Guides and Angels.
  • Learn protocols for communicating with Guides and other Beings
  • Discover whether you are clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairkinescent, or clairsentient
  • Know that you can communicate and exactly how you do it.
  • Know how to maintain a working communication link with your Guides.
  • Be able to explore your past lives by pulling information off of the timelines in which they exist. In other words, you’ll now be able to explore and know all of who you are!
  • Be ready to take the next step to becoming a successful channel if that is your desire.

Cost: $300 (includes three hour-long workshop sessions by phone). See Group Guide Communication in Shop for dates and to order.

Over and above the standard Return & Cancellation Policy, a 72-hour cancellation period required. Any missed sessions can be rescheduled at the regular session fee of $125.


Here you will find information to help you get the most of your Group Guide Communication Workshop sessions. By following and completing the following preparation work, you’ll also ensure that you walk away with greater clarity about your life, feeling that your time, energy and money were well spent.

  1. Make certain you have any questions regarding channeling, psychic ability, possible blocks, etc., written down in advance.
  2. Be in a quiet place where you will have no distractions. You will need to be able to focus and concentrate within. The more relaxed you are the better you will receive.

Session Format

What happens when your session begins?

When the time arrives for the session, call in on the given number. You will find this number in the Group Guide Workshop Directions document accessible through the link in the email you receive confirming your purchase.

As we begin the session, the first thing I will do is ask you and the other group participants if they have any questions about guide communication along with what you each feel are your greatest concerns about doing it. Once all relevant questions are asked and notes taken, we will begin with Session 1. You will have homework to complete after session 1.

In Session 1, you will learn the following:

  1. How messages are received from your guides.
  2. The role that each gland of your endocrine system (psychic glands) plays in psychic communication.
  3. Which feelings are produced by these glands.
  4. The connection between your Soul and your heart’s brain (yes, your heart also has a neural net).
  5. Your psychic strengths using the Movie Theater Technique.
  6. Two of the ancient secrets to psychic communication.
  7. The role that imagination plays in psychic communication.

In Session 2, we cover the world of Guides, how Guides communicate and how they appear. We will then do the 5 Senses Technique which will reconnect you to your Guides. We also cover the topic of Focal Points. I’ll explain more in the session. You will have homework to complete after session 2.

In Session 3, we work on communication protocols and agreements with the aim of helping you to understand how to establish your own protocols and agreements with your Guides. These can be applied to working with Guides other than your own.

I appreciate the opportunity to assist you in moving forward on your spiritual path and making your dreams a reality.

Client Comments

“First of all, Thank you to Jelaila and the 9 D Council for bringing through the Guide Training. It is well worth every moment of one’s time. This 3 session series carefully takes the participant through very useful and FUN exercises to help one get in touch with their own personal Guides. It takes the “ woo woo” out of it and brings it down to Earth. It is HIGHLY practical. 

In each session you learn more about yourself, your personal biases regarding Guide work as well as learning to Trust yourself, your guides and the information they share. For me, this was the most crucial aspect of the training. Trust building. 

This training offers wisdom to everyone, from the most seasoned reader to the newbie just getting their feet wet in higher dimensional processes. Each class is a gem unto itself and one gets out of it exactly what one is willing to put into it. I am so grateful for this experience. What a Blast!” 

Michelle E.

“The information that most helped me increase my communication with my Guides was the exercise where we called 2 of our Guides to us, and then followed your instructions to get great detail about each of them, including their names. As a whole, this training has profoundly changed the way that I connect with my guides, as well as experience their energies and guidance. It surprised me that I could feel them so close to me and individually, instead of an ambiguous “guidance…from out there–somewhere,” (wherever “there” is!)

My biggest takeaway from the workshop was that I could actually sharpen my awareness of my Guides, and get much clearer messages in my interaction with them…I also was able to overcome some of the doubt I had before, that something was actually happening and I wasn’t making it up!”  

Colleen G.

“Jelaila recently said something that both flipped my world right side up and confirmed guidance that I had been receiving from my guides – that the higher you go, the more practical and down-to-earth you become.  This 3-part training is exactly that.  It provides you with a practical, sensory, embodied process and the experience of communicating with your multidimensional guides who in turn offer you practical, full of nuts and bolts and down to earth guidance from the higher dimensions.  Talk about a paradox! 

My biggest take away was becoming aware of my personal means of communication and receiving intuitive guidance. This has been invaluable and opened up deeper trust in myself and how I experience the multidimensional worlds.

I highly recommend this training to anyone who wants to open up to their guides for the first time and also to those who want up-level their relationship with their guides.  There is something very powerful about actually making this powerful, intimate relationship more practical and more sensory.  It becomes more real.  It takes it out of the airy fairy and woo-woo and brings the responsibility of communicating with guides back into your own hands.  I am so grateful for this experience and training!’  

Sarah C.

“Naming my guides makes it easier to reach out to them.  The process of the very specific descriptions of each guide also helped give a personality to each guide and make them very personal to me.  (Every time I have reached out to them now, they have responded very positively).

The workshop created more self-confidence for myself in that I was able to do each of the steps in the training.  It was a very fun and rewarding experience.  I confirmed with one of my guides and he has responded in the most delightful ways.  

Much gratitude for the workshop experience.  Invaluable!!”

Susan D.