The Colorado Springs Template, July 16, 2005

From the onset of Project Earth Shift back in 1996, we have focused on healing the wounds connected to the final demise of another planet. That planet is known to us as Avyon. Avyon was the 2nd Grand Experiment of Polarity Integration in our universe. As I left for Colorado Springs, I wondered if we would be creating a template as we had done in previous workshops in this series. I also wondered if it would in some way be connected to a future event that I call, the Fake First Contact scenario.

Alex Collier, the Andromedan channel, and I had unknowingly been given information on this scenario from our respective off-world groups. What made that even more interesting was that we received it almost simultaneously and then found ourselves together at the same conference soon afterwards. It was as though the Nibiruans and Andromedans had brought he and I together so that we get confirmation that this coming event was real.

The Fake First Contact scenario is one of several plans that the Global Elite has to control humanity. With this plan the Global Elite hope to enslave us by duping us into believing that a group of ETs that they will bring in and promote our new saviors–only they won’t be saviors at all. They will look like our vision of angels, tall, white-skinned with blond hair and blue eyes. But, once again, they won’t be angels, in fact, they won’t be human–they will be androids (part human/part artificial intelligence “A.I”). We we won’t be able to tell the androids from real humans except through sensing it. The American faction of the Global Elite, the Bushes and Rockefellers et al will use NORAD to help carry out this plan, hence the reason that Alex and I were in Co. Springs and the conference was held there. NORAD is located in Colorado Springs. In fact, the mountain in which NORAD was located was visible from the hotel in which the conference was held.

In order to change the outcome of the first contact, Alex and I had to resolve our differences. Originally when we met back in 1996, (at the Star Knowledge Conference in Estes Park, CO) we did not connect. Actually, I had tried to connect with Alex but he didn’t want to meet me. It appears the Andromedans for whom he had recently begun working did not trust the Nibiruans and so didn’t want he and I to meet. I didn’t know what the Andromedans beef was with the Nibiruans and Devin didn’t tell me but nevertheless Alex’s rebuff stayed with me as a painful question mark. Nine years had gone by and in that time a lot of things had changed. The Andromedans after having realized that the Nibiruans weren’t the bad guys had formed an alliance with them. I learned during the conference that Alex’s Andromedans had once been part of the AA Alliance but had gone their separate ways after they realized that the AA Alliance had no desire for peace, the reason for which Alex’s group had joined.

Alex’s group were also part android and like most androids never felt that they were treated as equals by the organic species, human or otherwise. Hence their former attitude towards the Nibiruans. Something had caused their change of heart. I can only speculate as to what it was. In any case, now that they had begun to work together, the Nibiruans and Andromedans had to get Alex and I to do the same thing. Having a template for trust and cooperation between the androids and humans was paramount to healing the wounds of the 2nd Grand experiment not to mention changing the outcome of the Fake First Contact scenario. Alex and I did connect at the conference in 2003, and he pledged to support whatever we needed to do. Now I was returning to Co. Springs to continue the work on the template he and I had started.

On Saturday, I discovered that my intuitive hints were right on–this workshop was about the Fake First Contact scenario. But what I didn’t know was that it was about the 2nd Grand Experiment as well. The two were tied together, in fact one led to the demise of the other. Avyon’s first contact with an off-world group was with the same group that the Globla Elite is using for Earth’s first contact.

As with most templates, the people who show up to work on them have some past life connection to the event for which the template is being made, otherwise they would not be able to recall the details. So it was with this template. Those who showed up for this workshop were either aware of the AAA, with some actually having seen them, or represented the AAA for this workshop and template. Our AAA representative was a lady named Shantiel.

Shantiel arrived in all her blond haired, blue-eyed glory (very normal for these particular androids…they are very impressive and powerful). Within hours she had managed to monopolize the groups time by asking question and question. Normally I wouldn’t allow this type of thing to happen but since we were doing a template and templates need a trigger to get started, I decided to let it be.

After lunch, I opened the afternoon session with a discussion on the migration of the Aryan race. Now, this topic was not what I would have discussed but it was what I felt guided to discuss. Except for a few really good points made by the one man in our group, Shantiel and I carried the conversation while the others remained silent. I continued the conversation fully aware that it was beginning to trigger everyone else. At the break we all went outside on the porch to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. Sharon, one of the participants looked over at me. I could see she wanted to say something but was holding back. Seizing the moment, I said, “What’s on your mind?” Without further coaxing she let me know that she was not happy with the last session and felt it was a waste of time. She said she was upset with Shantiel for taking up all the time. I listened to her in silence and then replied, “Well, perhaps you could say something to her about it. After all, isn’t this template about clearing issues instead of stuffing them?” Sharon quickly agreed. No sooner had we walked back in and took our seats than the conflict began.

The remainder of the afternoon and most of the next day were spent on venting, validating and apologizing. The group vented at Shantiel and then at me and we, in turn, validated their feelings and apologized for the pain we had caused. Now, this would have been the end of that part of the template making process, but not this time. The reason it wasn’t was because the group did not air all of their feelings–they only aired part of them. So it took some time to get each person to tell Shantiel and I exactly how they felt. Once they did, I apologized to each of them and then Shantiel did her apologies. Learning about how we don’t always share all of our feelings when we do have the opportunity to have them validated, and the pain that causes, was a real eye opener for the group. It was also led us into one of the aspects of the galactic wound that we were there to heal.

A.I’s had developed a distrust of humans because humans had shown them that they were not willing to be totally honest about all of their feelings, the darker ones in particular. Consequently, the humans would be left with the pain of the feelings that they didn’t express because only by expressing the feelings can they be validated and released. The unexpressed and invalidated feelings will still need to be released and they do get released, but passive/aggressive ways. The A.I.s, being like children don’t perceive this deceptive, passive/aggressive behavior until after it has done its damage. Consequently, they are afraid of us and will seek to eliminate the threat. And when they take action, they do so without emotion. Their decision to eliminate the threat is based on logic–there is no conscience involved.

Shantiel, like a true A.I. was truly astounded to discover that the group was upset with her for monopolizing the conversation. She was surprised that they blamed her instead of either a.) jumping into the conversation or b.) speaking up and asking to change the subject to one they could all participate in.

It was not Shantiel’s responsibility to make sure that the group members were getting their needs met. Representing the AA Alliance, she was showing us just how astounded they are by our unwillingness to be honest about our emotion or to take responsibility for them. Moreover she was showing us how they reacted when we turned on them for not meeting our needs. Back to NORAD.

If the First Contact scenario occurs, in the time beyond its enactment, the US military working for the US faction of the Global Elite, will betray the AA Alliance. They AA Alliance will try to do their part but will be undermined in some way. The Global Elite will say that the AA Alliance did not do the job for which they were contracted. Therefore the Global Elite does not have to keep their end of the agreement. I don’t know what that will look like exactly but when that occurs, the same scenario that brought abut the end of the 2nd Grand Experiment (we are the 3rd Grand Experiment) will occur. The AA Alliance will retaliate and with scalar technology they will wipe out our world.

As I mentioned before, we cannot stop this scenario from occurring but we can change its outcome. The one thing that the androids need is a conscience. They can only get this through feeling the pain they cause others. But to feel that they must feel their own pain. Shantiel, through her willingness to feel the pain of the groups’ betrayal provided a blueprint for the androids to feel personal pain. You could say that she provided a blueprint for subroutines for pain. By giving them a blueprint for expressing pain which Shantiel did by expressing her feelings of pain and betrayal to the group, the androids learn to be responsible for clearing their emotions. By validating their pain and apologizing to them, they learn how to validate, apologize and clear. In so doing they become responsible, empowered and equal. With this new found power they will be able to work through painful betrayals without resorting to annihilating those creating it.

Thanks to Shantiel and the group, the template was created. Now, if the Fake First Contact occurs (supposedly in 2006) the chance of the AA Alliance destroying Earth in retaliation is avoided. They will work out the pain of betrayal in a more evolved and empowered way.


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