Starseed, Walk-in & Lightworker Series: Starseed Challenges

Walking this Earth are many souls from the stars. Though we all walk in human form many find it hard to operate … like a piece of technology with no operating manual. Though we find Earth to be a beautiful place, our hearts still harken to the stars … to a home far away. Memories and voices from the past creep into our dreams whispering to us of other times and places, making our hearts ache with an almost unbearable longing. Such is the life of a starseed. Our purpose is sure, but the memory of how to fulfill that purpose, and why, seem just out of reach. So, we struggle, searching for the answers to questions yet unformed. We starseeds face many of the same challenges on our respective journeys. After 15 years of counseling many of my fellow star travelers, I offer answers to some of the most common challenges we face. It is my hope that in doing so the information will provide comfort, and understanding so that you can get on with your mission. Feel free to pass it on.

Difficult childhood

From my experience, most starborn had difficult childhoods replete with neglect, abandonment, and in some cases, extreme abuse. There seemed to be an underlying fear or terror almost from birth—as though we already knew the challenges we would face and feared we would not overcome them. Childhood left us emotionally scarred and served to make us feel more alone, alienated … longing for the stars. As we grew into adulthood we experienced moments in which we felt as though we stood on the sidelines of life, never really fitting in. Many was the time we felt as though we had no right to really jump in and be a part of the fun.

My heart aches each time an exhausted and bewildered starseed calls me and says, “I had no idea it would be like this.” Now, I’m not saying that all starseeds feel this way, but most have had moments when they wondered what in the heck they had signed up for. For those who have had those moments and/or lives, take heart. There is a very good reason, but to understand it, we must embrace a higher perspective, one that enables us to view our lives and our purpose as part of a universal plan.

I have often spoken of a universal plan for soul evolution: the Polarity Integration Game. Since, we as creator gods and goddesses learn best through games, we have chosen to participate in a game that allows us to create all aspects of light and dark with the intent that we eventually integrate them.

The game has continued through many eons and dimensions of time. Now, it is drawing to its conclusion. When know this because we are nearing the end of a grand galactic cycle. At the same time, we have again reached the point with our technology where we can totally annihilate our world and take a good portion of the universe with us. Many of our galactic neighbors are at the same point, too. You could say we and our galactic neighbors have polarized to the extreme of either light or dark and must now find our way back to the mid point, the point of integration and compassion.

Each world faces a number of life threatening challenges. For example some worlds are locked in a near hopeless ancient conflict with another and face extinction through war. There are also those who have gone so far in polarizing to the Light or Dark that they have completely eliminated a polarity. They face extinction as a result of having lost the ability to procreate naturally. Do either of these sound familiar? Others have defective DNA blueprints that have produced a weakened and dying species. Regardless of the nature of their problem these worlds have one thing in common; they cannot solve their problem so they look to Earth for the solution.

Earth, the location of a grand experiment in polarity integration (their problems are recreated as our problems) offers them the chance to go back along the timelines to a point where they can make a change. The reason they can do this is because most of the species are related to us as their DNA in encoded in ours. As I understand it, many species contributed DNA at our creation. This made us the living library of DNA codes for this universe. DNA carries the timelines and history of the souls involved.

Each world will petition for the right to send representatives to Earth. Those representatives will have carefully scripted mission plans. Each plan includes what the representative will offer (knowledge and skills) in exchange for the opportunity to find the solution needed by the folks back home. Now here’s where it gets interesting. In order to find that solution, we must have some way to remember the problem. That’s where the difficult childhood comes in. We create contracts with those who will be our primary caregivers (parents) and our siblings. These souls will sometimes be related to our star family back home. Many times one both of our star parents will contribute DNA for the physical body we will use; hence making us a star seed.

Our Earth family, especially our parents will act out the conflict back home through the pre-scripted family dynamic. The purpose is to provide a perfect mirror for us of what we need to work on. So, it stands to reason that the greater the conflict back home, the greater the pain we will experience in childhood.

Once we understand this, we can let go of feeling that we have been subjected to unwarranted pain. We recognize that we are not victims, abandoned and left to fend for ourselves in a family that doesn’t understand us. To the contrary, we are trained professionals, chosen from among our people for a mission that will save their lives. This is why we are told that we are the hope of the universe.

With the stakes so high, every shocking event, every painful moment was scripted by us to help us in our quest. We left no stone unturned in creating opportunities to be successful.

It is my experience that once a starseed understands the bigger plan, they are able to let go feeling victimized and their mission begins to unfold rather quickly. I hope that those of you reading this will find that to be the case. If so, my goal has been accomplished.

Stay tuned for the next installment in the Starseed, Walk-in and Lightworker series in which I’ll discuss the challenges unique to walk-ins.

in service,

Jelaila Starr

Written October 27, 2009

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