The Glen Arbor Template, October 1, 2005

With the successful completion of the Avalon/Camelot timeline in Stroudsburg, I was ready to move on to Glen Arbor. I originally thought the work to be done in Glen Arbor would be to complete the healing on the above mentioned timeline but now that had changed; I had no idea what I was to do other than to anchor the grid point from the 9D Compassion Grid into the area. As I sat viewing the gorgeous landscape of northern Michigan from the plane, I realized that if that grid point was the only thing accomplished, it was enough. The area is a paradise and losing it to an inundation of water, due to the New Madrid Fault giving way, was simply unacceptable.

The Friday night introductory talk went well with good participation from the audience. The time sped by with 20+ excited people asking questions. I explained how we can use the same technique used by the Global Elite to change the future timeline. I also shared, thanks to my Friday morning talk with Marilyn and Deborah, what the template would be about … yes, there was definitely a template to be made.

Sirius B Catastrophe

I have talked about this event for several years, each time sharing the new pieces that I had received. The Sirius B Catastrophe involved the total destruction of 2 planets and the near destruction of 3 more in the Sirius B star system. The destruction was a result of tampering with their sun using scalar technology. I won’t get into it all here because, luckily, I got it all on tape. I’ll make it available soon.

From what we learned in the Friday morning talk (also recorded) and then the Saturday workshop, the seed that started the whole event was a lack of clarity among those involved as to expectations for services rendered. There was already a big problem with prejudice and slavery consciousness in the societies of Sirius B, the root of which stemmed from the destruction of the first Human homeworld in the Lyra constellation by the Orion Reptilians. Wow … it’s already getting complex and I just started.

The miscommunication led eventually to retaliation and then escalated into war. One side got a hold of scalar technology and used it with the intent to annihilate those who persecuted them. Inexperienced with this most powerful form of technology they destroyed not only their own planet and the neighboring planet of their enemies but also severely damaged the Sirius B sun. In so doing they wiped out their timeline and DNA blueprint and could no longer incarnate. They remained in hyperspace for a long time. The rest of the story is on the workshop recording.

The Glen Arbor Conflict

As I mentioned above, the conflict was between three groups. Sitting at Marilyn’s kitchen table (Marilyn was my hostess for the weekend), she, Deborah (the lady who helped set up the whole weekend) and I discovered a little about their identities. Two groups were connected to the Melchizedek Orders (I explain more about who the Melchizedeks are in the workshop). Marilyn was a priestess and Melchizedek from the Elfin kingdom and Deborah was a Melchizedek from the Carians. My identity was Feline/Human. So this conflict was between Melchizedeks and the Feline/Humans. This made sense because the initial info on the Sirius B Catastrophe was that it was caused by extreme persecution of the Human/Reptilian hybrids by the pure Human/Felines. At the end of our morning talk we hadn’t gotten much more but we were certain that the Carians, Reptilians and Human/Felines races were involved.

The next morning, after a long and near sleepless night, the understanding of one of the issues in the conflict became apparent, as well as the knowing that I needed to deal with it fast.

I had accepted Marilyn’s invitation to stay in the cottage on her property. I was told that it was a gift from her to Cheri and John, the owners of Evolve Bookstore who where hosting the workshop. She had offered the cottage to help them out with the workshop. Long story short, this changed during the discussion on Friday and now I was being asked to do a trade for the workshop fee. I was surprised since I felt I had been very clear with Cheri regarding accommodations. Then learning there had not been any real clear communication between Cheri and Marilyn on this, I reluctantly agreed. That night I felt I needed to address this change. The next morning on the way to the workshop, I brought up the subject with Marilyn. We quickly worked through it. What a relief to work with someone who can move through a conflict that quickly! Part one of the template was complete.

The other issue was with Deborah. Once again the agreement between us for compensation for her time and effort was changed. She had asked for a signed book and dinner with me on Saturday night. On Thursday night we went to dinner after she picked me up from the airport. Much to my surprise she insisted on paying. Later, on the way to Marilyn’s I brought up the subject of sessions. I had only one appointment time left and remembering that she had said something about getting a session, asked her if she wanted it. I surely didn’t want her not to be able to get one if she really wanted it. When the subject came up about paying for it, I was informed that a trade was expected … in exchange for dinner that night and the work she was doing regarding the workshop. Once again I was surprised as I thought we already had a firm agreement and she had asked to pay for dinner. We agreed not to use Sunday’s last appointment time as I would be spending a lot of time with her and would probably be doing session work with her during that time. Still, this left me a little uncomfortable but, needing time to think about it, I let it rest.

Friday night as I tossed and turned thinking about the issue with Marilyn, I also realized what needed to be addressed with Deb. Saturday, I asked Deb to step out into the bookstore parking lot with me so that we could talk. Once again, a sharp lady, she got what had happened and apologized. We didn’t totally clear that time and later worked on it again. I feel we got most of the pain cleared … enough to make the template.

The Template is completed

The third and final part of the template was disseminating the information about Sirius B, compassion, DNA Recoding and emotional clearing. This was accomplished on Saturday. Approximately 20 people agreed to be living anchors for the area to help sustain and protect it through the coming earth changes. Rosalind, Marilyn and Deborah agreed to take stones to put in the water in specific places. Rosalind took a rose quartz, Marilyn a quartz crystal and Deborah took an amethyst. I am not sure why, but these specific stones are required for the healing.

I left Michigan on Monday feeling satisfied that the Sirius B timeline was healed. Now it was on to the next place, Phoenix,AZ, and the next template. My final session on Sunday gave me a clue to what it was … the Ashtar/Maldek disaster. And if I had any doubt as to this being accurate, my right knee was swollen and tender … exactly what had occurred when we originally opened that timeline to work on it back in 2003.

My heartfelt thanks to Deborah for representing the Carian Melchizedeks so beautifully and working through the conflict that helped create the healing. My thanks to Marilyn for her kindness and sharing with me the beauty of her home and land. I know you will do a marvelous job of anchoring the grid, my Elfin priestess.

My thanks to John and Cheri for their support and for providing such a wonderful place for the workshop. Cheri, my special thanks for the info that you shared which helped me see what the next step will be. It is all real.

My thanks to George B. for providing a sign of what was to come. He sent me an email before the workshop letting me know that Sirius B may be the subject of the template. George, never doubt your wisdom and guidance.