Let’s Get Real about Ascension! Part 1

Due to the length and scope of this article, Let’s Get Real about Ascension! will be presented in two parts.

Ascension … the word conjures up visions of bliss, joy, and enhanced psychic abilities along with unlimited prosperity. All this is true once you reach a certain level of consciousness, but the path to that level of joy and prosperity is anything but.

I have read many articles from different channels and teachers on the subject of ascension. Overall, they emphasize the positive benefits and outcome of ascension; they only lightly touch on the reality of the ascension path, hence the reason for my article. I want to be real with you about ascension.

I’ve been on the ascension path, (different from the spiritual path) for the past 4 years. And even though I am no expert on ascension, only being able to share in hindsight from my own experiences, I can certainly tell you what I and many others I talked to who walk the path with me are feeling and experiencing. I want you to know that many of the things that you are experiencing on this path, the emotional, physical, and mental highs and lows, are both normal and to be expected.

I have been using the Accelerating DNA Recoding Process along with the Multidimensional Keys of Compassion to complete my recoding process and eventual ascension. Though they are the tools given to me by my guides, I continue to use them only because they work. They are like computer software without any bugs. They work for me every time. I want the simplest, most uncomplicated, most direct way to ascension. Anything that doesn’t fit into that description will not hold my attention.

My experiences, though based on those tools and process, are still in most ways common to all. Just like all roller coasters are a little different from each other, there are still things they have in common.

I will be sharing some of the less than joyful aspects of the ascension process. My intention is not to frighten you from your goal but instead, to support you with the knowledge that you are not alone, you’re not crazy, and what you are experiencing is all part of the process.

There are many areas to discuss in regards to the ascension path. I will cover those I feel to be the most universal and discuss the highs, lows and known pitfalls in each. They are Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Stability along with Relationships. But before I begin to discuss these areas, I feel it is important to share some of the basic understandings regarding ascension so that as you read the following information, you will know what I am talking about. Of course, these basics come from my own experience of the process and do not necessarily reflect the understanding of other teachers.


Ascension is a step-by-step, level-by-level process. We ascend by clearing our emotional blockages one layer at a time. As each layer is cleared, we attain a new level of consciousness and understanding. We become compassionate with ourselves, and others in the area we just cleared. And though at times we feel that we have gone backwards because the same issue has once again presented itself, we have in fact just brought forward another layer to be cleared.

We ascend in consciousness first with our bodies gradually transforming as we go. Each time we clear another layer and achieve compassion with the issue and people at hand, we change our DNA just a little more. Since our bodies are changing from a carbon based form to a crystalline based form, that means we emit a little more light—our cells consist of a little more light and less dense matter than before. It is anticipated that by the time we reach 2012, having gone through many years of emotional clearing, our bodies will be ready to move into a new frequency because they will resonate at that frequency. When enough people do this together it creates a new mass consciousness and reality. I am told it takes at least 144,000 people to accomplish this task and create the new reality. At that point we will have two realities or worlds—two earths. One will be 3D and the other will be 5D.

Clearing our emotional blockages means accessing old memories from our present and past lives, picking out the behavior pattern/patterns and the fear/fears that are at the root of that pattern, and then re-creating that fear in order to integrate it, along with a new behavior based on the absence of the former fear.

For example, an old memory was about suppressing our emotions to appear sweet and nice regardless of the circumstances. This behavior was created to deal with the fear of being rejected if we chose to express feelings of anger or rage—feelings not acceptable to those we loved. We would choose to recreate it by experiencing a negative situation such as our mate accusing us of some wrongdoing. In this situation we would have the choice to use a new behavior (the new behavior would be to express what we feel in the moment regardless of the outcome, i.e., speaking our truth) or continuing with our old behavior of suppressing our anger to keep peace.

As we clear our emotional blocks and our DNA recodes, there is also something else happening to us simultaneously. We are essentially rewiring our physical bodies. What this means is that we are developing new neural pathways in our brains that allow us to continue to use the new behavior patterns were are creating as part of our emotional clearing.

DNA recoding is about more than just changing the DNA, it is also about developing the internal structure to support the new crystalline wiring being created through the process. The compassion we are accumulating does not function in the old carbon based wiring of our body. Instead it functions in the new crystalline portion of our DNA and the new compassion based behaviors are accessed through our new neural pathways in our brains.

Each time we clear a lesson and acquire a new dose of compassion from that clearing, that new dose must reside somewhere in the body and it must reside somewhere that will enable us to utilize it for ascension purposes.

Compassion is the one thing that causes our DNA to change, and enables us to ascend. Compassion changes the frequency of our bodies. It is like helium. The more helium you have in a balloon, the higher it rises. The more compassion we can hold in our bodies through emotional clearing, the higher we ascend. Our consciousness increases, and our DNA changes to support that increase.

The compassion I refer to here is heart centered compassion not head centered or intellectual compassion. Heart centered compassion can only be attained by experiencing our fears and the associated pain and the choosing new behaviors to integrate the fear. There are those that say you can ascend without feeling pain. Based on my experience, that is not the case. Pain has a value—it acts as a catalyst for change. I believe that only through pain can we even begin to understand and have compassion for another—the kind of compassion that enables us to feel what they feel but not get caught up in it. I firmly believe that out of pain comes heart centered compassion. Anything else is just intellectual compassion. It’s sort of like saying that you know all about ice-skating without ever having skated. Not the same.

The pain stored within our memories and emotional blocks is the fuel we use for ascension. The anger, shame, guilt, resentment—all forms of pain—when transmuted in the high heart chakra, become compassion, and compassion is the key element of ascension.

Ascension is holographic. Just like our world is holographic with each person experiencing their own little world inside a larger world, so ascension is the same. We will all experience ascension a little differently. Though there are some universal criteria for ascension, such as emotional clearing, no particular way is the “right” way. What matters is that we all reach the goal regardless of how we do it.

Personal boundaries and agreements are the basis of multidimensionality and ascension. Personal boundaries are self-love in action and agreements are self-empowerment in action. Both are the foundation of any behavior that is to be considered higher dimensional.

For those who are using the Accelerated Process of DNA Recoding, ascension is still not complete. The only difference between those who accelerate and complete the rewiring of their physical forms, and the remainder of humanity is the fact that the rest of the population is recoding their DNA at a much slower pace. Their recoding will be complete at the same time that we are all ready for physical ascension around 2012. So, what I am saying here is that the same tools you use to recode will continue to be used to complete your ascension.

I have completed the Accelerated Recoding Process and have the necessary wiring and multidimensional consciousness needed to ascend, but I am no way ready to ascend. My physical body has a long way to go to get light enough to shift into 5D. I have a lot of clearing left to do. The only reason that I chose to go the accelerated route was to be able to complete the rewiring process, achieve the higher consciousness way of thinking so that I could turn around and help others through the process. The Accelerated DNA Recoding Process was given expressly for that reason. And based on the intensity of that process, there is no other reason to do it. This process was designed for walk-ins, starseeds, and lightworkers who feel they are here to complete a mission as teachers.

Now that we have covered the basics of ascension (there are probably more that I don’t recall right now), we can move on to the areas of ascension that I discussed earlier.

Mental Stability


As we begin the ascension process one of the first things we begin to notice is the differences between the new way of thinking and being, and the old way. Though the new way has its pitfalls, I definitely prefer it because of one very important thing—it enables me to pull myself out of mental, emotional and physical distress created by victimhood.


Higher dimensional thinking causes us to lose friends, friends who wish to stay victims. As we move further into ascension, we no longer resonate at the frequency of victimhood. Therefore, our friends and loved ones find no safe harbor in their friendship with us anymore. This is difficult for me even though I understand it. We are no longer mentally in step with the rest of the world.

I have many times over the last 4 years wondered if I was losing my mind. When I look at those I know who are living strictly 3D lives, seemingly unaffected by the changes I am experiencing, I wonder which of us is sane and which isn’t. As the earth continues to separate into two different worlds, one being 3D and the other on the upward spiral to 5D, the idea of differing realities becomes very real to us. I look at my 3D companions and wonder how in the world they can continue to live their lives oblivious to the changes taking place around them. To say they are asleep is an understatement. And though this understanding helps my state of mind, it most definitely does not bring relief and comfort to my heart. I feel the separation acutely.

I hurt from the knowledge that we have less and less in common, less and less to say to one another. We are drifting apart like two ships passing in the night and there is nothing that I am willing to do about it. For to do something about it would be to either let go of my present path and return to a total 3D life that would leave me emotionally and spiritually dead, or try to convince them to awaken and begin the spiritual path so that we can have something in common that is of interest to us both—something that makes both our hearts sing. As you can see, neither is a worthwhile option. The first one hurts me and the second one hurts them and breaks the universal law of free will.

So they tell me I’m crazy and need to check into a mental hospital. I console myself by telling myself that one day, when the things I believe begin to happen on a global scale, they will come around. And until that time comes, I must let go of my desire to be accepted by them.

But sometimes they put forth some pretty convincing arguments, so convincing in fact that I find myself giving myself another good old-fashioned reality check. I ask myself why I am doing this, why I am willing to hold on to nothing in order to attain a goal that I have no guarantee that I will reach, or that when and if I do, it will be all that I was told it would be.

I run through the facts in my head that I have accumulated for just such an occasion. I remember that I was told that it would not always be easy—that the path is narrow, rocky and full of pitfalls. But I also remember those days when I have just come through another lesson and feel that blissful state of peace, or the prosperity that suddenly arrives unannounced but oh so welcome, or the synchronicities that bring some new friend and companion to my doorstep. Just a few of those memories and I am once again able to see and feel that this path, this goal is worth it, and I pull myself together and continue on.

Memory Loss is another one of the challenges we face on the ascension path. Though not caused by the choice to ascend, it nevertheless remains a great obstacle. Our planet is ascending and as part of that process the planetary magnetic grid tends to wobble as the solar flares from the sun hit it.

Our memory is tied to this grid and with each wobble, our memory glitches. These glitches can be large or small, but in either case they can create conflict between individuals. As the amount of memory glitching increases, the emotional imbalance this creates can wreak havoc in our relationships.

I have come to the point where I am grateful if I can remember what happened yesterday. I forget appointments, dates, numbers, agreements with my husband; it’s a real pain in the ass some days. Knowing it is part of planetary ascension is my one consolation.

On the positive side, as we continue to build the energy in our personal consciousness grids (our Light Body or Mer Ka Ba) through achieving higher and higher levels of multidimensionality, our memory will become less and less dependent on the planetary grid.

Known Pitfalls

To me the greatest pitfall of ascension and becoming multidimensional is the communication gap with those remaining asleep in 3D. I can look someone in the eye while talking to them and when it is time for them to respond it is as though they never heard me. I have often had the feeling of being invisible to others. It’s like they don’t see me anymore. I talk to them, but they don’t see me. Very disconcerting! It triggers my feelings of rejection and abandonment. I guess this is good because it gives me the opportunity to clear this issue, but it hurts all the same.

The other aspect of this communication issue is that sometimes when I am in a conversation with someone, they don’t understand what I am saying. This many times leads to arguments and hurt feelings. And it isn’t just with 3D people; it is also with those who are on the ascension path too. Jonathan and I go through this a lot. Sometimes I am the one who is not able to make sense. My words don’t portray my thoughts. They call come out in a jumble of disconcerted sentences. Very frustrating!

With the planetary frequency rising and the resulting dimensional splitting, it makes it harder to communicate with anyone. Perhaps it is also contributing to the rise in crime and emotional/mental imbalance we are seeing all around us and on TV.

Another pitfall is wondering if you are being mind-controlled by the other dimensional beings who are assisting you or those who are your current 3D teachers on the ascension path. The thing is, most techniques and tools used in ascension can also be used to mind control. What can free us can also enslave us. Discernment is critical, but it can make you crazy if you don’t know how to use it. I have found that the way to know which reality is real, whether someone is attempting to mind control me, and what the true intentions are of any teacher, 3D or otherwise, is to ask my Soul to either confirm or deny the information and to tell me why. This tool is one of the Keys of Compassion and it has kept me sane throughout this process. I will be writing more on the subject of mind control in an upcoming article.

Emotional Stability


I have found that even though I am getting hit with issues almost on a daily basis right now, I am more emotionally stable than I was a year ago. I can thank the higher dimensional tools and understanding for that. Being able to look at the pain that pervades our world, feeling it and having the tools to keep from getting caught up in it so that I experience secondhand victimization, is a real blessing. Just wish I used them more often. I am still triggered by child abuse. I have yet to reach the point in using the tools where I can watch the movie Schindler’s List.


Ascension takes a heavy toll on our emotions since it necessitates the purging and balancing of both upper and lower chakras. As we bring up fears to be integrated from past and present lives, we experience the often times sheer terror of those fears and this wreaks havoc on our emotions as well as our minds and bodies. I have experienced living 24/7 with fears so great that I want to commit suicide just to escape their intense feelings. They lock up my bowels and make my body hurt wherever the fears are stored. After living with a fear day after day, I find myself emotionally, mentally and physically fatigued until I can use the higher dimensional tools given to me, enough to understand the fear and integrate it. Until my inner child has experienced that fear with me long enough to see that it will not be destroyed by it, she will not release that pain’s trigger point from my body.

Sometimes I don’t get it soon enough or the fear is so intense and overwhelming that I go emotionally numb through depression. Depression becomes a way to escape from the pain because it numbs me emotionally and physically. It’s like hiding in the deepest recesses of a cave and going to sleep. Obviously when this happens, it will take longer to integrate the fear and complete the lesson around the fear because I must be willing to eventually leave the cave to do so.

Vivid Dreams … which reality is real? Vivid dreaming, though exciting can be a real emotional challenge because we sometimes experience dreams so real that we don’t know which reality is which. We sometimes have bleed through from our multidimensional selves in other realities and the emotions from this can be overwhelming and cause us to become caught up in that other world and unable to function in our own.

Known Pitfalls

The most significant pitfall that I have found on my ascension path is using higher consciousness thinking to avoid expressing anger and feeling pain. The tool that I use the most for ascension is The Formula of Compassion, but it is a double-edged sword. My Ego/Inner Child has often tripped me up while using this process. Knowing my intent is the key. Sometimes I think I know my intent just to find out later, through my body most often, that what I thought was my intent was not my intent at all. When this happens, the compassion I acquire is only intellectual compassion, not heart-centered compassion, therefore I do not get a real frequency boost for my ascension process. It is like empty calories.

Jelaila Starr

Let’s Get Real about Ascension! Part 2

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Readers Comments

“I read your articles regarding Lets get real about Ascension. They were extremely validating, and I now have a complete understanding. My biggest concern was that I was alone and failing. I am going into the hospital to get stabilized, I’m really weak. After this, I will begin my own healing process. Jelaila, you have the only material out there that is truthful, and fills in the gaps for the next 11 years. Your work is such a blessing. Everything you read is so glorious, and that is what I expected. Not without a complete healing and a lot of inner work will we enjoy the 5th. Much Love & Light.” Susan

“I have just finished reading Lets Get Real About Ascension parts 1 and 2. I thank you so much for writing that! So much in there I can identify with, and it makes me realise that I have been ascending for some time, and not been totally aware of it! The parts about letting go of friendships of the people of the 3rd-d is quite what I am going through at the moment … It is sad, and frustrating, but I have no intentions of staying there, when I belong elsewhere … I wish I could get through to some of these 3rd-d friends, and family, but I know that the time is not right for them … I only talk to those who come to me, and ask questions, only then, will I provide some of the answers/ tools for them. This is, in many ways such a magical time for me, and although, yes, there are many pitfalls, I feel in my heart, and very soul that I am moving forward, with much more vigor than ever before … My heart sings at what I am now doing … Although I am becoming more of an oddity to those around me, I am becoming more unto me … and that, is, in the end, all that counts!! God bless you with Light & Love.” Meredith