DNA Recoding Coaching Session


A one hour session

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Please call or email Jelaila to schedule your appointment once you have placed your order. The phone number and email address will be in your order email.

Want to know how many of your DNA strands are realigned, reconnected and activated? Want to know what emotional blocks stand in the way of your full 12-strand connection and how to clear them? I will use my in-depth understanding of multidimensional consciousness and DNA Recoding to assist you in working with the DNA Recoding Chart to determine where you are in recoding. I will also assist you in learning to effectively use the 7 Keys of Compassion, the multidimensional tools that enable you to clear blocks and complete DNA Recoding. DNA Recoding becomes simple and uncomplicated once you know how the process works.

If you would like the DNA Recoding Coaching Session recorded, please add one MP3 Session Recording to the cart.

Session Format

This session can be done one of two ways:

  1. If you have filled out a DNA Chart, we will go over it.  Ask any questions you wish about the connections, and how they relate to current issues in your life. (They will show up!)
  2. Answer any question you may have about the chart or about the DNA Recoding process.