Group Galactic Master Class

Galactic Master Class

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Please Note: In the email sent to you confirming your payment, will be a link where you are advised to download session instructions to be read before your session takes place. It contains important information such as contact details, preparations for your session and a list of agreements.


This is a recorded workshop. By ordering this workshop, and participating, agreement is implicitly granted to release the recording for public consumption. An email with a link will be sent to all participants within 24 to 48 hours after the completion of each session for the participant’s future use.

Please Note: The recording is for personal use only and not to be distributed or shared on social media.

The Accelerated Galactic Master Class (Galactic Master Class) is a series of 12 (1-hour) sessions provided by phone. Its purpose is to accelerate the preparation of those ready to lead the way in the new 5D reality by giving them the multidimensional tools that enable them to fulfill their divine destiny with a 9D level consciousness, the hallmark of a galactic peacekeeper, capable of achieving peace through unconditional compassion.

This workshop will be taught in 12 sessions, with each session being one hour long.

Sessions 1-3: Galactic History

To know where we are going, we must understand where we’ve been.

A galactic peacekeeper is able to understand the many and diverse conflicts on Earth because he/she understands the history of those conflicts, many of which are very ancient and are part of our galactic past. Included in this master class will be a more extensive exploration of our galactic history (where we’ve been), along with how and why those events are being replayed and relived in our current timeline as part of our soul evolution.

  • Session 1 – Primary Galactic Races, Universal Structure, Parent Races, and Who are the Time Healers? Who are the Nibiruans?
  • Session 2 – Grand Experiments for Soul Evolution and previous human home worlds
  • Session 3 – Nibiru’s History, Purpose and Plan for Humanity

Sessions 4-8: Keys of Compassion

We can only integrate what we have experienced.

In order to fulfill the role of peacemaker/keeper we much know how to achieve unconditional compassion in any situation. Unconditional compassion is achieved when we find the value in any thing, any person or event that we view as dark. To accomplish we must have experienced a similar event in order to really know it and the pain that it creates (walk a mile in another man’s shoes).

  • Session 4 – Keys of Compassion: Overview, 
How the Keys of Compassion are the tools that enable you to move through the powerful emotional clearing involved in DNA Recoding.
  • Session 5Key 1, Formula of Compassion – the secret to carbon/crystalline DNA conversion and altering reality. Key 2, Contracts and Promises – the key to reclaiming your power and releasing the pain of past traumas.
  • Session 6Key 3, the Divine Partnership – understanding the multidimensional role of the Inner Child and its power in our lives.
  • Session 7Key 4, Hold on To Nothing and You’ll Have Everything – how to let go of a fear in order to allow something new and better into your life.
  • Session 8Key 5, Dancing with the Dark – understanding the light side of the dark as in how to use our masculine (dark) abilities of boundary setting, protection and standing up for ourselves in order to achieve balance in our lives.
  • Session 9Key 6, Agreements – Galactic Peacekeepers know that interactions with other races in dependent on agreements. This key provides the know-how to forge the right kind of agreements. Key 7, Apologies – the ability to give an effective apology is a the heart of any attempt to resolve conflict. In this key the Peacekeeper learns how to give, as well as, how to help another give an effective apology that fully releases all emotional pain, paving the way to peace.

Sessions 10-11: DNA Recoding

Decrypting our encrypted 10 “junk” DNA strands

The 9D Ancient Elders of the Nibiruans, in fulfillment of a promise to help us recode our disconnected 10 strands of DNA, gave set of principles and techniques that enable us accomplish this task. They are the 7 Keys of Compassion (Keys) and the Accelerated DNA Recoding Process. Together these tools provide the means to realign, reconnect and activate those dormant strands, builds a 2nd neural network (multidimensional) in our brains, enhances psychic ability, and begins the carbon/crystalline conversion of our DNA, all at the same time.

  • Session 10 – The 9 Levels of DNA Recoding: In this session we will go over the 8 levels of the DNA Recoding Process as explained in We are the Nibiruans, Book One. Included will be the new information that has been given since the writing of Book One and DNA Recoding Update Booklet
  • Session 11 – The DNA Recoding Chart: Learn how to work the DNA Recoding Chart. Included will be an explanation of the purpose of the chart, how it can be used for checking DNA status, or to pinpoint the meaning of a current issue in our lives.
  • Session 11 – Using the Keys of Compassion in DNA Recoding: how to accelerate emotional clearing and the transmutation of carbon DNA to crystalline by using the Keys to achieve full energetic emotional clearing.

Session 12 – Putting it all Together

3rd Time around is a charm

Now that we understand how we got here, what we learned along the way, and how we can use DNA Recoding and the Keys of Compassion to accelerate our shift into a new and better world, achieving our divine purpose as Galactic Peacekeepers.


Cost: $575 (includes twelve, hour-long workshop sessions by phone).
Easy Pay Cost: $55 (for those who wish to pay on a session by session basis).

For both types of payment, see Galactic Master Class in Shop for dates and to order.


Participants need to read or review the following material prior to the class.

Session 1 – 3: Galactic History

Session 4 – 8: Keys of Compassion (contained in the DNA Recoding Package at a discount)

  • The Formula of Compassion Booklet
  • Contracts and Promises, the 2nd Key of Compassion
  • The Divine Partnership, the 3rd Key of Compassion
  • Hold on Nothing and You’ll Have Everything, the 4th Key of Compassion
  • Dancing with the Dark, the 5th Key of Compassion
  • Agreements, the 6th Key of Compassion
  • Apologies, the 7th Key of Compassion

Session 9 – 11: DNA Recoding  (contained in the DNA Recoding Package at a discount)

  • We are the Nibiruans, Book One, Part 3
  • The DNA Recoding Update Booklet
  • The DNA Recoding Chart Booklet

Session 12

  • No additional materials needed

Additional Workshop Details

(Please read before your first class.)

  • Sessions are 1 hour in length.
  • Workshop times are given in US Central Standard Time (-06:00 GMT). We go on Daylight Savings Time in the Spring.
  • I leave determining the correct time to you and suggest using a world clock website if needed.
  • Over and above the standard Return & Cancellation Policy, a 72-hour cancellation period required.
  • Any missed sessions can be taken individually at the normal session rate of $125.