The Escondido Template, November 11, 2005

On my way to California, I sat thinking about the upcoming workshop and wondering if the template left incomplete in Phoenix would be completed there. If successful, we would have a template in place to help prevent an Armageddon type scenario that would culminate in humanity being enslaved. But why it was to be done in Southern California, I still didn’t know.

When I first entered Coral’s house, (my hostess for the workshop) I was charmed by its regal beauty. Though modern, the foyer and formal living room, located to the right of it, reminded me of something I’d see in a medieval castle. In front of me was an elegant winding staircase leading up to the second floor. A lovely old grand piano stood at the foot it. The formal living area where the workshop would be held was just as impressive with 24’ ceilings and two story windows dressed in rich fabrics. To add to the grandeur was a massive ornate mirror hanging above the fireplace. I felt that this room was special in some way, but how would not be apparent until after the template began.

Gathered together for the workshop was a lively group of 9 people, some of whom had overcome great obstacles to be there. I was relieved to discover that they were well read and had been on the path for quite some time. This was a good thing because we had a lot of material to cover and work to do and I needed highly competent peers to get through it all.

I began with an overview of the material to be covered, then made my way to the topic of why we were there. As I explained, we were together for two purposes. 1) to anchor a grid point to avert a tsunami in 2009 and, 2) to create a template to heal an ancient galactic wound that was somehow tied to it and other tragic events that we don’t want to see happen. I explained the work already done around the country this year to prevent or change other future events and how this was the last template needed to write a future that we want instead of the one we would have if templates for healing the ancient galactic wounds were not created. From there I explained how grid points are anchored and how templates are created, along with what to expect when in the midst of creating them. Everyone left excited but at the same time a little anxious.


I began the day focusing on Galactic history and the 4 catastrophic events that had created major wounds. I explained how each of those events was now tied to Earth through the incarnation of those souls on this planet. Having made my way through the first three, I then focused on the fourth and final event which happened to be the one we were together to heal.

The Ancient Event

Maldek was the planet that once orbited between Mars and Jupiter. It was destroyed through a covert plan orchestrated by members of the Galactic Federation (GF) in an effort to end the Great Galactic War. Well—it did end the war but at a very high price. I’ll explain.

The GF had been involved in an intergalactic war with a faction of the Orion Draconians (Dracs) over colonization rights to this solar system. This faction of Dracs, embittered by past destruction of human colonized planets, had decided that the only way to maintain peace and cosmic balance was to eliminate all humans. To this end they started the war. They had just captured the strategic military base located on Maldek from the GF, and in so doing, swung the balance of power in their favor. Maldek was important because traffic coming into our solar system through the stargate located in the sun and also from the outer solar system could be monitored. Shortly after capturing Maldek, the Dracs captured the other strategic base located on Pluto. With both bases now in the hands of the Dracs, defeat was near at hand and the GF knew it.

After capturing Pluto, the Orion High Council (OHC) got involved. Though split into various factions, when it came to the overall good of the Draconian species, all factions united and their highest and most powerful council was and still is the Orion High Council. The OHC, which also has members on the GF High Council called a meeting with the GF High Council to discuss surrender and offer terms. The location was the OHC’s private meeting room located at GF Headquarters. Terms were offered but nothing was decided. The GFHC would take them to the Grand Assembly and offer them for discussion after which a decision would be made. The Grand Assembly met in the Great Hall.

In return for a peaceful and immediate surrender the OHC offered to allow the GF to continue and for the most part manage itself with only minimal control from them. They would also allow all GF members to govern their respective worlds. The terms seemed very generous but honestly, too good to be true. Why would an immediate and peaceful surrender be enough for the Dracs to allow the GF and its member worlds to remain free? This didn’t make sense because the Dracs usually put all their conquests under the yoke of bondage. The great hall erupted into chaos as member fought member. Long story short, surrender never occurred because through a covert plan, Maldek was destroyed.

Though its destruction helped end the war for the GF, it nonetheless created a huge wound, scarring the souls of all involved. And with its destruction, Maldek’s timeline ended; the future it would have had, was never written. The wound was carried to Earth when some of the souls involved incarnated on Earth. The rest still remain in hyperspace. As I explained to the group, in order to heal the wound, we must open up the memories, recreate the emotional aspects of the event, and play them out again. And hopefully, at the critical point, make a different choice that will allow for healing. As I mentioned, I had begun work on this event in Phoenix. Together with the group there, we created a new timeline for Maldek by recreating the events that led to the covert plan and then choosing at the critical moment not to act on that plan. Now we just had to begin writing that future picking up at the point where the GF had to decide how to deal with the Drac’s surrender terms. The choices made would determine whether the new future held freedom for GF members or enslavement at the hands of the Orion Dracs.

The Set Up

It normally takes me all day to get this through material but today it took much less time. Now this wouldn’t have been a big deal under normal circumstances because I could fill in with supplemental material—I have 13 years of material—and my transition into that material would have been smooth and unnoticed. Not only did I not transition, I announced the workshop was over for the day and 2 ½ hours early! The workshop was scheduled to end at 5:00 pm. Now, I have ended a workshop 30 minutes early, but I don’t know of a single facilitator who could get away with ending a workshop 2 ½ hours early! Not only was it was cheating them out of time, I had through my actions sent the message that I was not interested in spending time and energy with them beyond the material to be covered in the workshop. If I were them I’d be pissed off. But only two people said anything. Melissa then asked a question about material she thought we were going to cover and to which I responded, “It would be covered the next day.”

In the middle of answering Melissa, Laurie spoke up saying, “At 2:30? Her question took me by surprise. Turning my attention to her, I responded, “What do you mean, 2:30?” I was not aware of the time because I was sitting in front of the fireplace and the only clock in the room was on the mantle above and behind me. I turned around and lo and behold she was right; it was only 2:30. Still not really willing to accept ending this early Melissa spoke up again and said something that I don’t remember right now, but I do remember my response. I said rather condescendingly, “It will give you more time to play.” After that I suggested that we begin Q/A, but the damage was already done, and had opened the door for the template work we were all there to do.

Ten or so minutes went by as I answered questions from two of the participants; everyone else was silent. I began to think that Q/A would be confined to just these two people, but I was soon proven wrong. Melissa raised her hand but not to ask a question. Struggling to compose herself, she began to pour out her feelings about what had just happened . She said she felt cheated that I had wanted to end the workshop that early and was really hurt over my comment about playing. Then her mom , Coral (our hostess) spoke up echoing her daughter’s feelings, but unlike her daughter, she said she was afraid to say anything. I asked the rest of the group if they felt the same. Actually, no, they indicated that they didn’t, at least not in the same way. Though everyone was aware of the violation, they had each either stuffed it or rationalized it away.

Listening to their responses, I suddenly realized that this was the set up for the template because it mimicked what happened in Phoenix. When the violation occurred instead of only a few being aware of it, this time the whole group was aware. “Whew!” I thought to myself, “At least this time we are all on the same page as to there actually being a trigger.”

Once we realized that we were actually into the template, more of the memories from that timeline flooded into my consciousness…and took me by surprise. First the room began to make sense because it looked and felt much like the private council chambers of the Orion High Council. In it there was a fireplace in front of which was a long table and row of chairs. Facing it in a semicircle was another group of chairs for visitors. In the workshop I sat in front of the fireplace and the group sat facing me in a semi circle of couches and chairs. But even more surprising, instead of being a human and on the side of the GF as I was in the Phoenix template, I was now a Draconian sitting on the Orion High Council. What a switch! Guess I needed the opportunity to see both sides.

Closing my eyes for just a moment, I viewed the scene being played out on my inner screen. The Grand Assembly was in session in the Great Hall and it was total chaos. Tempers flared as angry delegates fought over whether to accept the terms being offered. As I mentioned before, some thought the terms were generous while others, untrusting of the OHC, saw only betrayal and deceit. Soon the fighting turned to personal issues with individuals using the issue at hand to vent their frustration over other still unresolved matters.

I saw myself viewing the scene in the Great Hall from some distant place. It was clear to me that the GF had no idea how to resolve their differences much less come to some agreement in regards to the surrender terms. Watching them bury themselves deeper in unresolved past conflicts, I was glad that I didn’t have an emotional body (Dracs have no emotional body). I, along with a few of my peers, did not wish to enslave these people, especially the humans. We understood that they as a species were part of the cosmic ecosphere and as such were needed to maintain balance. To destroy them would upset that balance. Moreover, they were a relatively young species and we believed that if given enough time and guidance they would learn to honor and protect the planets on which they lived. But it was, and had always been, our duty as Draconians to ensure cosmic order. This meant that if a species proved to be a threat and could not be convinced to change, we were to eliminate them. To not do so would be a violation of our sacred duty as cosmic guardians. With this in mind, we encouraged those on our council who did not share our view to allow the GF members to govern themselves…at least until they proved they could not. And if that time came, and we hoped it wouldn’t, we would agree to allow the GF non -human member worlds and their peoples to be enslaved and the human contingent to be eliminated.

Back in the workshop I was asking the group, acting the role of the GF, to come up with a set of agreements to offer to the Orion High Council. I explained that they needed to include the things the Dracs wanted to see so that they would not have to enslave or eliminate anyone. I explained that what the Dracs wanted was a clear set of agreements that included, a) acknowledgment that they, as they now were, posed a threat to the cosmic balance because of their inability to process their emotions, b) a plan for processing emotions, c) an agreement to do so, d) an agreement to take responsibility for any damages done when conflicts arise, and e) an agreement that they would be eliminated if it was proven that they could and would not resolve their differences without going to war. Once I made the request and the group agreed, I left the room so that they could work in private.

It was now 5:00 pm. I returned to the group to hear the agreements they had written. Melissa, acting as spokesperson read the out loud. Basically they had written that they agreed to process their emotions and in return demanded to be respected and to govern themselves without the threat of future enslavement. It all sounded very good but there were problems; they didn’t acknowledge (a), and didn’t provide (b), (d), or (e). No self-respecting Drac would ever trust that they would keep that set of agreements because, for one thing, they hadn’t offered a plan for processing their emotions…so how could they keep their agreements?

Once again I left the room…and returned. It was now nearly 6:00. After more discussion it became evident that what was missing was the understanding that one must take certain triggers personally in order to process them. This had become a source of contention because one member, also a teacher, had expressed her perspective that triggers shouldn’t be taken personally, so thus the hang up. The group realized that a set of agreements could not be created until they learned how to process all emotions.


We began the day picking up where we left off with the need for a plan to process emotions. No set of agreements would be worth the paper they were written on if those making them didn’t understand how to process through their emotions. So, I began with an explanation of the 7 Stages of Emotional Clearing. With the steps in front of them, the group could see how they had gotten stuck on the issue of not taking triggers personally. Not taking triggers personally is what is taught when there is no understanding of how to process the lower emotions of anger, shame, resentment, bitterness, etc. And it is not to say that all triggers should be taken personally, but when it is appropriate to, we must process them all the way through to completion.

Once this was understood, the group took turns exploring how they had each dealt with the initial reaction to the violation and where they had gotten stuck. Each had gotten stuck somewhere between Stage 2 (recognizing the trigger) and Stage 3 (expressing the trigger through projection, anger and blame). Furthermore, they all realized that at that point they had felt victimized but instead of expressing their anger around it, they had each stuffed it in their own way. This, they learned, would eventually lead to passive/aggressive behavior.

On a galactic level, repressing anger would lead to war as it had so often with us humans. And our anger would find its outlet through war as we sought justice for past wrongs, all the while excusing our actions. Now the group understood why the Dracs would want to eliminate the humans. Our inability to process and clear our emotions created a real problem, especially for the cosmic guardians, because we continued to upset the cosmic balance. We had gotten stuck in hating the Dracs and thinking they were the bad guys and a threat to our survival. We never were able to look in the mirror and see ourselves as a threat, not only to them, but to the universe as a whole.

Now able to see the other side of the issue, we proceeded to the next step: apologies. Apologies are the 7th stage of emotional clearing. I went first and apologized to each person for trying to end the workshop early. Then it was their turn. Each person apologized to me for not speaking up and saying something. After a few attempts, most everyone felt validated and we healed the wound between us. By all of us completing this step, we created the part of the template that would allow all of the souls involved to complete the final stages of healing and clearing. This would ensure that when conflicts arise, the emotions could be processed and released so that that no passive/aggressive actions would be taken later on.

With that complete, I continued with the remainder of the material and we ended the day on a high note. I told the group that as for the template agreements they did not need to be done that day. Instead, if everyone agreed, they could write them individually and email them. We set a time limit of two weeks.

That two week time limit ended last night, Sunday, November 27th. All but one person kept their agreement and sent in their agreements. But even this was okay because that one person will give the rest of the group a reason to stay on their toes and keep their agreements. As long as the rest of the group continues to process through their emotions when conflicts arise, war will not ensue. As for the template this meant that the Orion High Council will not enslave the GF members as long as they continue to prove that they can resolve their differences without going to war. The Dracs don’t expect perfection, they only ask for universal balance.

So the new future for Maldek has begun and with a higher consciousness of responsibility along with a template for resolving conflict by processing through emotions. As I said earlier, Earth is replaying this timeline event now in 2005 and as I wrote in Perspective on 2005, we are creating Earth’s future and in particular the future we will see in 2012. This brings me back to what is happening today on our world. There are those behind the scenes who wish to enslave us. They are in the process of doing so now but they can only succeed if we allow them to. Our way out is to learn to process our emotions. If we can learn to process our emotions now, we will not allow others to push our buttons and thus control us or cause us to go to war. Only then will we truly be free.

Now, as for the grid point for the earth changes event, we discovered that the tsunami would hit Huntington Beach and would be triggered by an underwater earthquake. This earth quake would occur as part of the ongoing weather wars and would be caused by China using scalar wave technology. This event, along with the nuclear attack on Phoenix that would occur in 2009, would be intended to bring the US to its knees. But the outcome would be more severe, it would turn the western half of the country into an inland lake, thus severing the US in two. These actions by China are tied into the Maldek timeline. They are events that would have occurred in its future. China’s symbol is the red dragon and so represents the Draconians. They would launch an attack against Maldek in an effort to bring the GF and their human contingent under the yoke of bondage. The attacks would occur because the humans, with no template for peacefully resolving their conflicts, would have allowed their emotions to escalate to the point of starting another interstellar war. Now with the templates from Phoenix and Escondido in place, that probability has been almost eliminated.

Just to clarify, Maldek’s future is tied into our future because its new timeline was created here on Earth by souls who were once part of that ancient event. Until the timelines shift enough and Maldek reappears, it’s future will be played out here. Hence the need for us to create the template and anchor the grid point.

The final template to change future geophysical and/or geopolitical events is in place. As I explained in Perspective on 2005, this is the year that we begin writing the script for a new future; one that we desire. The templates and grids created this year, all based on integration and compassion, will act as a compass, helping to show us the way. I thank all those who have participated in making this happen.

This concludes my assignment for 2005. I am not sure what 2006 will bring, but I feel confident that the path will be a little easier now. And if I move back to Southern California, I can do so knowing that I will be safe.

In Service,

Jelaila Starr