The Galactic Federation of Worlds

The Galactic Federation of Worlds (GF) is a large coalition of civilizations from many different in our universe and is located in the Sirius star system.  The members work together for the harmonious existence of all life in the Milky Way Galaxy and and beyond.

Each race, civilization, and planet has an opportunity to have a representation within the GF. These councils vary in size depending on population as well as the amount responsibilities they carry within the management structure of the GF. There are literally thousands of these councils since there that many races represented. The GF is much larger than we may imagine.

The Great Halls of the Galactic Federation

The GF has one major overseeing council which has representatives from each member council. This council meets in the Great Hall.  With that said, each council has its own Great Hall. Perhaps this is why there is so much confusion around this Great Hall business. Many channelers attend meetings in the Great Hall and think there is only one, when in fact, it could be the Great Hall of one of the member races or civilizations. You see how quickly it gets all complicated.

The Nibiruan Council is one of the largest councils due its additional duties, one being the host council managing the complex details for the current Earth Grand Experiment. Another is to help negotiate alliances and maintain peace among the different worlds of the GF and assist new and incoming members. For this reason, Nibiruis not a planet with just one civilization, it has many representatives from many races.

Galactic Federation History

The Milky Galaxy Galactic Federation was established at the end of the first Great Galactic War that was fought in the Lyra Constellation between the Humans, Reptilians, Felines and Carians.  After this war, the survivors decided that they must establish some way to arbitrate disputes so that this kind of destruction (destruction of the Humans’ homeworld Avyon, the First Earth) would not occur again. Thus, the GF was established with the founding members being Lyran and Orion. Their first flagship was Pelegai, one of the few ships intact after the war. This was a very painful time and the wounds of this war would take many dimensions of time to heal.

In the beginning, the GF was very small since so few had survived the war. The Lyran Council and Orion Councils doubled as the administrative arm of their new fledgling federation. In other words, they were the GF. In time new races were created as offshoots of the original four and the GF welcomed them as they reached galactic status, as we are about to do now.

So the Galactic Federation grew and became a very large and powerful federation of worlds devoted to universal peace and prosperity. Now there are millions of members from across our galaxy.