9D Nibiruan Council Perspective on 2011

The holidays are over and now we move forward into a new year. Unlike previous years, the escalation in the number not to mention severity of earth changes leave many greeting 2011 with a mixture of hope and trepidation. An outbreak of winter tornadoes tore through Arkansas, Missouri and Illinois leaving a path of destruction. People in the western portion of the US are still shoveling mud out of their homes while they brace for yet more heavy rainfall. Can you feel the anxiety?

The 9D Nibiruans’ perspective on 2011 is both uplifting and sobering. But, as they explain, it is up to us individually to draw to ourselves the more positive aspects that this year can bring.

Manifesting through virtual reality, a technique based on quantum physics that I spoke about a few weeks ago, (see Manifesting thru Virtual Reality) is a tool we will find ourselves using more and more.

At the same time, we will be called to see all that occurs are part of our creation that began in our collective Inner World (Mass Consciousness). We are being called to finally acknowledge that we we experience in our world both individually and collectively is ours; not something that someone else created and we are now the victims of. In other words, this is the year to step out of victimhood and back to creator godhood, our natural divine state. Only by taking responsibility can we take back the power we gave away, the reason we co-created these events in the first place.

Finally, finding the value in the “darker” aspects of coming events will enable us to shift our consciousness and achieve compassion, the frequency that enables us to alter reality and thus, our future. And that’s not all, as the 9D Nibiruans explain, when enough of us achieve compassion at the same time, in regards to Nibiru, its another step towards moving our planet out of her path thus preventing a pole shift. You’ll find more on this in the article.

On that note, the Nibiruans spoke of Nibiru’s return, something I was hoping they would do. Once again, their answer explains why there are so many dates and why no one can truly predict exactly when it will arrive. What I can tell you is that it is very close and many of the earth changes are due to hits or glancing blows from one of Nibiru’s ring nodes. For those not familiar with the subject of ring nodes, please review the Nibiru series of articles and videos.
Nibiru Series

One last note, I’ll be giving interviews on 3 radio shows this month. The first will be JourneyswithRebecca.com. The second will be ProjectCamelot.org and the third will be RumorMillNews.com. I plan to go further into the subject of Nibiru and the Nibiruan’s agenda. Hopefully it will dispel much of the fear and confusion. i hope you’ll tune in. You’ll find the info on the website.

2011 Perspective

It is that time when I tune in and speak with the 9D Nibiruans through Devin, their spokesperson, to get their perspective on the year ahead. Normally this conversation is written as a channeled message from Devin, but this time Devin has requested that we change to a Q/A format. Why, I’m not sure, but as I have learned over the 15+ years of working with him, there is a reason. The Q/A began with a general question about the year and then moved into specific areas.

Jelaila: Greetings, Devin. I am ready. What would you like to say about the coming year, Devin?

Devin: Thank you, my dear.

First, we wish to discuss the physical changes taking place on your world. Let us say that though they appear to be extraordinary in some cases, in light of where Earth is in its processional journey they are normal. In fact, when compared to some of the more difficult past cycles, they are mild. By this time, Earth would have already experienced a poleshift.

In regards to a pole shift, projecting out along the timelines, we do not see a one occurring. In fact, we haven’t for some time. The reason is that humankind successfully altered their timeline (after 9/11), in essence, creating a new one. The new timeline does include planetary shifts but not a pole shift. No passing of Nibiru occurs without at least minor earth changes. The changes we see in your future will cleanse and recalibrate the more toxic areas. These are mainly coastlines and areas where tectonic plates connect, but not all.

Jelaila: So, no pole shift. That’s good news!

Devin: Yes, we agree, and just so those who read this will know, though we and other off-world groups provided education, we cannot claim credit; humankind created this change on their own. This means that you can continue to alter the future by continuing to shift your consciousness from that of disempowered victim to empowered creator god/goddess.

Jelaila: The bottom line then is more of the same in regards to earth changes but not as intense as predicted. Additionally, we can further minimize the changes by shifting our consciousness. In other words, take responsibility for all in our reality knowing that we are not victims but creators of it all. We just have to figure out why we created it. Is that correct?

Devin: Yes. The more fear you clear the safer you and your future will be. You see, safety is not something created outside of you, but inside. As you have learned through quantum science, your thoughts and feelings are what create your reality. If you are projecting fear, you will draw more reasons to feel fear. If, on the other hand, you are projecting calm, relaxed energy, you will draw more reasons to feel calm and relaxed. It is completely up to you. That is why we and many others encourage you to look at your “inner worlds” and “clean house” as you say. We encourage you to take responsibility for all that is in your reality regardless of whether you understand how you created it. Taking responsibility means taking back and owning the power that was used to create the event.

Jelaila: Is there anything you’d like to say about the governmental systems? I’m sure that is a question many would like answered.

Devin: As you know we don’t involve ourselves in the more mundane affairs since we know they are the product of humankind’s consciousness and thus cannot be altered by anyone but humankind. That is why our focus has been to help change your consciousness by providing higher dimensional education. With that said, the systems will radically change in months ahead.

I cannot tell you much but something very massive is about to occur, something that we see will radically impact every man, woman and child. It will not be one huge event but a series of interconnected events. An analogy would be the way one domino causes a chain reaction causing all the other dominoes to fall. Look to China to be at the forefront.

Whether the impact of these events is positive or negative will once again depend on the individual’s level of consciousness. Furthermore, this is why you, Jelaila, are still in a holding pattern. The pieces are still coming together. Take this opportunity to focus inward, doing any clearing necessary to be in alignment the highest aspect of these coming events. If you do so it will be as though you catapulted your consciousness and that will create additional levels of safety for you.

Jelaila: Okay, Devin. I have to say it’s a relief to know that this extended holding pattern has a purpose. Thanks. I get too antsy sometimes and I find myself struggling with bouts of fear, depression and despair; guess that’s the inner work you are talking about.

Speaking of Nibiru, what do you have to say about its return? I get asked that question just about every day now. In fact, it appears that various well-known channels are now jumping on the Nibiru bandwagon.

Devin: Jelaila, you know that we don’t feel when the planet will return should be the focus. Instead it should be altering consciousness since doing so can influence the impact of Nibiru’s effects on your world. Still, we are aware that many want an answer.

As we have stated, Nibiru and its entourage of moons and asteroids (it is a mini solar system) is approaching your planet and will eventually be visible to the naked eye. Those in the southern hemisphere will see Nibiru first followed by those in the northern hemisphere. When this will occur remains questionable because it is determined by two factors; the consciousness of both humankind and the Nibiruans and dimensional location. Allow us to explain.

The law of attraction is universal and therefore applies to all species on all planets. If you continue to alter your timeline, you will experience the best case scenario. This means you may not see Nibiru or if you do, you may only see her from a distance because your planet will be on the opposite side of the sun. The reason you will be on the opposite side of the sun is because you didn’t need the cataclysmic experience. If, on the other hand, humankind should choose not to continue shifting their consciousness upward, and remain in a fearful disempowered state, they will draw reasons to feel more fear.

In regards to Nibiru, she will be on the same side of the sun as Earth. Being so close and having such a strong magnetic pull, her passing will be well — cataclysmic. But, as we stated previously, the timeline has altered so that it appears at this moment that your planet will be further away but not the furthest you could be. It is our great hope that you will step up your emotional clearing so that you end up the furthest away from Nibiru as she passes.

Regarding location, Nibiru is a 3rd dimensional world and like you, the Nibiruans are evolving. Should they continue making their consciousness jumps they will dimensionally move up and so be the furthest away from Earth as they make their way up through the asteroid belt, arching over the sun and coming back down on the other side. Nibiru’s magnetic influence would not cause any undue or unnecessary damage to your planet or pain to you, their child race. Instead, their passing would simply have been a catalyst for positive change, something any parent would want. In regards to the Nibiruans landing, it is under such circumstanced that they would do so.

Jelaila: So what is the state of the Nibiruans’ consciousness now, Devin?

Devin: The majority are 5D but there is a strong contingency that are now 6D. Yes, they are somewhat ahead, but that is to be expected since the Nibiruans are a much older and technically advanced race. Of course this is a simplistic answer; there is much more to it.

Jelaila: As you are aware, Devin, there is a lot of effort being exerted to paint the Nibiruans in a less than positive light. It is being said that they are returning to enslave humanity. Is there anything you’d like to say about this?

Devin: The Nibiruans wish humankind no harm. Indeed they are excited because they believe that all their efforts to advance humankind are soon to culminate in your gradation into the galactic community. That means that their work as a parent race will be complete.

Jelaila: I’ve been asked repeatedly whether the Nibiruans plan to land when they return. Is this the case?

Devin: At this point there is no plan to land. As explained previously there are circumstances under which they would make contact but even that would be limited.

That is enough for now, Jelaila. Thank you for this time together.

Jelaila: You are so welcome. I’ll continue with what I’ve been doing and wait for the signs as to what to do next, and work on patience.

May your 2011 see you embracing its highest potential.

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