The Miami Template, March 26, 2005

The Miami template like most templates started out with us having no real awareness of what it would be about. We knew we needed to anchor a grid point to stabilize the Florida coast through the coming intense 3 1/2 years of earth changes, but we had no idea what template was needed for it.

As with all templates we had to look for the signs and they were there. The first was obvious by the genetics of the participants. We had 3 Felines in our group along with a couple of Reptilians and an Orb. You can read about these races on our website in the Galactic Federation area.

The second clue was also obvious but I hesitated to acknowledge because it involved the Jewish people and I didn’t want the Anti-Semitic League coming after me. This clue was apparent because we were doing the workshop right in the heart of an affluent Hasidic Jewish community. But how these two clues would create a template was still not known. That all changed on Saturday.

We had an agreement about being on time in the morning and from breaks and lunch. That agreement was broken by two of the participants, a Feline and the Orb. When asked why they were late, the Feline didn’t take long in seeing her part and apologizing. The Orb on the other hand took until the next day! And to make matters worse, the Feline involved kept caretaking her and coming to her rescue because she felt that a), it was not that big of a deal and b), we were being to hard on this little Orb person. It was easy to see that the Feline’s original apology wasn’t as sincere as we thought from the way she defended the Orb. I guess you could say it took the Orb being resistant to show us what the Feline really felt, what she really believed. Both felt they were being victimized.

It took us some time to get the Feline to see that breaking one’s word no matter what the reason destroys trust. Moreover it undermines the safety of the relationship, in fact, the safety disappears once trust is broken. So how did we get that the template was between the Jews and the Felines from this interaction, especially in light of the fact that the greatest conflict involved an Orb? Good question.

First, the real issue was about taking responsibility and owning when you have broken your word. Both the Feline and the Orb had broken their word to be back on time. Though the Feline initially owned up to her part, the Orb resisted and was supported in doing so by the Feline. In comes the galactic perspective … this is where you really find out what is going on.

Felines and Orbs have been working together for many eons of time. The Orbs are in service to the Felines and act as crystal balls that allow the Felines to see into other dimensions and timelines. Consequently, Felines feel a special need to care for the Orbs. When out of balance this can lead to caretaking on the part of the Felines. When they do this they are enabling the Orbs and not allowing them to evolve by taking responsibility for their actions. In a way it is keeping the Orbs disempowered.

The Jewish culture is the last remnant of the Feline consciousness on Earth. The Felines are an amazing species but like all species, they have their weaknesses. The most challenging weakness is their unwillingness to see how they seek to control others. With a tendency towards unity consciousness they prefer to remain keep to their own kind and don’t encourage unions outside. If they do choose to bring an outsider in, the outsider is strongly encouraged to convert to the Feline ways.

Another challenge is that they tend to infiltrate a society and take it over. They can do this because they are extremely intelligent, very family oriented and believe in educating their children in commerce, banking, politics, industry, etc. In that way their children can move into key positions in a society. Within a few generations, they can be in control of these keys areas. If one takes an honest look at the history of the Jewish people, one will see this pattern. Going further, with such a pattern, abuse of power and learning how to own it and apologize are lessons that must be learned. This template was about taking responsibility for abusing power, owning up to it and sincerely apologizing. Both the Feline and the Orb had to do this.

If we are to reclaim our power we must first take responsibility for when we abuse it. As such we cannot be victims. The Jews or tribe of Judah are the “big brothers” to the other 11 tribes. As such they are the ones to show the way and provide a role model for how to do things in a more balanced and compassionate manner. This template provided a way for them to do that … to step out of victimhood and own when they have abused their power both individually and collectively.

I thank all those who participated in this template. I thank the Lori, the Feline, and Roxanne, our resident Orb for taking on the roles to show us the way.