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One-to-One, Three hour-long sessions

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Please call or email Jelaila to schedule your appointment once you have placed your order.

Note: In the email sent to you will be a link where you are advised to download session instructions to be read before your session takes place. It contains important information such as contact details, preparations for your session and a list of agreements.

In this one-to-one, 3-session workshop you will:

  • Learn how easy it is to communicate and channel by using the ancient esoteric techniques that enable you to easily establish contact with your Guides and Angels.
  • Learn protocols for communicating with Guides and other Beings
  • Discover whether you are clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairkinescent, or clairsentient
  • Know that you can communicate and exactly how you do it.
  • Know how to maintain a working communication link with your Guides.
  • Be able to explore your past lives by pulling information off of the timelines in which they exist. In other words, you’ll now be able to explore and know all of who you are!
  • Be ready to take the next step to becoming a successful channel if that is your desire.

Cost includes three hour-long workshop one-to-one sessions by phone.

Privacy Policy

All information shared within a counseling session remains private and confidential.