Compassion Creator Calls

Joining in Compassion Creator Calls

When: Monday Nights
7:30 pm CT (5:30 pm PT, 6:30 pm MT, 8:30 pm ET)
Dial-in Number: (712) 770-5505 (International Dial-in Numbers)
Access code: 850375#
Replay Number: (712) 770-5506

Compassion Creator Calls

These are for the brave and loving souls holding the neutral point while shining the light of compassion in this 3rd Grand Experiment.

The Compassion Creator Calls are a vehicle for the 9D Nibiruans to deliver information regarding their current mission known as Mission Restoration. As with the prior mission, (1996 – 2017) it revolves around creating compassion templates for the mass consciousness grid which allowing for the altering of future events. Each upcoming event is a repeat of an event from one of the previous Earth Grand Experiments of polarity integration.

These templates allow for humanity to make the right choice for an upcoming event. A “right” choice is one based on unconditional compassion which, in essence, neutralizes any negative outcome, while allowing for healing of the past.

As humanity continues moving through this final phase of the Polarity Integration Game, extremes of polarity are manifesting as chaos and conflict. Yet there is a mid point, a neutral zone which once achieved neutralizes the polarity. The Dark learns to dance with the Light in perfect harmony. Having the few who can hold the point of neutrality, the point of compassion, is so critical. We are literally holding space for humanity to find their way to peace.

Creator Calls Archive

The Creator Calls archive contains the recordings of all the Compassion Creator calls that were recorded. You’ll find the archive in the Library,  under Creator Calls.

Once a call replay link has been added to the original Jelaila’s Message, the Creator Calls category is updated. Some Messages may have call notes or research links added that highlight some extra information that came to light during the call that may be of interest.

Privacy Policy

Along with work on the current mission, these calls also provide support for emotional clearing. Please be advised that any person availing him/herself of the free counseling provided will be sharing personal information on a public call that will be recorded.