Welcome to the Nibiruan Council library. Commissioned by the ancient elders of the 9D Nibiruan Council, this library contains over 20 years of writings given to Jelaila either through channeling or direct experience.

“With knowledge comes understanding, with application comes wisdom. With wisdom we can create a world that befits Humanity’s divine destiny. Remember, you are the hope of the universe.  — The Ancient Elders

What’s in the Library

The writings are accessed via the categories available in the main menu plus those in the sidebar menu. They cover many topics such as ascension, emotional clearing, compassion, manifesting money, health, and of course, Nibiru and the Galactic Federation.

You can choose to search on a yearly basis to see the changes recorded as time moves on, search using a category or even search using your own keyword entered in the Search box. We also include a Reading List of books and some Useful Links for further research that you may like to do on your own.

In addition to the above, there are the Jelaila’s Messages. I began doing  Jelaila’s Messages when the technology improved enough to use video.  They were articles, coupled with a video, that I created to describe my experiences as I moved through the ups and downs of daily life while working through the challenges of ascension and fulfilling a mission.  You’ll find the video portion over at on the “Jelaila Starr” channel.

Today, with the newest improvements in technology, we are able to use conference calls to relay information, so Jelaila’s Messages are now used to provide a quick announcements for upcoming calls.  You’ll find the archive here in the library under Creator Calls.

If you wish to be notified of upcoming calls, you can do this by going to the Subscribe to Jelaila’s Messages page and adding your name to our list.


Much of what is written on this site goes against what we have been taught. As with any channeled material, read with an open mind and use discernment. Research the information; confirmation has been left within the writings of ancient civilizations (see the Reading List).

When you know why you know what you know, you become unshakable.