Manifesting thru Virtual Reality

As we move deeper into the winter and a time of inner reflection, I’ve been guided to revisit my library. While standing there looking at the shelves of books, my eyes were drawn to Ask and it is Given by Jerry and Esther Hicks. I pulled the book from the shelf and randomly turned the pages. Suddenly I understood what my guides wanted me to remember … the power of manifestation through virtual reality.

Manifesting through virtual reality is a technique based on quantum physics. It uses the power of our emotions (thoughts charged feelings) to magnetize the positive circumstances into our lives from the morphogenetic field (the field) around us. This field is electromagnetic and composed of plain energy. We draw from this field via the neural network located in the heart. This network was discovered through quantum medicine not long ago.

As we project feelings and emotions into the field, we attract or magnetize feelings and emotions that are an exact match. They take form and manifest in our world as the people, events and situations of our every day lives that either give us more reasons to be happy or fearful and frustrated. What we receive is based on what we projected into the field. An example would be manifesting prosperity through having the feelings and emotions of gratitude, appreciation, joy and happiness. Going further, with time having sped up to where we are now living a 24 hour day in 16 hours, what we manifest today is what we projected yesterday.

A couple of secrets about this technique.

  • The universe does not respond to your current situation, that is the product of yesterday’s projections, instead it responds only to your emotions in the current moment.
  • In order to manifest good things, regardless of how you feel right at this moment, you must be able to move into a state of mind where you can feel the feelings you want to manifest. It might sound quite impossible when you are depressed or fearful but It is doable and here’s how.

First, imagine in your mind a place where you feel happy, a place in a make believe world that makes your heart sing. This is your virtual reality or virtual world. I imagine a crystal clear pool at the foot of a large waterfall deep in the forest. Next, imagine the scenery. I see large rocks around the perimeter of the pool and a stream that flows from it down into the woods, I also see shafts of sunlight streaming through the trees and hear the sounds of the water as it cascades down and into the pool.

Danielle & Jelaila circ 1991Next, populate your virtual reality. I see fish in the pool along with deer, squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits and birds. My daughter Danielle is there with me. She is not quite 3 years old in my virtual world (she is 22 now). My heart leaps with joy as the first thought of her there. The thought of my child at such a tender and innocent age, and a time when my life was very good, can instantly put me in the right frame of mind every time. I see Danielle and I by the pool. She is kneeling and leaning forward, pointing to a school of fish just below the surface. I kneel behind her with my arm around her waist to keep her from falling in.

A rather large fish surfaced and is talking with us. Danielle, her eyes big as saucers, laughs with delight. Suddenly the fish moves closer allowing Danielle to gently touch its wet slippery face. Ohhhh….! she exclaims with a sense of wonder as she runs her fingers along its scales. My heart nearly bursts with joy as I watch discovering such wonders..

I hold on to those feelings and continue to imaging events in my virtual world that evoke the same. I imagine Danielle and I speaking with a wise old tree, or petting the soft silky fur of a rabbit who has come for a carrot that Danielle suddenly finds hiding in the pocket of her little blue overalls.

The goal is to feel those wonderful feelings and keep feeling them as long as possible. For me that is about 3-5 minutes and then less than positive thoughts tend to enter. Thoughts that make me feel tense or stressed. I’m learning to stay in the virtual reality for short periods and then get out before other thoughts enter so the negative thoughts don’t magnetize their likeness along with the positive ones.

  • You don’t have to focus on manifesting a specific such as money or love. The feelings of gratitude, appreciation, joy and happiness will draw them all. The key is to project as much of these emotions into the field as you can. The more you put out the more you draw in.
  • Don’t bring situations and people into your virtual world that you want to fix or change. Doing so will only ensure you magnetize more reasons to have to fix or change them in your real world.

I used this technique this morning upon waking in place of my usual routine. I usually wake up and mentally go through a checklist of everything I have to get done. As I move through the list the tension and challenges of the previous return. By the time I get up I’m fighting to keep a positive attitude. I’ve got to tell you, I really liked the way I felt this morning. My heart was singing and it is still singing. Even though I have a lot on my list, I don’t feel so weighed down by it. And even more exiting, I know that in about 16 hours I’ll experience something that gives me more reason to feel joy, gratitude, and happiness. This technique especially beneficial to remember and use during the holiday season when money fears and family issues seem to be at an all time high. Using this technique can help ensure that prosperity and solutions come to and in the best way possible.

Good reminder … thanks, Guides!

Have a great week!