Starseed, Walk-in & Lightworker Series: Mission Prelaunch

After many months of fast paced training, the sudden slow down feels somewhat strange. Much time is spent in quiet contemplation while, at the same time, you are busy completing the final details for launch. An underlying sense of excitement permeates every waking moment; you are about to experience the fulfillment of your heart’s greatest desire, your mission. Patience is needed during this phase because your greatest passion is to “get on with it!” Yet your guides urge you to relax. “Enjoy it”, they will say, “because once the mission begins you will long for these days!

Prelaunch includes, but is not limited to:

  • Final stages of DNA Recoding
  • Confirmation of your personal growth and development
  • Final preparation of materials and processes such as a book or healing modality
  • Doors of Opportunity open, your team comes together and funding appears

Final stages of DNA Recoding

As those who embrace the DNA Recoding process, discover, the final two levels are rather easy. These levels involve releasing fear and guilt that has blocked you in the past. This does not mean that you release all of your fears and guilt; just the portion that is required for you to successfully complete the first few assignments of your mission as well as the overall nature of your mission. Believe me, you’ll have a lot more to clear as you go along.

Confirmation of your personal growth and development

DNA Recoding, though mentally, physically and spiritually challenging certainly has its rewards and they are never more apparent than when viewed through the eyes of others.

As August 1996 began, I felt like a new person but I didn’t know just how much I had changed. I had agreed to help my friends promote a charity event at a local restaurant/club. Now, I’m the serious type that usually intimidates men and leaves me watching my friends on the dance floor, but this time it was different; I never lacked for dance partners. I danced until my feet hurt, laughed and smiled like I had not done in years and felt lighter, happier and freer. One of my friends said, “You’re twinkling!” That was proof that I had really “lightened up.”

Such change will make sense in light of all the emotional clearing work you have done. You will feel lighter and freer, laugh more easily and seem to well…twinkle!

You will also notice that you are more patient, loving and more giving. You’ll find yourself more compassionate with those who hurt you in the past because you’ll be able to recognize the fear that prompted their behavior, mirrored in you. The awareness that you are both wounded souls just trying to be loved will bring you to a new level of understanding. This healing will be your work in Level 8 and the release of that pain will be your reward.

Final preparation of materials and processes such as a book or healing modality

Advanced training not only involves personal development; there’s product development, too. If a book is required for your mission, you’ll be guided to write it. If a healing modality is required, you’ll be guided to develop it. Regardless of what materials or products are needed, you’ll have them ready by the time you launch.

Though I would develop many processes and write volumes of material during the course of my mission, the one product necessary for launch was a book entitled, We are the Nibiruans, Return of the 12th Planet. I began work on the book in the early summer of 1996 and finished it in late December. This book was the Nibiruans’ calling card, reintroducing them to humanity and outlining their plans to help with the ascension.

What’s interesting about this is that it won’t matter whether you have the means to create this product because, the means will manifest. When it was time for me to write the book, I didn’t have a computer. I thought this would get me out of having to write the book since I didn’t really enjoy writing. That was not to be the case. Within a week, a computer arrived; a loan from a friend of a friend.

Doors of Opportunity open, team comes together, and funding appears

Prelaunch seems to have two parts. The first part lasts about 90 days. In this part you will complete your personal preparations such as DNA Recoding. The second part lasts about 60 days and is completed by your guides. This part includes the bringing together of people, money and the opportunities necessary for launch.

I completed Level 9 of DNA Recoding in early September, 1996. Less than 2 weeks later, I received an invitation to speak at a conference at the end of October. It took me a few weeks to gather my courage to accept but eventually I did. Early October was more of the same but with my patience growing thinner—I just wanted to get on with the mission!

Little did I see, that the monthly channeling session at a friends house, my only avenue to hone my presentation and channeling skills, was also where I’d meet most of the people who would become my team for the first part of the mission. These individuals would provide the funding. In addition, an editor for the book which was nearing completion came through this group. The point is that even though it appears nothing is happening, there is a lot going on. The Nibiruans were quietly calling forth the people necessary to complete prelaunch activities and launch the mission.

The conference at the end of October marked the beginning of Part 2 of prelaunch. I returned home from the conference at the end of October, just in time for the monthly channeling. Two more of the individuals who would not only help launch the mission, were there. The days of quiet reflection were over. It was as though I had suddenly been caught up in a whirlwind. Another conference opportunity came my way along with a large number of clients, compliments of 2 of my new team members and their 8000+ client list. During the next 45 days, we finished the book, opened a training center and started a newsletter. The book was published at the end of the year and my mission launched a week later. The rest, as they say, is history.

This concludes the Starseed, Walk-in and Lightworker series. I hope you find it helpful in understanding your mission. If so, mission accomplished.

In humble service,

Jelaila Starr

Written December 14, 2009

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