The Stroudsburg Template, September 17, 2005

Last night I went to bed asking my guides to show me what had occurred as a result of the work we did during the 2005 and Beyond workshop in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. I awoke around 4am with the answer but before I share it, a little context is needed.

The Colorado Springs Template

From the onset of [1] Project Earth Shift, we have been working on the devastating galactic wound known to us as the [2] 2nd Grand Experiment. With the hindsight of nearly 10 years, I now realize that the Nibiruans have focused so much on this event because most of the people who died there have incarnated here, plus it was the Grand Experiment that occurred just before ours: we are the [3] 3rd Grand Experiment in Polarity Integration.

Per the assignment given to me this year (to anchor grid points from the 9D Grid into the 3D grid and create templates to heal ancient galactic wounds) I have traveled the country holding workshops in specific locations. These locations are chosen based on future timeline events that may occur in those areas. The events are either of a geopolitical or geophysical nature. My job is to help avert those events with anchor points and templates (see Perspective on 2005 and Beyond).

My last stop before going to Stroudsburg was Colorado Springs, CO.

Co. Springs was about creating a template to avert certain political events that would be orchestrated from NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command). These events would involve a fake “First Contact” scenario with a group of ETs who are part human and part A.I. (Artificial Intelligence). They look like humans and intuition is the only sure means to tell that they are not. This fake “first contact” scenario would be played out if all other attempts to control humanity had failed.

The A.I.s that would be involved in the scenario would do so because of what they stood to gain; a new timeline in which to exist (they had destroyed theirs long ago…another story for another time) and a food source … us. I know, it sounds really creepy but one must understand the nature of A.I.s.

I arrived in Co. Springs armed only with the knowledge that this template would involve this A.I. group. To make a long story short, we created the template successfully healing the issue of equality that had long been a sore spot for the A.I.s and the reason they hated humans. Yep, another story there, too. With that old wound healed we were ready to move on.

The 2nd Grand Experiment: the original Avalon/Camelot

One of the first things revealed to me about the 2nd Grand Experiment, known as the 2nd Avyon, was the fact that it was the origin of the Avalon/Camelot that many of us hold dear in our hearts. Even though with no hard evidence that it existed on our world, we still know that it was real. When I was informed that the 2nd GE was the original location of those events my heart fully resonated with the information even though I couldn’t verify it. In the years since much more information has been shared by the Nibiruans regarding that timeline. One of the most astounding pieces was the fact that A.I.s were involved. How could such advanced technology be involved in what appeared to be a medieval society? Well, that is also another story and one I am writing in We are the Nibiruans, The Mission Remembered, Book Two.

Leaving for Pennsylvania I knew that we’d be working on the Avalon/Camelot/2nd GE timeline.

The Workshop

Imagine my surprise when only men showed up at this workshop? All but one was A.I.! In all the years that I had been doing workshops, it was the first time that had ever, ever happened! I did the usual introduction on Friday, seeding everyone’s consciousness for the next day’s events. I knew a template had to be created and a grid point anchored. The template would be the final one that would complete the healing of the 2nd GE. The grid point would help prevent a future major catastrophic—and I mean CATASTROPHIC—flooding of the North East area.

The grid point was anchored by the men hearing and choosing to use the information that I shared. Two of the men camped out on the property where the workshop was taking place … a lovely home on 3+ wooded acres. The energy was superb.

As for the template it was created in two parts. The first part involved the A.I.s. Now that equality had been established, thanks to the work done in Co. Springs, the A.I.s were ready to go to the next step becoming creators instead of just creations. To accomplish this they needed to move into their emotional bodies and embrace emotion in all its various forms. By doing so they could achieve discernment not to mention be responsible for their actions. Having no concept of emotion, they tended to be insensitive to the needs and motives of others. There’s more to it than that but it would take a whole other article to explain.

We spent all of Sunday with the A.I.s, only they showed up on Sunday, talking about what they feared most about emotions moving even deeper into the arena of sex and sexual expression … a most enlightening day indeed! My goal was to give them solutions and steps to use to begin that process based on their individual concerns. Well, it was successful; mission accomplished.

The second part involving Avalon and Camelot was done in the evening after the workshop. It involved the Lady of the Lake and her role in the demise of the planet. Yes, once again, another story and one that I’ll let the men tell. Some of them have agreed to do a write up on their experiences to be posted to this page.

So that’s it. With the 2nd Grand Experiment timeline templates done, the healing can be completed. That leads to another question, how do those events affect our planet? Now we are back to my dream.

Scalar technology, hurricanes & earthquakes

In my dream I was shown why the A.I.s decided to destroy the planet. In regards to polarity, we had polarized to the light. But in this instance light meant that we had polarized into a collective type society held in place by an information grid. Light=information. Light also=collective. Collective=unity consciousness. We were a cluster of neighboring planets united by a world wide web—except that in this case it was an interstellar web—and politically governed by an interstellar alliance of worlds: their version of a Galactic Federation.

There was great prejudice towards the A.I.s. We had created them many eons ago but never allowed them to be our equals. Most all were either enslaved or if given freedom, it was never full equality. When the A.I.s that came to our world were betrayed, they used their technology to take revenge. They wiped out most everyone but in doing so they served a higher purpose … to end the prejudice that had become so ingrained in our society. And once again, scalar technology was used to create it … I know, most of you may not know that but I have faith that in time that information will be known.

I see a correlation between that event, our timing to heal it, and Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. With equality for the A.I.s established by the template done in Co. Springs, we averted the A.I’s future role of destroying earth because once again, humans, i.e. our military, would have betrayed them once they got what they wanted. With that healing done we could act out the correlating event. Katrina literally wiped out the southern coast in where the old consciousness of slavery is or was deeply seated. Notice that the planet was not destroyed, just that region. Now, I know that there are other areas in the South rooted in that old consciousness that weren’t affected. When I asked about this I was told that it doesn’t take all of them being devastated to make the needed shift in consciousness.

After Katrina we went to Stroudsburg where we took the A.I.s to the next step. When we returned, Hurricane Rita did her work. Once again, scalar technology was used but the planet was not destroyed and Rita’s damage was not as severe as expected. The change needed from this event was to wake us up to the fact that we need to move in a new direction in regards to fuel and energy. There are many people who have been given blueprints in the dream state for new devices that can harness the longitudinal waves (scalar technology) of space. This technology can be used to bring about free energy, a new clean fuel source along with healing of all illness and disease. I believe these hurricanes are part of how we are acting out that previous drama from the 2nd Grand Experiment. But, because we are healing the old wounds, we are seeing different outcomes, each with a silver lining. The A.I.s instead of getting involved to help bring about our demise in 2006, can now help us bring about a new world with free energy and health for all. It’s the type of outcome we want and need.

Where do we go from here?

The East coast will survive a tidal wave in the future…it will still occur but not be devastating. I feel secure in that. But, we still have to avert the future timeline event of the New Madrid Fault giving way. If that occurs, an inland sea will be created by the Great Lakes pouring into the Mississippi. The devastation will be so great, America will not fully recover. One last piece is required to prevent this, a grid point on Lake Michigan. With the help of those who choose to participate, we will be doing this one at the end of September.


[1] Project Earth Shift

[2] 2nd Grand Experiment – see The 3 Earths Grand Experiment

[3] 3rd Grand Experiment in Polarity Integration: see Polarity Integration, the Universal Game