Conversations on DNA Recoding

DNA Recoding is the name we have given to the process gifted to us by our parent race, the Nibiruans. With this process we are able to decrypt and recompile (realign, reconnect, and reactivate) our 10 dormant DNA strands (also known as “junk” DNA).

Conversations on DNA Recoding is a compilation of five MP3 albums, that were recorded over a period of several years. Each album provides key information on this higher dimensional process, how it works, why it works and how to track one’s progress.

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The Nine Levels of DNA Recoding

The Nine Levels of DNA RecodingThe Nine Levels of DNA Recoding provides a more complete explanation of each level, along with step-by-step instructions on moving through each Level.

Filled with personal examples that explain the levels of change a person grows through, this album will prepare you to begin this life-changing, multidimensional process.

By Jelaila and Versarai with original channeled information from Joysia, Chief Genetics Engineer, and Devin, head of the 9D Nibiruan Council.

Body Care for DNA Recoding: Part 1

Body Care for DNA Recoding: 1The Body Care for DNA Recoding audios provide important and timely information on how to care for your body before, during, and after DNA Recoding. Includes information on emotional/physical clearing, body work, and nutrition.

The first of two recordings on body care.

Body Care of DNA Recoding: Part 2

Body Care for DNA Recoding: 2Body Care for DNA Recoding provides additional crucial information from Joysia, Head of the DNA Recoding Program for Earth, on recent process changes, plus information on improving your immune system functioning through DNA recoding and more!

The second of two recordings on body care.

Using the Keys of Compassion in DNA Recoding

Using The Keys of Compassion in DNA RecodingJelaila, Jonathan and Nancy Joy explain how to apply the Keys’ concepts, techniques and processes during DNA Recoding. Discover how to find mirror in other’s actions and use this knowledge to activate your thymus and recode your DNA. This is the key to changing DNA from carbon based to crystalline.

Filled with loads of information we could not stuff into the Keys of Compassion Booklets, this audio recording is one you will listen to again and again.

Seven Stages of Emotional Clearing
Seven Keys of Compassion
9 Levels of DNA Recoding
Using the Keys

It All Begins with Emotional Clearing

It All Begins with Emotional ClearingRecorded at the Universal Light Expo, Jelaila gives a refreshingly funny, provocative and straightforward talk on the importance of emotional clearing, the foundation of DNA Recoding and ascension work.

It All Begins with Emotional Clearing includes techniques on how to clear the blocks from our emotional bodies, and lower chakras along with hilarious stories of her own emotional clearing work.

Understanding 3D and Unconditional 9D Compassion
The Value of Cuss Words in Emotional Clearing

The DNA Recoding Chart Instructions

The DNA Recoding Chart InstructionsProviding comprehensive instructions using the DNA Recoding Chart this audio helps you to determine where you are in recoding your DNA, along with how to chart your progress through the recoding process.

The DNA Recoding Chart Instructions also includes loads of higher dimensional information along with Jelaila’s personal tips on getting through the recoding process. A 2-album set recorded live at one of Jelaila’s DNA Recoding workshops.

Using the Chart
The DNA Strand Connections
The Endocrine Gland Connections
Interpreting Your Results

Multidimensional Training 101

Multidimensional Training 101Multidimensional Training 101 provides helpful tips and techniques for remaining multidimensional while still in a 3D body.

Includes information on honoring the body during recoding, boundary issues and resolution, judgment release, letting go, and your genetic coding. The 1st in a series of 2 albums on multidimensional training.

Staying in the Body (for starseeds)
Boundaries and Self-Love

Multidimensional Training 102

Multidimensional Training 102Multidimensional Training 102 provides additional tips and techniques for remaining multidimensional in a 3D body. Includes information on telepathic etiquette, working with encoded messages, using discernment, how to clear lessons before they arrive, how to maintain bodily frequency with crystals and stones, info on oversoul uploads and downloads, plus a whole lot more.

A powerful recording packed full of information for those seeking to ascend and be multidimensional again! The 2nd in a series of 2 albums on multidimensional training. By Jelaila w/Versarai.

Remembering Home
Sharing with Unawakened Family and Friends
Understanding Encoded Messages
Telepathic Protocols and Etiquette

Conversations on DNA Recoding Set

Conversations on DNA Recoding Album SetThere is the option to collect all the above albums in one complete set of Conversation MP3 Audio Albums.