Starseed, Walk-in & Lightworker Series: Walk-in Challenges

A multiracial council convenes and intense discussion ensues. “Our worlds have been at war for so long we can no longer remember the actual event that precipitated it,” states the Pleaidian ambassador. “If we don’t end the fighting soon, our worlds will be destroyed. If only we could to go back in time to a point when there is no memory, a time when our peoples were at peace!” “How can we accomplish that asks one of the members from Sirius?” “Yes, how do we establish peace between our peoples, asks the Orion ambassador. We’ve tried everything we know, but to no avail!”

Clearing his throat, a much respected elder member from Lyra rises, his regal stance belies his age. “There is a way,” he says his deep, melodic voice resonating through the room. “We can petition for entry into the Earth Grand Experiment.” Excitement fills the room as members nod their heads in approval. “We will send five of our best back along the timeline. All five will seed aspects of themselves in the timeline prior to arrival. One will exchange places with his soul aspect while another braids with hers. These two will prepare the way for the remaining three …”

The scene described above is indicative of a meeting that usually occurs before a walk-in comes to Earth. Unlike starseeds who have more time to complete their missions, a walk-in’s mission is urgent. Additionally, their work will most often involve several worlds; not just their own. For this reason a walk-in will usually be involved with a council comprised of people from those worlds. With so much at stake and so little time, the walk-in will need all the help he/she can get. Having been a walk-in myself –I arrived in 1992—I can tell you that the council will be the walk-in’s lifeline. It is a joyous and heartwarming moment when a walk-in finally makes contact with his/her council, and I’m honored when I can be the one to reconnect them.

Here are a few of the challenges I find most common for walk-ins.

Seating into the body

Walk-ins normally arrive at a point long after birth, most often when the original host soul and body have reached adulthood. Adulthood provides the best opportunity since adults have all the legal rights afforded to society and more life experience and maturity than children or teenagers. But, as with most things, there is a down side. Seating into the body during adulthood is more difficult due to the fact that beliefs and behaviors are more ingrained. Additionally, the impact from dissonant frequencies of the walk-in and host soul, create pain in the body. Since the walk-in soul enters through an energetic opening at the back of the neck (mouth of god) that pain is most intense in and around the neck and shoulders. This is why one indicator of a walk-in is the sudden and unexplainable onset of extreme neck and shoulder pain.

Overlaying the tapes

Though neck and shoulder pain is a problem it is surpassed by the difficulties incurred when the walk-in begins the arduous process of overlaying the tapes (beliefs and behaviors) of the host soul. Asserting one’s beliefs and choices leads to moments of total bewilderment. I recall shaking my head in dismay when I’d suddenly make a totally opposite decision on a subject. It was as though I was two people trying to make a decision. I’d first make a decision based on past experience but then almost immediately change it to conform to the new me. Of course, this was done unconsciously in the beginning which led to feeling as though I were losing my mind. Later, when I understood what was going on it was just, well … frustrating. Being totally out of character, and living that way, pretty much sums up the life of a walk-in. They are constantly puzzled by choices that they would have never made before. These choices range from a totally different point of view on a subject to deciding to completely change one’s wardrobe and home décor.

Feeling like an impostor

While starseeds feel out of place in the family to which they were born, walk-ins simply feel like impostors. It’s highly unusual for a walk-in to exchange places with someone who doesn’t have a family. There are reasons for this but that explanation is beyond the scope of this article. Walking into a family requires that walk-in to carry on as the host soul, maintaining family relationships. There will usually be those with whom the walk-in feels a heart connection. In those cases, the relationships are improved. On the other hand, there will be those with whom the walk-in feels no connection. In those cases the relationship either atrophies or ends. Spousal relationships are most commonly affected and usually end within 2 years. Most family members notice a change in personality, some see a change for the better while others –usually the ones with whom a heart connection is lost—see a change for the worse. Regardless, the family is never the same after a walk-in arrives. Things are shaken up. Imbalances are brought to the surface for clearing. All pre-birth soul contracts with family members are honored and carried out . This means that whatever change is needed will be carried out by the walk-in. This leads me to the final point I wish to make.

Healing the past

Before the walk-in can begin his/her mission, he/she must do clean up work on the relationships of the host soul. This can take years to complete and may continue into the mission with the bulk of the work done prior to commencement. Clean up usually involves resolving a long -standing conflict. When a child, bent of self destruction as a result of an emotional wound with the host soul/parent, is involved the healing can radically alter the course of his/her life, actually saving it in some cases. So, though the walk-in will bring change to the family, the benefits will usually outweigh the negatives.

Stay tuned for the next installment in which I’ll cover challenges common to lightworkers.

in service,

Jelaila Starr

Written November 1, 2009

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