DNA Recoding/Keys of Compassion Workshop: 07 October 2020 @ 12 pm


Group, 5, hour long sessions
60 to 90 minutes per session

If ‘Out of stock’, contact Jelaila for dates.

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Session 1: Wednesday, October 7, 2020
Session 2: Wednesday, October 14, 2020
Session 3: Wednesday, October 21, 2020
Session 4: Wednesday, October 28, 2020
Session 5: Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Time: 12 noon (US Central Daylight Time)

If the status shows ‘Out of stock’, please contact Jelaila for the date of the next group session.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a group setting, with Jelaila Starr creating the energetic space for your best experience.

Note: In the email sent to you will be a link where you are advised to download session instructions to be read before your session takes place. It contains important information such as contact details, and preparations for your workshop sessions.

Normal NC Cancellation Policy applies. Missed sessions can be rescheduled at the normal session rate of $125.

The DNA Recoding/Keys of Compassion workshop is a series of 5 sessions provided by phone. In this series we will cover the following information:

  1. DNA Recoding Process: In this class we will go over the 8 levels of the DNA Recoding Process as explained in We are the Nibiruans, Book One. Included will be the new information that has been given since the writing of both Book One and DNA Recoding Update Booklet.
  2. The Keys of Compassion, Keys 1-3: The Keys of Compassion are the tools that enable you to move through the powerful emotional clearing involved in DNA Recoding. In this session we will focus on understanding the first 3 of the 7 Keys.
  3. The Keys of Compassion, Keys 4-7: In this session we focus on purpose of the final 4 Keys and how each enables us to clear specific issues, as well as, heal from the pain of those issues after the fact.
  4. Using the Keys of Compassion in DNA Recoding: In this session we bring it all together and show how to apply each of the Keys to clear specific issues involved in DNA Recoding.
  5. The DNA Recoding Chart: In this session you learn how to work the DNA Recoding Chart. Included will be an explanation of the purpose of the chart, how it can be used for checking DNA status, along with the 96 strand and endocrine gland connections.


Participants need to read or reviewed the following material prior to the sessions.

Session 1

  • Part 3 of We are the Nibiruans, Book One
  • The DNA Recoding Update Booklet

Session 2

  • The Formula of Compassion Booklet
  • Contracts and Promises, the 2nd Key of Compassion
  • The Divine Partnership, the 3rd Key of Compassion

Session 3

  • Hold on Nothing and You’ll Have Everything, the 4th Key of Compassion
  • Dancing with the Dark, the 5th Key of Compassion
  • Agreements, the 6th Key of Compassion
  • Apologies, the 7th Key of Compassion

Session 4

  • No additional reading required.

Session 5

  • DNA Recoding Chart Booklet

Workshop materials can be purchased at a discount when ordered in the Shop as the DNA Recoding Package.