Emotional Clearing Provides Safety thru Earth Changes

Having my cup of coffee and writing in my journal as I watch the Weather Channel and Good Morning America on ABC is how I like to start my mornings. It’s been this way for several year. I usually look forward to my morning ritual but as I noted in my journal today, the moment I pick up the remote to turn on the TV is now accompanied by a twinge of anxiety as I ask myself, what staggering weather news will I see today?

I don’t know about you but it seems that each day there is something happening, some weather related calamity or earth change event … it’s crazy making. Today it was record sub-zero temperatures in the North Eastern US. One picture was of a car coated in what looked like 4 inches of ice … burrrrgh … reminded of that scene of New York City in the movie, Day After Tomorrow.

These seemingly unrelenting weather woes and earth changes have caused in an increase in the number of emails I receive regarding how to be … and stay … safe. That’s understandable.

What saddens me is that so many think the answer is to store water and food, buy an underground bunker, or get off the Grid and live out on the land. Though these things can help they will not and cannot ensure your safety. Food and water can be destroyed in a tornado, or washed away by a tsunami. An underground bunker can quickly become a grave during an earthquake. The reality is that we just don’t know where and what kind of earth changes will hit our respective areas so trying to create safety on a physical level is just no feasible.

But, there is good news … safety can be created and maintained regardless of where you live and your circumstances. Today’s video message explains why.

Have a great week!