Starseed, Walk-in & Lightworker Series: Basic Mission Training

Now that we’ve explored both the characteristics that denote a starseed, walk-in or lightworker, along with their most common challenges, we move on to mission training. Let me preface by saying that my explanation is based on my own experience which, I am told, is fairly routine. So, what I’m about to share will hopefully assist you in understanding where you are in your training.

As I understand it, there are 3 phases of training; basic, intermediate and advanced. This article will cover the characteristics of basic training.

Basic training usually includes but is not limited to:

  • Deep emotional clearing of which the primary issues are brought out through a heartfelt but very challenging relationship.
  • A basic understand of self help including knowledge and purpose of one’s Inner Child
  • An exploration of basic metaphysics including an awareness of angels, the use of rocks/crystals and tarot.

Welcome to Emotional Clearing

Fasten your seat belts, folks! It’s going to be very bumpy ride!

Basic training begins the moment you are awakened. For those of you either currently in, or having completed this phase, I’m sure you can relate to the experience of having your world literally ripped out from under you. For some the ride begins before the actual awakening. I recall being brought to my knees by a series of unexpected and heart -wrenching events that began 9 months prior. Of course the challenges didn’t end once awakening occurred; to the contrary, they continued but were not as severe. Looking back I realize that I would not have been open to listening to my guides had I not been in a position to need to. I was a very 3D businesswoman and single mom whose entire world revolved around my child and my work; nothing else really mattered. So, it took a lot to get me to alter my course. If your life began falling apart just after your awakening, then count yourself fortunate because your guides did not feel you needed “preconditioning” to make you receptive to the “call”. *smile*

In order to ensure that you work on the most important issues; the ones that lay the foundation for the template or blueprint the people back home will need, you will draw to yourself a “training” relationship. In this relationship your partner will perfectly mirror back to you the issues you must work on. Consequently this will be a very challenging relationship. If it is an intimate one, the sex will be very passionate. It’s the glue that holds you both together until the training is over. You will feel at times that your partner has lost his/her mind. It is not uncommon to feel as though you will loose your mind as well. You will not be able to end the relationship until you have completed the lessons sufficiently to enable you to form the foundation of your template. You will know that you are free to move on when you end the relationship with love, appreciation and gratitude rather than anger and blame. This compassion will enable you to recognize the many ways your partnered mirrored your own fears and actions.

My inner what?

Driven by the need to make sense of the chaos and pain in your life, you will seek help. This help will introduce you to your “inner world”, the place within where all your beliefs and thoughts reside. Only by doing so will you begin to understand the source of behaviors that consistently cause you suffering—the same beliefs that brought your home world into a crisis so dire that the only hope was to send you to Earth to find a solution. This portion of your foundation could include books noted therapists such as Dr. Joyce Brothers, Barry K. Weingold, and Barbara DeAngelis, PhD.

Having quickly exhausted the tools provided by traditional therapy, you’ll move on to books by self help gurus and spiritual teachers such as Wayne Dyer, Louise Hays and Deepak Chopra. Through these teachers you will discover your Higher Self/Soul and Inner Child.

I recall spending many hours reading such books with each one providing another piece of the puzzle that makes up my “inner world.” Discovering my Inner Child through the book, Healing the Child Within by Charles L. Whitfield, M.D. was the biggest and most profound step in my healing process and mission training. It was my introduction to my Inner Child. I’ve since gone on to learn the multidimensional perspective on the Inner child but that could not have happened without the introduction provided by that book. I highly recommend it.

A crash course in basic metaphysics

Along with the self help studies, you’ll also begin exploring what I call, basic metaphysics. Each subject is explored just enough to gain a basic understanding and to learn how to use each one to assist you at some point in your mission. Many of my starseed and walk-in clients describe basic training as taking a crash course; they are trying to remember what they had forgotten as fast as they can.

I learned about energetic properties of rocks before I needed them but when I did, I used them to help hold an energetic field during an assignment. I learned about crystals years before using them to build crystal grids for my workshops. I learned of angels as a way to ease myself into the awareness of extra-terrestrial guides; something that would have really frightened me due to my prior programming in fundamental religion. Tarot provided a means to obtain answers and find the next step during the time I didn’t feel competent in going straight to the source.

The pace of basic training is fast and furious and that is okay because expect for the emotional clearing part, the metaphysics part is mostly intellectual.

A word to the wise, you can fly through the intellectual part, but take your time with the emotional clearing … your body can only stand so much emotional upheaval before the stress cause your health beings to suffer. I didn’t listen to my guides when they encourage me to slow down; I wanted to learn everything now! Consequently, I developed Chronic Fatigue and fibromyalgia.

I hope this article helps those of you in basic training and those who have already completed it to know that you have. I’ll discuss intermediate training in the next installment.

In humble service,

Jelaila Starr

Written November 23, 2009

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