Group Galactic Peacekeeper 101

The Art of Negotiation, Agreements & Apologies

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As we move through these times fo great chaos and conflict, where the conflict has infiltrated our homes and families, there is a great need and a great opportunity for peacekeeping. But how do we fulfill that role? How do we create peace, especially when it appears there is no way to resolve a conflict? It can be done with the knowledge of how to negotiate win/win agreements, and it can be even more effective when the ability to give effective an apology is applied if needed.

The Galactic Peacekeeper 101 workshop is a series of four (1-hour) sessions provided by phone. Below is a brief description of what will be covered in the 4 sessions.

This workshop will be taught in 4 sessions, with each session being one hour long.

Session 1

  • The art of negotiation and leveraging for win/win.
  • Identifying wants vs needs
  • Honor and Integrity: the glue that holds the deal together
  • The importance giving apologies prior to negotiating an agreement

Session 2

  • Why traditional apologies don’t always work
  • The 3 key components of an effective apology
  • How to give an effective apology that is soul-healing
  • How an effective apology heals the wound, permanently freeing your Inner Child from that pain.

Session 3

  • Practice for negotiating and creating agreements.
  • Participants will be able to apply the agreements they create during the workshop to resolve current conflicts in a win/win manner.

Session 4

  • Practice for giving good apologies.
  • Participants will be able to use the apology to release the pain and anger of current or past grievances so that the pain is completely eradicated. They will know they hit the mark because the other person never brings it up again.

By the time you have completed the four sessions, you will have the necessary knowledge required to begin negotiating strong win/win agreements in every aspect of your life. You will also know how to give soul-healing level apologies.


Cost: $180 (includes four hour-long workshop sessions by phone).
Easy Pay Cost: $45 (for those who wish to pay on a session by session basis).

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Additional Workshop Details

(Please read before your first class.)

  • Sessions are 1 hour in length.
  • Workshop times are given in US Central Standard Time (-06:00 GMT). We go on Daylight Savings Time in the Spring.
  • I leave determining the correct time difference to the client so using a world clock website is advisable.
  • Over and above the standard Return & Cancellation Policy, a 72-hour cancellation period required.
  • Any missed sessions can be taken individually at the normal session rate of $125. You can also do a missed session as an observer in a Galactic Peacekeeper 101 refresher for $45.

Post Workshop Support

Workshop Refresher

If you feel you’d like to retake any of the classes, you can do so by ordering the Galactic Peacekeeper 101 Refresher. You can listen in and use this opportunity to take notes.

Workshop Booster

Once you have learned how to create agreements and apologies, and actually begin doing it, you will discover that there are little details that greatly enhance the process while boosting your skills. Due to time constraints, these are not taught in the workshop but can be learned in a Galactic Peacekeeper 101 Booster class.

In addition to the details, this is a great opportunity ask questions and with connect with others who have taken the class. I feel it is the beginning of the new communities we were told about who would be able to function at a more multidimensional/galactic level.