Lyran Federation Flagship, Pelegai

Pelegai is the last of the remaining original flagships of the Galactic Federation Council from Lyra. It was built during the time of the First Grand Experiment on the planet Avyon, the First Earth in the Vega Star system of the Lyra Constellation. Pelegai is the forerunner and higher dimensional version of Nibiru.

Pelegai was one of the few ships that survived the First Great Galactic War which destroyed the planet Avyon as well as the colonies on neighboring planets in the Vega star sytem of Lyra where the humans had migrated. Those who survived the war were taken to Sirius B aboard the remaining ships still operable.

Members of both the House of Aln and the House of Avyon live on Pelegai at this time. This means that Humans, Reptilians, Felines and Carians all live and work on this starship.

As with Nibiru, Pelegai is like a very bright eight pointed star. Its symbol is a winged horse flying through a triangle surrounded by a circle. This symbol represents Pelegai’s level of access to all stargates up through and including the 9th dimension of our universe. Only civilizations that have achieved a great degree of integration are given this level of access to the dimensional stargates by the Founders.

The symbol above is worn on the uniforms of those who live and work aboard this starship.