Starseed, Walk-in & Lightworker Series: Lightworker Challenges

Whether it’s a dream, a crisis of faith, or a book, innocently offered by a friend that creates the awakening, the Lightworker finds him/herself forever changed. It can happen in an instant, as if a door closes in their life, never to be reopened, never allowing them to go back. Deeply ingrained beliefs are shattered one by one as he/she begins his/her search, urged on by some unseen yet intense need for truth. Like Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ, standing in front of the curtain, afraid yet determined to know the truth, the Lightworker pulls back the curtain only to discover the illusion that is our world.

As explained in my first article, Starseeds, Walk-ins and Lightworkers, a lightworker is anyone, including a starseed or walk-in, that begins the Spiritual path. I define the Spiritual path as the part of ascension that includes learning about metaphysical basics. Basics include the exploration of angels, rocks, crystals, tarot, reincarnation, alternative healing and the like. Teachings include, but are not limited to, those by Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Barbara Brennan, Doreen Virtue and Byron Katie. Many lightworkers tell me that they feel they are taking a crash course, learning just enough to understand but not necessarily delving far enough into any one thing to be an expert the Lightworker moves quickly from one subject to another, hungry for knowledge. The Lightworker quickly amasses a small library, much to the gratitude of the local new age bookstore. (smile)

Having counseled with numerous lightworkers over 15+ years, I find that though they have many challenges, there are two that seem universal. Those are the two I’ll explore in this article.

Learning the lessons of integration

Before the Lightworker completes their time on the Spiritual path they will usually be introduced the idea of Light and Dark. Since most have begun their path with a foundation in fundamental religion, they will unconsciously confuse integration with polarization. In other words, instead of interpreting integration as the blending two opposites, i.e. Light and Dark, they will choose one over the other. This choice manifests as loving the Light and eschewing the Dark. In time the consequences of this choice become obvious; money dries up while health and relationship issues increase. In time they will hit the wall, so to speak. It isn’t until that occurs that the Lightworker learns the lessons of integration and straighten out their lives.

Feeling misunderstood by family and friends

Speaking of integration lessons, one of the most challenging is learning how to maintain relationships with family members and friends when one’s beliefs are evolving. Moreover, when one has been trained in the fundamental religious belief that we must convert others to the truth for their own good, we only add fuel to the fire. Acting out of love and concern we have yet to realize that enlightenment is our journey, not theirs. Trying to bring them along with us does not honor their life’s path. We fail to recognize that we have changed the steps of the dance, so to speak, without asking our loved one if they are okay with that change. No wonder they angrily dismiss our views and openly ridicule. We don’t see that we have done the same, though inwardly. Of course, we will usually blame them for not understanding us. Feeling hurt, bewildered, and alienated we become emotionally distant, and in many cases, physically distant, too. Yet, no matter how much we advance, how many relationships we build with those of like mind, these wound remain.

Unfortunately learning to maintain a relationship is one of the lessons that we must experience because only through experience can we truly understand. If the lightworker continues to ask for guidance, he/she will discover the true meaning of integration and heal these relationships. It is then that he/she will really know the meaning of being in the world but not of it, and enjoy the love satisfaction that family and friends provide.

Stay tuned for the next installment in which I’ll explore mission training.

In service,

Jelaila Starr

Written November 10, 2009

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