The Nibiruans’ Perspective on Marduk

Something interesting has begun occurring, I’ve noticed an increase in emails from people asking about the Nibiruans. Funny, I spent most of my mission dealing with blank stares from people when I’d mention that name, but now it seems that Nibiru and more people know about them. The Nibiruans, their family dynamics along with their history on Earth consumed much of the 2-hour interview I had with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot this past Friday. I am grateful for that because it allowed me to share the Nibiruans’ perspective, at least about some things.

Jelaila Starr 2010 Project Camelot Interview

Please keep in mind I’ve been instructed not to defend the Nibiruans; they neither want or require that. Instead, I am to convey their perspective regarding their actions on Earth, their current work and future plans for humankind. That way you can have both perspectives, those being fed to you via the “powers that be”, and that of the Nibiruans themselves.

As the Nibiruans have stated, the information contained in ancient texts was written many 1000s of years after the events they described. In that time the stories became a bit skewed with people embellishing here and there. Consequently, though the basic stories are correct, the details which provide the true intent, were altered or omitted altogether. For example, the story of the creation of the first Adama … the spiritual aspect has been omitted. The Nibiruans are quite spiritual and believe in a higher power. They recognized the spiritual implications of creating a new specie when it occurred. Unfortunately, that information has been omitted from the records.

Another aspect was how seriously they took their role as parents to a new fledgling species. They have fought for over 260,000 earth years with many of our off-world relations (many off world groups claim familial ties to us because they contributed DNA) to ensure that we were able to not only survive but also spiritually evolve to maturity. They are still having to hold the line with some of them.

The Nibiruans are aware of our divine destiny and their role as a parents to a species that is the hope of the universe. They have stated many times that our destiny is to become a seed race for a race of people who can be peacemakers. In other words we can achieve harmony in diversity. But, because we have been sequestered away from the galactic conflicts, we are not aware of all that is occurring nor their efforts as our parent race. Also keep in mind that our parent race is not perfect and they openly admit that. Like all parents, they have made choices they later regretted.

Regarding Marduk, that topic came up during the interview and caused quite a stir — even our phone connection was affected! For those not familiar, Marduk is a Nibiruan who went astray as we would say. Because of his actions, Marduk later became known as Lucifer and Satan. Many of the Old Testament story are about Marduk’s antics.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Nibiruans, Marduk was the firstborn son of Enki and grandson of Anu, ruler of Nibiru, Blessed with extraordinary intelligence he excelled at just about everything he did and was greatly loved by his family. As a gifted scientist Marduk worked along side his father and aunt, Ninhursag during the creation of the Adam. (Michael Tellinger is now uncovering the remnants of Enki’s domains in South Africa.) As a natural born leader he was put in charge of the Moon and Mars bases while still a young adult, and ruled in both Atlantis and Egypt. He was known as Ra in Egypt, his father was Ptah. As the family grew, Anu instructed Enlil to divide Earth into city states and tehir care was placed in the hands of the grandchildren and great grandchildren. Marduk was given rulership of Babylon.

But Marduk was also strong willed and had issues with authority. Like so many young people, he could not understand why some of the Nibiruan laws were as they were. Example: the Nibiruan law regarding mating with another Nibiruan created species, i.e. Earth humans. The law stated that this was illegal because of the long term negative effects of dratically altering the lifespan of the new species. Therefore, it was punishable by being banned from Nibiru. Marduk beseeched his grandfather to change the law but his grandfather refused. Going against the law, with a third of the astronauts from the Moon base, Mars base and orbiting space station, Marduk flew to Earth and married an Earth woman and his compatriots did likewise. This is the biblical story of Lucifer and the Fall of the Angels.

Being kicked out of heaven and rejected by his family was a terrible blow to Marduk. He really felt he had been justified in his actions. After all, as he stated to his grandfather, the astronauts had been away from home for many years and their families back home had gone on without them. They wanted to start new families on Earth and when Marduk chose to break the rules, they followed suit.

You could say that Marduk officially went astray when he was banned from home. It was at that point, the Nibiruans tell me, that he was contacted by an off world group from Sirius. As I wrote in The Mission Remembered, Marduk decided to make a deal with them in return for their help in overthrowing his family and obtaining rulership of Nibiru and Earth. This deal led to the creation of a new Aryan race and to the Global Elite and their 13 bloodline families. Marduk used the Nibiruan name as a cover for his plans; the Nibiruans, their family name slandered, have been doing damage control ever since.

From 2200 BC on, Marduk was in control. All written records of his family were systemically altered. The records that have been “rediscovered” are mostly altered records, and those that were not have been massaged to make it appear that we are victims of an uncaring parent race.

It’s been 17 years since I first began my work with the Nibiruans. During that time they did not want me sharing the things have shared here except with those in my workshops and such. But now, with time growing short, they are allowing it. They know that we cannot fully realize our divine destiny until we release them from their role. This means we have to view past events from the perspective of ourselves as parents rather than as children.

Additionally, it is time for us to view past events from the compassionate perspective of creator god souls playing a grand game of soul evolution in which we would all play on both sides at various times. Only then can we truly achieve the ascension and evolutionary goals that drew us here in the first place.