US/China War and Maldek Timeline Update

For those of you who discovered the Nibiruan Council and myself as a result of my interview on Project Camelot, welcome to my weekly messages!

Today’s topic is about the covert war being waged between China and the US. This war, for those who are unaware, began as economic sanctions over toys made in China and has progressed from there. The most telling sign is the weather wars in which China and the US lobe scalar hits at each other using HAARP technology. A little research will quickly reveal how many of our extreme weather events are caused by scalar hits. I’ll leave you to do that if you really want to know.

From a galactic perspective this war with China is a repeat of an ancient war that involved the Draconians of the Orion Empire and the Humans of what was then the Galactic Federation. This war focused on our solar system and the human colonies therein. The Dracs were intent on bringing these colonies under the control of the Orion Empire thus turning them into slave camps. Of course they had their reasons but I won’t go into that here.

The planet Maldek, which is now in the asteroid Belt was a strategic location for this war. When it and it’s human colony were taken over by the Dracs that turned the tide of the war in the Drac’s favor. Having already lost the post on Pluto, the other strategic location, the GF knew they were done. The only thing left to do was try to negotiate some kind of surrender terms. Maldek was destroyed by people within the GF as a way to route the Dracs and end the war. That was accomplished but the win was not much a win at all. The spiritual lessons for which this war was begun were not learned. This is the reason we are repeating it now There is obviously a lot more to this story but no room to tell it here. You’ll find the complete story in the book, The Mission Remembered.

As I understand it, China (the Red Dragon) is repeating the Orion Empire’s role and the US (the Eagle) is repeating the GF’s role. Once again the parallels are staggering. Just as the Orion empire has gained control of most of the human colonies and GF related worlds, China owns much of the US and has vast holdings in other countries. You could say that we are heavily indebted to China. In fact, if China were to call in all their loans to the US, it would destroy the US economy overnight.

Back to today … we just completed another 2012, Nibiru, DNA and You workshop, this time in Sedona, AZ. Sedona is connected to the Maldek timeline. Since beginning work on the final days of the worlds whose timelines are playing out between now and 2012, the locations have been chosen based on the times when they occurred. That means that work on the Maldek timeline would have occurred last. But, for some reason I have been sent to work on it before another timeline event. We think the reason is that the US may be contemplating some action that will provoke China to a response that would involve a more aggressive use of scalar technology, perhaps a hit on the missile silos around the Phoenix area? I don’t know … that is a timeline event that has been known for some time and one we are trying to avoid. Regardless 0f what it is, the Nibiruans feel it is a big enough threat to switch the schedule. I should have been in Co. Springs, CO this weekend to work on the Fake First Contract timeline.

If any of you get info on what we were working to avoid or prevent, please let us know. We feel the reason this workshop was done ahead of the one in Colorado Springs.