The Seattle Template, June 11, 2005

To anchor the Pacific Northwest through the coming changes, a new healing template was created in Seattle, WA on June 11th The template with created through the work of 13 individuals who journeyed from Canada, Washington, Oregon, No. California to attend the 2000 and Beyond workshop.

The process began on Thursday afternoon when I laid down for a nap. During that time, I received a download of information that contained a picture of the tectonic plate in that area fragmenting and moving apart. Seattle and the surrounding area was literally floating out to sea in pieces. I was shown that a blue liquid was needed to hold it together. Now, I had seen this liquid for the first time a few months ago during a shamanic journey I took with a group of people during a monthly gathering at my friend and fellow teacher, Joana Morris’s house. We all agreed to journey to the areas of the world where the earth was most in need of support. One the places we went to was the New Madrid fault near Cape Girardeau, Missouri. This is the largest fault in the US and if it gives, it could split the US in two with the Midwest becoming and inland sea. When I journeyed there I was guided to visualize blue liquid that with a near gel like consistency being poured into the cracks.

When we all returned from the journey and shared our experiences, I found that Joana had been guided to use the same liquid. There was something about this liquid that is very special but none of us knew what it was.

Sitting with Kriss Shellman, my hostess for the workshop, in her sun room on Friday morning, we discussed starseed genetics and how they shaped our lives. During the conversation I mentioned that I felt she was Liquidian and Carian. This led to a lively discussion about the characteristics of these two races and my work with them. During our conversation, I realized that not only had I not found any Liquidians anywhere else but Florida and the Northwest, a piece from the download kicked in and I knew that there was a large contingent of Liquidians living in the Pacific Northwest. This made sense because the Pacific Northwest area most closely mimics their home worlds being that it is Lemurian and has a lot of water.

As we talked, I noticed crows sitting on the power lines in front of the house. There was one in particular that I had noticed the previous morning and that seemed to call to me. This morning, as we talked, the crows began chasing an eagle from the reservoir across the road. They were protecting their turf and didn’t want the eagle around. At the time I thought nothing of it.

Carian & Liquidian Conflict

With each new template, there is a setup. A setup is a series of actions on the part of one or more people (13 in our case) that lead to a conflict . By working through the ensuing conflict we create the template.

As with every workshop, we began with agreements. As part of our agreements we all agreed to be on time for the workshop, and to be back from lunch on time. On Saturday all but two of our group, Cheryl and Jeanne (they are sisters) decided to go to a particular restaurant for lunch. We had agreed that we would only take 1 hour and 15 minutes for lunch. I usually request that we take at least 1 hour and 30 minutes for lunch as this gives everyone time to eat and process the information from the morning session. We piled in the cars and off we went. About a third of the way through lunch I realized that we would not make it back on time. I sat there chuckling to myself. Having been through many template building sessions, I knew it had been a set up. Well, we got back 10 minutes late and the two who didn’t go with us, Cheryl and Jeanne, were waiting for us on the front porch.

After everyone was seated, I addressed the issue of our lateness and subsequent broken agreement. I first asked Cheryl and Jeanne how they felt about it. Both had rationalized away their feelings. It’s hard to apologize and validate the pain of another if they don’t feel it. I knew that for the group to really understand the importance of keeping their word and validating the pain caused by breaking it, Cheryl and Jeanne had to describe their pain. This led to an afternoon of exploring that issue because neither one was connected to their deeper feelings, having long ago given up that connection in order to make their lives work. Oh how many of us can relate to that.

At one point, while working with Cheryl to help her release her impatience at my insistence that she look within and find those feelings, I immediately recalled the crows and the eagle. I suppose Cheryl’s impatience with the whole feelings thing triggered my memory. Looking back I realize that the crows’ behavior of trying to protect their water (Liquidian) was very similar to what I felt Cheryl (Carian/crow) was doing by wanting us to not waste any more time on feelings and apologies. I feel that deep down, she was unconsciously trying to protect her sister, and probably herself, from having to go into the dark waters of their painful feelings.

But, after all was said and done both sisters were open to reconnecting to those feelings and their Inner Child who would be the one to tell them what those feelings were. In the process, Jeanne, the youngest of the two told us of her childhood and show she learned not to feel. Cheryl, the oldest shared a bit about her life and how she felt responsible for her younger sister and so devoted herself to protecting her sister from pain. This was a real eye opener for Jeanne as she had not ever realized that her sister was doing so. Consequently, when she said this to Cheryl, it really hurt. Cheryl told the group that it made her feel like a failure.

Through delving into the sisters’ relationship, the group learned about one of the most prevalent dysfunctional behavior patterns in the human race; caretaking. Consequently, as the caretaker, Cheryl had denied her own needs in order to be for her little sister.

After asking Jeanne to tell us about her childhood, she began remembering how abandoned and alone she felt as a child. Having remembered that feeling she was able to connect it to how she felt when we drove up 10 minutes late. Though she didn’t feel abandoned, she did feel that somehow she was not important enough for us to keep our agreement with her. Once she allowed those feelings to resurface after previously stuffing them, (a true Liquidian and Carian trait) she was able to express her anger and disappointment.

I asked Cheryl to do the same and go back into her childhood. She discovered that she had unconsciously felt she was responsible for Jeanne’s emotional well being. Consequently, she put her own feelings aside to focus on her sister. Cheryl had a more difficult time and could not really get into her feelings about our broken agreement but she was willing to so I asked her to talk to her Inner Child as I knew from past experience that it was a good way to access repressed feelings. But all Cheryl got from her was “I am the commander of armies.” Now, I had already picked up that Cheryl was Carian and Jeanne was Liquidian/Carian. This statement from Cheryl was very indicative of a Carian starseed and the Carians in general because they are very much militaristic and highly intelligent and intellectual, all of which could easily be attributed to Cheryl.

Jeanne being Liquidian, had true to Liquidian nature, given up her power to protect herself and speak her truth to Cheryl. From and early age she had abdicated that power to her sister in order to be loved and accepted. And Cheryl being the strong Carian took it on believing that if she did her duty to Jeanne well enough, she would be loved and accepted. So to find out that Jeanne never noticed her efforts was a real blow.

As I sat observing the two sisters, more of the download kicked in and I began to see what the template was about. The Liquidians, a collective, had polarized to the Light and thus given up their power to protect themselves (multidimensionally speaking, the power to protect comes from the Dark polarity or, masculine, i.e. lower chakras). They had come to Earth to learn how to reclaim that power. The Carians had somehow taken on the role of protectors for them but at a price. Now the Cairans were at war with each other, as signified by the crows fighting with the eagle, fighting over rights to the water, signified by the reseviour of water. In order to stop the wars, the Liquidians needed to take back their power from the Carians and learn to protect themselves. The Cairians needed to give themselves permission to be for themselves which includes feeling their feelings and finding the balance between self and duty. Jeanne began the process for the Liquidians by speaking up and expressing the truth of her feelings about us breaking our agreement with her. Cheryl began the process for the Carians by being willing to begin the journey back to her Inner Child along with giving up the job of caretaking her sister’s feelings.

Now aware of the pain we had caused Jeanne, we each began apologizing to her. This part took a while because we learned that most of us didn’t know how to phrase an effective apology that would enable Jeanne to heal. We wanted to do the same for Cheryl but all agreed that her healing would occur once she could access and express her feelings. For the next hour we worked through the steps of an apology with Jeanne letting us know if our individual attempts hit the mark. It was an eye-opening experience for everyone because no one knew how to do an apology so that it fully released the pain in the one offended. At the end of the day we all agreed that we were very glad the apology part was on tape.

Through the conflict and subsequent emotional clearing, the template was created. The Carians and Liquidians had a blueprint for how to end their conflict.

The blue liquid that I saw in my Thursday afternoon download is Liquidian energy. It is the Liquidians, in keeping with their agreement to help Earth , in exchange for a way to end their conflict and avoid extinction, who will hold the area together. The download I received on Thursday (?), finally made sense.

Those at the workshop, having been a part of the template making process, will hold the energy of the template in place. And as they journey to other places, they will seed that energy. Moreover, those that come in contact with these individuals will be affected by this energy. In this case it will create opportunities for emotional clearing since the energy is of the compassion frequency and being such a high frequency it will bring up anything those people have stuffed.

I thank all of those who participated in making the template and especially Cheryl and Jeanne for being the ones who played the primary roles. I also thank Kriss Shellman for providing the space along with her tireless dedication to helping Earth by being willing to anchor the new grid point in her home. And I thank John, Kriss’s husband for giving up his privacy for 6 days along with all his efforts to make us comfortable.

On Tuesday morning I boarded a big bird and flew away from Seattle. Drinking in its beauty from high above, I felt satisfied with the work that was done and assured that Seattle and her surrounding area would remain relatively safe through the changes ahead.


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