The Phoenix Template – October 16, 2005

I already knew, before I left for Phoenix, what the template would be about due to the sign that was even now making itself uncomfortably apparent. Just as it had when I first began work on this ancient galactic wound, my right knee had once again become swollen making it painful to bend or walk.

Friday Night Intro

As is customary, I took the participants through the explanation of why we were gathered together in Phoenix (actually Cave Creek) for this workshop. I explained the need to anchor a grid point for the 9D Grid. At the time, though, I did not know whether we were anchoring for a highly probable earth change or a political event whose outcome we needed to change. All I knew was that when the 9D Nibiruans projected out along Earth’s current timeline, they saw that there was a 90% chance or greater of some event occurring that could negatively impact Earth’s stability and ascension. As they had explained to me long ago, we all can time travel and change those potential events. All we have to do is go to the geographical area, reenact its emotional content, but make a different choice—one based in compassion instead of fear. As they explained, the Global Elite use this same technique to seed future events. We are just reseeding to change those events.

About half way through the talk we were interrupted by a knock on the door. Patty, our hostess opened the door. In walked a slightly disheveled slender woman with short dark brown hair, about 5’ tall carrying a back pack and a drink can. Spotting the one remaining empty chair she made straight for it and sat down … just like any late participant would. When asked her name she said, “Nora.” Because her words were a bit slurred, (I thought that she slurred her words because she didn’t have any teeth) we thought she might have said, Dora. We were waiting for a Dora who had not yet arrived.

I sat there for a minute staring at her without saying a word while she settled herself, all the while wondering if this was actually the Dora we were waiting for because she sure didn’t sound like the Dora I had spoken to on the phone. Remembering my place, I continued from where I had left off. I hadn’t gotten two sentences out of my mouth when she pulled out a cigarette and lighter. Stopping in mid sentence I said, “Are you sure you are supposed to be here?” “Oh yes,” she replied pulling the cigarette from her mouth. I continued to question her. “Who told you how to get here?” I asked. “The two girls next door,” she answered. Now, the two girls next door knew about the workshop so she passed that query. I decided to let her stay, provided she didn’t light that cigarette, until I was sure she was not Dora. That took about 30 seconds more because Patty, finally realizing that this was a vagrant who had crashed the workshop, took matters into hand and proceeded to get the woman out the door.

After she was gone, we all sat there in stunned silence. We could not believe what had transpired. Once we had sufficiently recovered, we discussed what had happened, looking for the meaning. Patty felt it was significant for her in that the totally inebriated woman was an obvious reminder of the person she had once been. She felt that she had drawn this woman in as a reminder to herself of what she never wanted to be again … a drunk medicating her pain through booze and cigarettes.

Once we felt we had found the purpose, I continued the introductory talk. Over the next hour the shock began to wear off. We concluded on time and everyone left.


Saturday was spent on galactic history. I explained the 4 major galactic wounds, major events involving one or more races and the destruction of one or more planets. I’ll give them again as some of you reading this may not know what they are.

The first major galactic wound was the total destruction of Avyon, the first human home world that was located in the Vega system of the Lyra constellation. It was also known as the 1st Grand Experiment in Polarity Integration. The second major wound was the Sirius B catastrophe. It involved the destruction of 2 planets and the near destruction of a 3rd.

The third major wound was the destruction of the 2nd Avyon, the second human home world that was located here in the Pleiades. It was also known as the 2nd Grand Experiment in Polarity Integration. The fourth major wound was the destruction of Maldek, the planet that makes up the majority of the asteroid belt. Involved in this destruction was the demise of a fleet of Galactic Federation ships known to most as the Ashtar command. Their name during that time was the Sananda Fleet. After the destruction, they became known as the Ashtar command.

I focused the majority of the time on the fourth galactic wound, the demise of Maldek. During the retelling I discovered more pieces of the puzzle, the most startling being that the Sananda fleet had left the space port of Nibiru on the way to Maldek. Nibiru was their home port as it was for many Galactic Federation (GF) fleets. Those of you with Ashtar connections can check that out.

I had to take a break after getting that piece because it hit me like a ton of bricks. I had a flash back of standing in that port with heavy heart watching the fleet move out knowing that they would never return.


Sunday was supposed to be the day that I explain how DNA Recoding, emotional clearing and ascension tie into our galactic past and future but that was not how the day began. Instead we began working on the template thanks to what would later turn out to be a wonderfully perfect trigger giving us even more clues as to the reason for Maldek’s destruction.

We began the day going around the room introducing ourselves again as new people were present. Patty was the last one to speak. Instead of just introducing herself, she launched into a 5 minute or so lecture. At first I was stunned but then realized that this was a setup. Why? The words coming from her mouth didn’t sound like Patty. It was as though someone—it felt and sounded like a male energy that she was channeling—had taken over and was spouting forth this love and light dogma, some of which made no sense. I sat there flabbergasted especially in light of the fact that we were just talking before the group arrived about how a participant at the Stroudsburg workshop triggered the entire group by deciding that he needed to be my co teacher. Just about every time I paused, he would step in and add to what I was saying. And he did that all evening and all through the Saturday portion of the workshop. Now here Patty was doing the same thing. I had simply asked the group to take turns introducing themselves. I never asked them to give a lecture.

Just as in Stroudsburg, I chose not to interrupt or stop her. I knew that if I did I would take away the groups’ opportunity to address the violation and reclaim their power which had been taken by this violation of their rights regarding participation. Once she was done, I sat there … fully aware of what had occurred … but totally conflicted about what to do next. The violation of the group, and me, was very clear to me but I was not sure that it was to the group. And, as much as I am used to working through templates, the initial trigger is still one that I find myself reluctant to acknowledge and engage, especially when it means hurting the feelings of someone I care about as in this case.

Finally clear enough with my feelings to begin I posed a question to the group. “Did anyone see what just happened?” I wanted to know if they had picked up on the violation. The replies totally threw me for a loop. “That was beautiful,” one lady said. “I felt that we were all totally connected in love,” said another. Only a few out of the group of 11 felt the violation. Those few got that Patty had just lectured them without their permission and they were upset that she would take up their time to do so. But the remainder of the group were oblivious to this, most having been caught to varying degrees in the content of Patty’s lecture.

The remainder of the morning session was spent with me and those aware of the violation trying to help the remainder of the group see what had occurred. By lunch time we were still at different levels with some being totally in denial, some partially aware and others very aware. And the tension … man, you could have cut it with a knife it was so thick!

We had made an agreement that morning that no matter what happened or how painful it got we would not run; we’d stay and work it through. Just before we broke for lunch I released the group from that agreement with the understanding that if they did return it was to work through the template. Much to my surprise everyone returned. So we began … again.

The Entity & the Turning Point

At the first afternoon break, one of the ladies in the group came to me and said, “Do you know that there was an entity in the house?” “Yes,” I replied, “I know it is here.” Continuing she said, “I and two of the other ladies would like your permission to remove it.” “No,” I replied. “Let’s let it stay. We can use it as part of the clearing work. But thanks for asking first.”

We continued trying to get everyone on the same page, as this is what is required to complete a template. Everyone must become aware of the violation, express their feelings around it, have those feelings validated and finally, receive the appropriate apologies in order to clear it out and heal. The entity flitted around the room doing its part to bring about this template. In some there was anger … escalating anger. Others became more resistant, digging in their heels, unwilling to even work on the template. They seemed to be totally oblivious to the agreement to work on it if they chose to return to the workshop. It was total chaos.

Around 3:30 after numerous attempts I was really struggling to remain unattached to the outcome and failing miserably. I could not understand how such an obvious violation (it was clearly obvious to the participants in the Stroudsburg workshop) could go unnoticed by the majority of this group … or be so subtle that they let it go under their radar. What was I to do? No matter what I tried, I could not get them to see what had occurred. The tension in the room was now unbearable, we either had to get it or fail. I tried once more but only met with resistance. At that moment one of the ladies made a comment that was the final straw for me. Finally, fed up, I decided that the only way to be successful was to remove the three women who were creating the majority of the resistance. But just as I was ready to get up, walk into the bedroom and get some money from my purse to refund them, I received a clear telepathic message from the Council. “Drop it and let go,” they said. “Nothing more can be accomplished today.”

Still sitting in my chair I thought about the message, trying to decide what to do. I was so angry. I just wanted these three women out of the room. I was not willing to allow them to stop a template from being made. Now, I get this message to drop it. I thought about going ahead with my plan … but then changed my mind. I got up from the chair and began talking about the 4 grids around the planet. I would follow the request of the Council even though I felt it meant that we had failed. Ten minutes later I called for a break and quickly left the house. I needed to go for a walk to get clear with my feelings. I knew we had failed. I returned and continued with the material.

Ashtar/Maldek: Making a different choice

We finished the workshop right on time with all the information having been disseminated. After the workshop I spoke with one of the participants who did understand what was going on. During our conversation I discovered that there were two parts of the template, one that had needed to be completed and one that didn’t. Thanks to the entity doing its part to trigger us in the ways we needed, we had completed the critical one.

The conflict and chaos we had experienced was a repeat, albeit on a much smaller scale, of that which had ensued in the GF’s council meetings over the decision to accept surrender terms from the Orion Draconians. I believe that everyone of us represented some group involved: GF members, Orion Dracs, Maldekians and those of the Sananda Fleet, we were all there acting out our parts, feeling the same feelings all over again.

Having taken the Maldek base from the GF the Orion Dracs were now in control of our solar system. The Great Galactic War had raged for many years and the new GF was becoming depleted of resources. It was only a matter of time now before we would be totally defeated. At that point all GF members and their worlds would come under the rulership of the Orion Dracs. We would in essence be slaves and all that that entailed.

I and others who had been to the remains of the home worlds of those less discerning, who had accepted surrender in the past, knew that there would be no freedom for us. But, that was not what the members of the Orion High Council were telling us that day. The Orion High Council was telling us that we would not be treated as slaves and our individual rights would be respected. Some believed them or rather needed to believe them. Those of the Orion Dracs who would want to continue to honor these rights would be undermined by those within their ranks who wanted to see all humans removed from the galaxy.

Realizing that surrender would be forced upon us I (actually some aspect of me) took matters into my own hands. With the help of a close few, we formulated a plan to destroy Maldek. We knew that even though many of us would die, the chance of ending this ages long war was worth the sacrifice. We were banking on the fact that destroying the planet would throw the Dracs into such major chaos (the demise of a planet is worse than sacrilegious to the reptilians) that we could reclaim the upper hand in this war and eventually drive them out of the solar system, ending the war. The plan worked … but at great cost to all of us.

As the Sananda Fleet left Nibiru on its way to Maldek, I stood watching, knowing that most would not return. Those who had conspired with me were on those ships, some as commanders, others as crew and high ranking officers and medical personnel. We would rather die than be enslaved. So, you could say this was a suicide mission.

Out of a fleet of 86 ships, 46 were destroyed. When the scalar devise was detonated, the planet was destroyed along with Maldek’s timeline. At that point all that were not killed were lost in hyperspace unable to return. Some made their way into the neighboring planet’s (Earth’s) current timeline where they seek to be reunited with fellow crewman. The ships’ artificial intelligences (their A.I.s) continue to call through time and space for the commanders and crew they lost. The A.I.s continue to follow their last orders: patrol and protect the inner sector of our solar system.

When I was given the message to stop trying to make the template, that was the repeat of the moment when after learning that the GF had accepted the Orion Dracs’ terms for surrender, I took matters into my own hands. But instead of taking matters into my own hands again, I agreed to heed their request. That was the turning point. That was when the new timeline began, taking up where the original Maldek timeline had ended.

As this new choice ripples back through the newly restored timeline, Maldek will have not been destroyed. Everyone will have been able to follow their own soul path. That new part is now to be lived out … here on Earth. The goal is to integrate the Light and Dark and in this case that means having some discernment so that we are aware of all that is going on. I am sure I will meet more of the Ashtar/Maldek people in Escondido for the final 2005 and Beyond workshop. They will be the future selves of those who were killed and/or those who survived. They will be from the time after the GF accepted surrender terms. We are pretty much in the same spot here on Earth as the GF was at the time of surrender—a life and death struggle to prevent total enslavement. Back then, just as now, there are those who believe this is not happening. They see and believe the propaganda put forth by those they believe are good, but whose intentions have been proven to be otherwise. Will we wake up in time to prevent this?

The final piece of the template will most likely be about creating a scenario based on compassion that will be a blueprint for prevention—one that will once again change the future timeline of Earth.


The first half of the template was successfully completed. The grid point was anchored, but for what, we still are not sure. Some of us thought it might be to prevent a nuclear attack on the Phoenix area by China in 2009. I hope that it becomes clear before then. Now we move on to Escondido and the final workshop for this 2005 assignment.

My heart felt thanks to everyone who participated in making this template, and a special thanks to Patty Luna who showed great courage in being the unwitting catalyst for the healing to begin.

Jelaila Starr