The Royal House of Avyon

The House of Avyon originated on the First Earth. At the time it consisted of people whose physical form was feline. These Felines arrived in the Lyra constellation from another universe that had recently completed itself and its universal game. In that universe the game was the same one chosen for this universe. It is called by the name Polarity Integration.

The Felines were invited here by the Founders of this universe. Since they have successfully completed their game, the Founders felt it best to invite Beings who had a) knowledge of the Polarity Integration game and b) successfully completed it.

The Founders are a council of 12 Beings who have come together to create their own universe and game. They are souls that have completed more than one universal game in other places. When we say game, we mean it in the highest sense of the word.

Universal games are used for soul evolution. As we have learned here on earth, people seem to learn better through games than any other form of learning technique.

There were ninety people in the original group invited here by the Founders. Of the ninety, forty-five were Carian, (bird people).

The forty-five Felines began a dynasty which became known as the Royal House of Avyon. The term royal was used to designate those families who had agreed to maintain a pure DNA strain for genetic upgrades. Not all members did so, but the patriarchs did marry their sisters to comply with this agreement. Royal also means those families who chose to take on the responsibilities of service to the community. Family members are trained almost from birth to uphold the rights of their people and serve the higher good of all. In this role the members of the royal family serve the people instead of the people serving them. The King is the father of the people, bound by blood and oath to care for them.

The Royal House of Avyon included many highly educated people, among them were skilled genetic engineers. It was through these individuals that the first humans were created. Cross breeding with one of the indigenous, bipedal mammals on the planet, they began a program of developing a new species.

The First Earth, like the Second and our present Third Earth, have developed the human species from the DNA from another race. On the First Earth, it was the Felines. On our earth, the Third Earth, it was a combination of Feline, Carian, Reptilian and Human DNA. The Human DNA came from Avyon, in the Pleiades, which was the Second Earth.

Devin is the current patriarch of the 9D House of Avyon. They live on the star ship, Pelegai.