Group Hold On To Nothing

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As we move through these times fo great chaos and conflict, being able to withstand attempts to manipulate us into giving up our beliefs is more important than ever. Why? Our world is on the brink of either reclaiming freedom or plunging into total enslavement. And where it matters most is in our relationships with those closest to us, yes, that is where the stakes are the highest because our hearts are involved.

How do we protect what we cherish when those we love pummel us with ultimatums? How do we stay true to our ourselves and what we feel is right when we are threatened with abandonment and rejection? It can be done with the multidimensional and god consciousness wisdom available through the 7 Keys of Compassion.

In this workshop we will focus on the 4th & 5th Keys, Hold On to Nothing and You’ll have Everything, and Dancing with the Dark.

The Hold on to Nothing Workshop is a series of four (1-hour) sessions, by phone. Below is a brief description of what will be covered in the 4 sessions.

Session 1

  • Understanding the higher dimensional wisdom behind the concept of hold on to nothing and you’ll have everything.
  • How we can be unconsciously manipulated by fears to the point we give our power away.
  • Using the What’s the Worst Thing that Can Happen? technique.
  • Using the What’s Not Working technique to identify needs so that we can use our masculine/dark power to set boundaries and negotiate agreements.

Session 2

  • Understanding the higher purpose of the masculine/dark polarity and why our lives go out of balance without it.
  • Using the dark/masculine polarity power to set/hold boundaries and negotiate to get your needs met in a win/win manner.
  • Using the dark/masculine polarity to heal or create, build and fund your creations.

Session 3

  • Participants will have the opportunity to apply the wisdom in Hold on to Nothing to current real life situations. The goal is to guide you to the point in the conflict where you experience what actually feels like when you’ve reclaimed the power you previously lost due to fear, and or manipulation. Once you have the feeling of that power (you’ll feel it in your solar plexus), you will be better able to hold your ground when you go back and engage with the other person(s).

Session 4

  • Practice using the concepts in Dancing with the Dark to establish or restore balance in your life. In this class, participants can work on real life issues and find resolution that they can then use later to help resolve a conflict or health issue.

By the time you have completed the four sessions, you will have the necessary knowledge required to identify fears and let go of them so that you can hold your ground when others try to manipulate you. You will also have a greater understanding of how to use your masculine/dark power to restore balance, improve your health and manifest abundance and put your ideas and plans into action.


Cost: $180 (includes four, hour-long workshop sessions by phone).
Easy Pay Cost: $45 (for those who wish to pay on a session by session basis).

For both types of payment, see Hold On To Nothing in Shop for dates and to order.


Additional Workshop Details

(Please read before your first class.)

  • Sessions are 1 hour in length.
  • Workshop times are given in US Central Standard Time (-06:00 GMT). We go on Daylight Savings Time in the Spring.
  • I leave determining the correct time to you and suggest using a world clock website if needed.
  • Over and above the standard Return & Cancellation Policy, a 72-hour cancellation period required.
  • Any missed sessions can be taken individually at the normal session rate of $125. You can also do a missed session as an observer in a Hold On to Nothing Refresher for $45.

Post Workshop Support

Workshop Refresher

If you feel you’d like to retake any of the classes, you can do so by ordering the Hold On to Nothing Refresher. You can listen in and use this opportunity to take notes.

Workshop Booster

Once you have learned how to apply the wisdom in the 4th and 5th Keys of Compassion, and actually begin doing it, you will discover that there are little details that greatly enhance the process while boosting your skills. Due to time constraints, these are not taught in the workshop but can be learned in a Hold onto Nothing Booster session.

In addition to the details, this is a great opportunity ask questions and with connect with others who have taken the class. I feel it is the beginning of the new communities we were told about who would be able to function at a more multidimensional/galactic level.