Breaking thru the Darkness

Well it appears that I’ve been making waves–someone hacked the website. Fortunately, I have an amazing webhost who got us back online in about 48 hours. It’s been my experience that this sort of thing occurs when you ruffle someone’s feathers a little more than usual. LOL

Onward and upward …

I want to tell you about a dream I had. It was one of those vivid dreams in which everything was logical and chronological. The reason I want to share it is that it contained info that I feel you are supposed to know.

I dreamt that I popped through a layer of darkness and into a place that was like heaven. This darkness looked like thick clouds comprised of thin layers that had an almost mucky yet elastic texture.

Moving away of my body I entered this darkness. Suddenly I was aware that I had entered a realm that most people don’t see. It was a plane of existence that was in between 3d Earth and what we know as heaven. I recall looking around and noticing that though it was dimly lit, I could still see.

The energy was very heavy, dark, and frightening. Within seconds I felt gripped by fear. Searing pain and pressure in my neck and shoulders felt like a vise. I knew instantly that it was one of the dark brings trying to get inside my body through the opening at the back of my neck.

As my terror increased so did the pressure, but now it moved around to my chest causing me to gasp for breath. I don’t think I’ve ever felt anything so terrifying …

Just as the terror hit a crescendo, I thought, ‘This is not real. I can control how the things affect me.’ I can make them leave by releasing them from their role. I began going through the questions of the Formula as I had been taught to do. “What is the role this being is playing, what is it’s purpose?” I frantically ran through the steps, (I somehow remembered that finding those answers would put me back in control) but the terror was so intense I found it hard to focus and began to panic.

Suddenly it occurred to me that I could call for help, so I did. Now almost breathless, I began rattling off the names of every 9D Council member I knew along with my own personal guides and Soul. All at once, I was able to focus. Repeating the questions, I received answers immediately. This completely shifted my perspective and the energy in my body.

Suddenly a slit opened up in the layered darkness and I easily slipped through it to the other side leaving the dark beings and terror behind. As I emerged above the darkness it felt as if I had literally popped through. There there was pressure on my crown as one would feel when popping a balloon.

I was now on the other side, I look around. All I saw as the most brilliant light, but not just any light– this light was conscious and wise. Any thought I had, any question, was instantly responded to or answered. Several realizations came to me in the first moments of being in this light.

  1. The dark layer I had broken through was one I had created. I saw we each have one and it is woven through our auric field. This layer is created from the fear we feel as we respond to life’s events. When we experience fear that fear will remain in the body, much like nicotine resin sticks to the walls of a house creating a sticky film.
  2. The Dark side feeds from this layer. I saw entities moving around harvesting energy off of people who were unconscious of it occurring. Creepy!
  3. This layer is an effective barrier causing us not to be able to easily access our guides. Our signals out literally bounce off it unless they are of high enough frequency to get through.
  4. I was able to pop thorough only after I experienced compassion. Compassion was the frequency that cut open the layer much like slicing through butter with a hot knife.

Higher dimensional definition of compassion: the ability to see all things as having a purpose and value. The feeling of deep appreciation mixed with profound and overwhelming gratitude.

I feel that one of the reasons I felt compelled to share is that we all need to know about this layer and that we can move through it. We are reminded of the most powerful we have, a tool that can not only turn DNA to crystalline, but alter events and change timelines, as well. That tool is Compassion.

Additionally, we have a gland in our body that can generate compassion: the thymus. The tools to activate the thymus at the higher level are also available. The one I used in the dream was the first in a series known as the Keys of Compassion.

In closing, we know that we are about to ready to see a global shift. Right now many are ready to give up; it’s been a long journey! I think my guides took me on that journey to remind me that I do have the power to overcome and to use it.

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