The Kansas City Template, April 2005

Unlike the workshop and template in Miami, the Kansas City template was rather easy. The participants represented the various races involved in the 4 major galactic events that I’d be working on during the year. Each major galactic event is being replayed on Earth at present, creating the various major problems that humanity faces.

I believe that the participants’ contribution was creating a template for harmony in a group of diverse cultures and races. As the second day drew to a close, it had become apparent that each of us was doing something that irritated the rest of the group. On the final day, the irritation had escalated to the point where we could go no further until the sources were addressed. With the support of the group, we took a look at those behaviors and came up with ways to modify them and then make agreements around how to handle future conflicts as we worked to change. It was all done without major conflict. Each person was proactive in his/her desire to make a change.

What I wouldn’t know until the end of the year was that this template helped in creating the others. Without it I don’t think that we could have forged the more difficult ones because the willingness to see the personal issues would have stood in the way.

This workshop also played one other important role in the mission of 2005. It provided an anchor for the other templates, allowing the energies from each to be woven and anchored into the High Heart of the Dove, the high heart chakra of the Earth. This chakra is synonymous with the thymus and if you have followed the Nibiruans’ work, you know that the thymus is where compassion is created. Compassion transmutes DNA to crystalline from and also enables us to change the future.

The anchoring process was accomplished through grid work. Each time I left and returned to my home in Kansas City, Missouri after a workshop, the energetic line that was created, anchored to freshly made template into the surrounding area.

I thank all those who participated in this workshop. Your contribution allowed for the success of the others.