General Counseling Session


A one hour session

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Please call or email Jelaila to schedule your appointment once you have placed your order.
Phone: (913) 599-6222

This is a 1-hour meeting between you, me and your Guides. In this session you can ask as many questions as you wish. I will help you interpret the messages your guides want to give you, acting as mediator and channel for them, and as counselor for you. Remember, this is a 1-hour meeting! You will meet and counsel with your guides. That means that I will not channel at you as in a typical reading. In order to get the most out of your time with your guides, organize your questions first.

If you would like the General Counseling Session recorded, please add one MP3 Session Recording to the cart.

Note: Please review the details for this type of session on the General Counseling page before your session.